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Street Food Festival SF 8-18

Tasting Table wrote about a "Street Food Festival" on Folsom between 20 -26
Any word from the Hounds?

Where to meet & dine in Santa Clara County?

We are looking for a good place to have monthly dinner meetings for a relatively small group (10-20). We would like a friendly ambiance for socializing before the meeting, that means at least beer or wine, and of course, not too expensive good food.

Richmond - Discolandia Market and a tale of two tamales … it was the best of tamales ... it was the worst of tamales

Is the Tamale Lady there on Sunday? What hours?

Downtown Grocery In SanJose

I recently discovered that there is a grocery at 418 South Second Street in San Jose,
Dai-Thanh Super Market. Took a quick look around and it seems there are some real bargains here, like oysters for 49 cents each, live crabs( forget how much). Anyone been there? Comments?

Top 5 restaurants of the moment

Not dining in SF much, but I always like that classic Tadich Grill or Sam's if it is still there.

Carbo loading in San Jose

That's a hard one, there are a lot of good Italian restaurants in SJ, and I do not very often dine out on pasta, it is too easy to prep nicely at home. I can recommend Il Fornaio, although a chain the food is always good at their downtown location here. Others that come to mind Paolo's, more fancy in the same dowtown area. In the out of town areas, I like Giorgio's, more for pizza but I expect that their pasta would be equally as good, that is at 1445 Foxworthy Av. Hope you win!


Any recomendations for good breakfast north of the bridge?

Breakfast North of San Francisco

Headed that way again - usually do Redwood CAfe in Cotati which is OK but would like something more interesting.

Friday Night near Herbst Theatre

Thanks again, we ate at Paul K, Friday, enjoyable, but I would not rave -small plates are delicious but very SMALL. Wine list is TOO cute. We had good reasonalby price beer. We will try Delle Stelle tonight. Another note about Paul it was getting very noisey as we left at 6:30.

Palace of Fine Arts Area

We will be attending a couple of SF Jazz performances in May & June at the Palace of Fine Arts. Do you have any dining recommendation for that area? Preferably within walking distance if possible. Hot dog stands included.

Mendocino and Vicinity

I hope I am not too late- the Ledford House, 3000 N Hwy 1 at
Albion is my favorite. See Owner host, Tony is friendly and charming; wife Lisa, chef & artist is a real find. The place is decorated with her soft sculpture and the food is marvelous. It is located on the ocean side of hwy 1 with a lovely view, if there is no fog. If I am reading my map correctly, it is about 6 of those winding miles north of Elk. The Little River Inn (at Little River, of course) is also very good just a few more miles north, but not as far a Mendocino..

Apr 23, 2007
Stitcher in California

Friday Night near Herbst Theatre

Thanks for all the recommendations. We enjoyed our dinner at Absinthe, oysters, rabbit, vegetable sides, cheese, beer, coffee, total with tip $102: however we will probably not return - the noise level is just TOO much.

Looking for new and interesting sf or south of sf restaurant

Try Le Papillon, 410 Saratoga Ave. It is in San Jose, but just off Hwy 280. Excellent.

Tandoori Bites the Big One in San Jose

Have you tried Tandoori Oven in San Jose, either at the Prune Yard or 150 South First.? We liked their food and service although last Sunday the lamb was a bit dry, could have been because Sunday's in downtown SJ are often slow.

Friday Night near Herbst Theatre

Thank you, Judith,
Sorry I guess "not too expensive" from a San Jose point of view would be about $100 plus/minus,with wine/beer for two. It has been many years since we needed to go to SF for really good food, but we have subscribed to a number of the SF Jazz performances so are exploring. The only place I really like in SF is Tadich and that is a bit far from Van Ness. Do any of your suggestions have a web site/page? Thanks for your help.

Friday Night near Herbst Theatre

We are going to SF from San Jose for the next SFJazz performance at the Herbst Theatre, and are hoping to find tasty, not too expensive food, within walking distance from the parking garage on Grove. No other restrictions.,

'halfway' between Berkeley and Sacramento??

I had an excellent lunch at The Old Post Office; however last I saw the are closed on Sunday. I can recommend Merchant & Main, they do Sunday brunch, very good.Address is 349 Merchant Street (surprise-- at the corner of Main)

'halfway' between Berkeley and Sacramento??

Where is Bab's Delta Dinner?

North Oakland or South Berkeley

We are going (from San Jose) to Shotgun Players at Ashby Stage in Berkeley; any ideas for dining on the way would be appreciated. No preferences.

San Jose - Willow Glen Meats & Smokehouse??

I have only gotten there once, found excellent offering. It is a bit tricky to find but worth the effort if you are shoppong for good sausage. They also do "turducken"

Jack London Square -Other than Yoshi's

We are attending the Harmonica Blow-out tomorrow, having been disappointed with the food at Yoshi's in the past, we are looking for alternatives. Any Rec?

Dining near Jazz at Pearls

We are going to Jazz at Pearls tomorrow, they offer dinner reservations at Cafe Zoetrope, any information on that place? Does Jazz at Pearls have food? haven't been there before. Any sugestions?

Whats good near Marines Memorial Theater?

We are attending 3PM matinee Friday at the Marines Memorial Theater, would like maybe lunch before if something good is in that neighborhood,Sutter & Mason.

Sugarplums from Andy's Orchard, Morgan Hill-Available in Nov & Dec. only! (pics)

I would forget the very sweet Sugar Plums and spend my money on their very fine dried fruit, Apricots, Pluots, raisens from this remaining local orchard. Worth the drive to Morgan Hill.

the 'new' Yoshi's - anyone?

Sorry to be so late with this reply, but we just went to Yoshi's last night for a great preformance by the Tomasz Stanko Quartet. Fortunately the music was enough to ease my disappointment with the meal. Yes, beautifully presented, but definitely "not much on the plate for the price." The seaweed salad -Kaiso Salad is $9 for a small handful, about 3-4" diameter. Four oysters, yes from Japan and pretttily presented in the small shell but lacking flavor cost $13. My friend ordered from the grill menu, duck breast was three rolls of duck meat around a green onion/small leek? at a price of $22, were too big to handle easily with chop sticks. Most everything I found to be lacking in any exciting flavors, maybe a charateristic of Japanese food that I am not familure with. Later during the performance we had fried calamari from the bar menu which we enjoyed and if we eat again at Yoshi's I think it will be in the bar where they also have good Happy Hour prices.

Family Thanksgiving in San Jose

I do not see that it makes a difference, it is my choice. Any positive suggestions?

Family Thanksgiving in San Jose

Looking for a family Thanksgiving dinner for 12-15 in San Jose, preferably not downtown.

San Jose dinner Nov. 13

You might try Poor House Bistro -91 S Autumn St @ West San Fernando, a short walk to the "HP Pavilion"

Hoffman's in Downtown Santa Cruz for Brunch

You should really try it for the early dinner. It would not "bowl you over" but it is a geat meal at a great price.
I have forgotten the details but cost of $14.95 including choice of dessert from the bakery.

Aug 29, 2006
Stitcher in California

Northbay Breakfast

Looking for a good breakfast north of SF, but not too far.