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Spiny Lobsters season opens Oct 6th...your fave places to go?

I was at Rimels this weekend and they didn't have lobster either.

Oct 10, 2010
eightyhertz in San Diego

Bubble Tea and asian near Georgia Tech

That Volcano bubble tea place closed down a few years ago. I'm sorry... I live near GT and unfortunately most good asian places are up on I-85.

Apr 04, 2010
eightyhertz in Atlanta

Good (Sea)food around Titusville/Cocoa Beach, FL?

Hey people,

I will be travelling to the Titusville/Cocoa Beach area this coming Wed/Thu 11-12 Feb. I'm interested to know if there are any good places that I should try while I'm here. I lean towards finding a dinner place that serves fresh local seafood that is good value for money. What specific types of fish/shrimp are local and served fresh? Ambiance doesn't matter! Only the food! My budget is around max $15-20/person for lunch and $25-45/person dinner. (Since I'm from ATL, I get my fill of authentic ethnic restaurants here.)

Also, since it's FL, I assume that the Cuban places will be pretty good as well? Would like to check some places out as well. My favourite cuban sandwich shop in Atlanta closed recently and there are no good replacements. :(

I searched some threads and they were around 2 or more years old so I was wondering if there are any changes or new restaurants on the scene. Will appreciate any replies. Thanks.

P.S. Actually this trip was for the shuttle launch, but it since that got cancelled, it's now too late to change all the travel plans, so I decided to turn this into a pre-valentines trip to check out some great food places instead. Let's make the time there worth it! :D

Feb 08, 2009
eightyhertz in Florida