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Breville Juice Fountain Plus vs Elite

I'm trying to decide between the Breville Juice Fountain Plus ($150) vs the Breville Juice Fountain Elite ($300). I understand that the Elite is stainless and has a 1000 watt motor vs an 850 watt motor. Other than that, are there any differences? Any tips on which juicer to buy are greatly appreciated.

Jun 05, 2008
bvmay1 in Cookware

HELP PLEASE: Restaurant for the In-laws to meet

I'm planning a dinner for a Saturday night in June for my partner's parents and mine to meet for the first time. We will be a party of 6. 2 of the people in our party are picky eaters which limits the choices to Italian, American, or French cuisine for the most part. I'm looking for a moderately priced restaurant in Manhattan (preferably downtown) that doesn't get too noisy. Most of the quiet restaurants that I know happen to be very expensive places. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

May 29, 2007
bvmay1 in Manhattan

After theater dessert

Friends will be visiting from out of town this weekend. They are asking me for a recommendation for an after theater dessert place. They are frequent visitors to NY so i'd like to avoid the more touristy suggestions. They are staying on 57th and anywhere b/w there and the theater district is preferred but if a place is really great they will travel to a different neighborhood.

I can't think beyond Serendipity, Fiorellos, Venieros, Payard, Le Pain Quotidien...

Help! Thanks.

Nov 28, 2006
bvmay1 in Manhattan

Cooking Club in manhattan?

I'm looking to join a cooking club in Manhattan. I imagine a small group of people that meet periodically in different people's apartments to cook/share recipes/eat...etc. Does anyone know of anything like this that already exists and may be looking to add new person to their group?

Oct 22, 2006
bvmay1 in Manhattan

Pasta with Veal Ragu?

I love Le Zie Trattoria's (7th avenue/20th street) Rigatoni with Veal Ragout! Can anyone suggest a restaurant that has a pasta with veal ragu better than this?

Oct 22, 2006
bvmay1 in Manhattan

Steak Knives?

I'm looking to buy high quality steak knives. I checked out Crate and Barrel's website and feel overwhelmed by the choices. Any recommendations? It doesn't have to be from Crate and Barrel.
I live in NYC and have access to many kitchen supply stores.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Sep 13, 2006
bvmay1 in Cookware

have you read any good food books lately?

eastvillagegirl....i'll take that book off of your hands if you are still giving it away!-
you can contact me at

Aug 30, 2006
bvmay1 in Food Media & News