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Any suggestions for the San German / Guanica / Yauco region in Puerto Rico

We'll be staying for a week in early March. We'll have a car. We're familiar with the Boqueron and Parguera areas, but we'd like to try some new places. Looking for authentic home-style foods and also for great seafood.

Any ideas?


August trip through New England...looking for suggestions.

I live in Burlington VT (stay tuned for those recommendations), but just returned from Portland. Had a knocked-out dinner at Emilitsa, thanks to Chowhound recs for Portland. We ordered a sampler of dips with pita to start. I had a delicious Greek red, and a braised lamb dish that melted in my mouth. (Decide what you want to order, then ask server for a recommended pairing; our server was very knowlegeable and make the perfect choice for me.) My friend had a grilled fish, also outstanding. We were too full for a dessert. It's a favorite of many locals and started filling up around 8pm on a weeknight. We arrived around 6:30 and had no trouble being seated.

In Burlington, I strongly recommend American Flatbread. This is the brew pub the home brewers prefer - a huge selection of outstanding zero gravity brews, plus many others from around the region. In addition, wood-fired oven flatbreads, crispy crispy crusted, and topped with locally sourced ingredients. The lamb sausage and herbs is our favorite. Specials every night. Great ambiance. No reservations; they'll give you a blinking plastic pizza slice gizmo to let you know when your table is up. Have another pint in the meantime.

American Flatbread
46 Lareau Rd, Waitsfield, VT 05673

Jun 02, 2011
MsMonet in Northern New England

Breakfast in Burlington? (VT)

A little more upscale than Magnolia and Penny, but right on Church St for a great view of people strolling by, and with terrific hash and other breakfast specials is Leunigs. And really great coffee, too.

Magnolia has disappointed a couple of us lately. Great inventive selections at Penny Cluse, but be prepared to wait for a table. (Sometimes easier to sit at their breakfast bar).

Penny Cluse Cafe
169 Cherry St, Burlington, VT 05401

Jun 02, 2011
MsMonet in Northern New England

Burlington CSAs

Hi! Just saw this and I hope I'm not too late.

We've had a half share with Full Moon Farm for at least four years now. This year we are sharing the half share with another couple, becuase we have our own garden now. But it sounds like it would be good for you. (By the time August rolled around with the huge weekly share we started making and freezing different vegetable soups; chill and pour into giant ziplock bags and freeze them flat on cookie sheet, then stack in freezer. OMG is that welcome in mid-winter.)

The pickup is at Main Street Station (if they still have space there). They also offer cheese and other farm shares.

First pickup is in a week or two.

Happy eating!

Main Street Station
105 Main St, Plymouth, NH 03264

Jun 02, 2011
MsMonet in Northern New England

Vents du Sud

After driving around for nearly 45 minutes, we settled on Vent du Sud for Christmas night dinner. (We drove by several places listed on the restomontreal webpage as open Dec 25 that were not, in fact, open on Dec 25th. But that's another posting....We called but no answer and thought: but they SAID they'd be open...) Anyway, we had already read this thread before leaving the hotel, but we thought: it's Vent du Sud or take some shishtouk back to the hotel...Should have done the take-home. There was a only a $55 prix fixe, the total with taxes was nearly $150 for two (and remember, we had to pay for our own wine, too). Nothing worth going back another time for at 1/2 the price... A tiny, tiny piece of fois gras, very cold. A quick grilling or even a torch would have helped a lot. The goose was so tough it couldn't be cut with a steak knife. The wapiti was tasty, but, as someone said above, not worth the price - a small cut, cooked nicely, but with a thin sauce, nothing special.
What a shame. We hate wasting even one meal when we are here visiting...and that much money should have bought something pleasantly memorable...

Restaurant Vent Du Sud
323 Roy Re, Montreal, QC H2Y, CA

Ganges for Indian Food - Big Disappointment

I have to strongly disagree (and note the original posting was almost 3 years ago.) Ganges is the best Indian in Montreal if not north of NYC. The ingredients are absolutely fresh and highest quality. Each dish is cooked to order. Nothing warming on the back burner all day until it is glop.
The puri was the only dish with heat becuase it's the only dish she ordered that is supposed to have heat. (kormas and paneers are not supposed to be hot). Butter chicken is a sweet dish and so yes, itwill be sweet.)

I've been going to Ganges for nearly 10 years now and have sent many out of towners there. We all rate it as the best Indian food we've had in memory.

Please give Ganges a chance and don't be put off by this old review.

Ft Walton Beach BBQ

Why hasn't anyone mentioned Sonny's in FWB? I got the "mixed meat" dinner (pulled pork plus pulled brisket) and thought I would die. (But then, I live in New England, so any decent BBQ is a treat). I like their mustard BBQ sauce also. Corn bread has bits of fresh corn in it, too.

The Rib Shack on Navarre Parkway in Navarre has just added sweet potato fries and they were great. Also, we like their 1/2 chicken better than the pork, which wasn't that special. Chicken was moist and smokey. Slaw was pretty good, too.

Feb 09, 2009
MsMonet in Florida