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Please help! First Time NOLA visitor!

I am also hoping to find a 'cheap' place in the quarter to eat some traditional NOLA fare on Friday evening (since my dinner Thursday evening will be at Emeril's NOLA - which I take to be a non-traditional spin on Big Easy cuisine).

Any places you can recommend? What do I have to try?

Mar 01, 2009
pinehurstfoodie in New Orleans

Please help! First Time NOLA visitor!

This will be my first trip to the Big Easy, and I am hoping to have some wonderful food experiences without breaking the bank.

I am coming into town for about three days, but a good portion of that will be sitting in a conference. :-( However, I will have a whole day to explore and a couple of evenings to eat out.

I won't have a car, so I will most likely stick to the Quarter. One of the vendors at the conference has already offered to take me to Emeril's NOLA one evening.

Here are my questions:

1. Any menu recommendations for Emeril's NOLA?

2. What adult beverages do I need to try and where? ( I've already had my eye on the Hurricane at Pat O'Briens, a Sazerac, and I would like to try Absinthe)

3. What other local fare (for reasonable prices) should I try in the Quarter? (I've thought of heading to Acme for the oysters)

4. What sites are must-see on my day in the Quarter? (I know I want to see Jackson Square and the St. Louis Cathedral)

I know this is a long post, but based on others I've seen, I know it helps to be detailed!

I appreciate your opinions, and if anyone is ever headed to Pinehurst, NC for some golf, let me know and I can give some great recommendations for food!

Feb 28, 2009
pinehurstfoodie in New Orleans