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Calories in a bowl of PHO in this area [moved from DC/Baltimoreboard]

The stuff at the top of the container was not fat but gelatin. Pho broth is made from beef bones and tough cuts of beef, both of which contain large amounts of the collagen. When low heat is applied, the collagen converts in to gelatin. Gelatin is responsible for much of the flavor and mouth feel of the broth.

Jan 13, 2010
Atticus Fresh in General Topics

Lou's Beef Jerky

I love the beef jerky made at Lou's Fish House in Two Harbors. Unlike most jerky available at meat markets and butchers, Lou's jerky is a length of beef approximately 3/4" square. It's been smoked and is deliciously tender. Lou's will ship its smoked fish (also excellent) but not the jerky. Anytime one of my friends heads up to the north shore I send some money with to pick some up, but that so rarely happens. Does anyone know where I could get a similar jerky near the twin cities?

Looking for authentic Caribbean MSP

Haven't been there for awhile but Puerto Azul in St. Paul has pretty good Puerto Rican food. Guyanese food is very similar to the trinidadean(sic) food you can get at Harry Singh's.

Your favourite recent cookbook purchase?

Vegetable Love by Barbara Kafka. This book is divided in to two parts. The first part is all recipes. It is organized in to four recipe sections: Vegetables of the New World; Vegetables of the Mediterranean Basin, Europe, and the Arab World; Vegetables of Asia and Africa; and, Citizens of the World. Note, although this recipe book is about vegetable it is not a vegitarian cookbook. The second part of the book is an alphabetical encyclapedia of vegetables that includes information on buying and storing, cutting, basic cooking techniques, yields and equivalences. This is a most own for any home chef.

Nov 09, 2006
Atticus Fresh in Home Cooking

Fun 30th b-day in St. Paul or Mpls

I had my 30th b-day last year at Solera. I lived in Spain for half a year. Spainards will meet friends for tapas and drinks, spending hours chatting and having fun. Meeting for tapas almost a national pass time. I wanted to go some place where the emphasis was on the experience and not on turn over. Solera does that well.

5 Days in Owatonna/Waseca, MN....HELP ME FIND FOOD

My girlfriend is a Waseca native. She suggests that you go to the Yellow Mushroom for pizza or the Pheasent Cafe. She advises that the food at both places is relativly chow worthy (for small town starndards) but the real value is the people watching. The Pheasent Cafe is best at breakfast.

Brisket in Minneapolis

Johnson Wholesale Meat Company. It supply meat to most twin cities restaurants and is open to the public. Can get you almost anything if you call ahead.

1735 Nicollet Av

Iowa City

All this talk about Pagliai's and no mention of the real pizza power house in IC, SAMS. I dream at night of SAMS deep dish. Wish I had a peice right now.

Sep 06, 2006
Atticus Fresh in Great Plains

Bourbon tasting

Thanks for the suggestions. After doing a little research I thought it would be fun to have two small batch bourbons, two single barrel bourbons, and two barrel proof bourbons. Thus, I'm looking for a good barrel proof and a good single barrel. Does this change anyones recomendations?

Aug 29, 2006
Atticus Fresh in Spirits

Bourbon tasting

My friends and I got our passports stamped to have a boys weekend at my friends cabin. I was thinking about having a bourbon tasting while we suck on some stogies. I have the following bourbons on hand:
Makers Mark
Elija Craig 12 year
Wild Turkey - Rare Bread
Eagle Rare - single barrel

I was thinking about picking up two more bottles. Any suggestions and tasting notes?

Aug 29, 2006
Atticus Fresh in Spirits

[MSP] All foods at the State Fair (more or less)

My girlfriend and I are taking the day off today and going to the fair. I decided to check the boards to see if anyone had posted anything about the food there and like mana from heaven your post was there. Thanks a bunch!

help me make great steak

Hey Wanda-
Here are some good tip for cooking flavorful juicy steaks.
Choose a cut that does not get much exercise while the animal is alive. Ask your butcher. Select a steak that is at least an inch and a half thick. I generally prepare the steak with salt, pepper, olive oil, and sometimes a little garlic. The OO will help carmelization. Let the steak come to room temp. When you start cooking, this will help ensure that the inside is not under cooked and the outside over cooked. Pre-heat your cooking surface, preferably a grill or grill pan, to about five hundred degree, HOT! Place your steak on the grill and don't touch it for at least three minutes. Don't worry about the smoke that is normal. When the steak has developed a redish crust on the outside (the aforesaid carmalization)pick up the state and turn it ninty degrees and cook for another three minutes. By know the steak should be reddish brown on the bottom and have nice cross hatched grill marks. Flip the steak on the other side and cook untill desired doneness. To test doneness of a steak push on it with your finger. Medium rare will feel like the spot where your thumb and index finger meet when you make a loose fist; Medium will feel like that same spot when you make a regular fist; and well done will feel like that spot does when you make a tight fist. Once you have taken your steak off the grill let it rest. The juices in the steak need to cool back down and redistribute. If you cut into it right away the juices will run out and you will have a tough steak. Hope this helps.

Aug 21, 2006
Atticus Fresh in Home Cooking

Another Friday Night Question - MSP

Ever try Heartland? They have wonderful food and a solid wine list. There is an attached bar. A little off the beaten path.

Your favorite vodka - black, red, gold ... soy... Mexican (with worm) ... what?

Here is a curiosity for you, "Shakers", a premium vodka from Minnesota. Who would of thought that the land of Paul Bunyun could produce a premium vodka? I love the stuff. Well worth a try.

Aug 17, 2006
Atticus Fresh in Spirits

Twin Cities Chinese

I'm not sure what "authentic" Chinese food should taste like but I would suggest the Rainbow on Nicolette Avenue in Minneapolis. Growing up in the twin cities soured me on Chinese food until I was introduced to Rainbow. The ingrediants are always fresh. The menu has many items to choose from but is not overly expansive. I have been satisfied with everything that I have ordered.