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Taste of Coconut water changes.

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone else notices that the taste of coconut water changes completely every single time you drink it?

For me it seems like the food I ate before or during and have a bit of coconut water changes the water's taste completely.

I could open a carton and have a nice cup, eat something then, pour myself another cup and the water taste almost like rotten sometimes.

I was wondering if anyone knows of some food that should not be eaten before drinking it so that it won't ruin the taste of it.

Jun 03, 2015
ShinjiCook in General Topics

Daikon Peeler over Nakiro Knife

Ty carol, that device looks almost like the benriner's device. Except this one is full metal compare to the plastic design benriner has.

Apr 06, 2015
ShinjiCook in Cookware

Daikon Peeler over Nakiro Knife

Ty for reply Chemical! I just checked out the Veggie Q. Very nice, i'm gona see if I can find a price. And yea the Device is around 300-500$ lol.

Apr 05, 2015
ShinjiCook in Cookware

Daikon Peeler over Nakiro Knife

Yea I also saw a Benriner for a shreader, but I looked at multiple videos for it. it looks much much thicker than this peeler. Also the Benriner looks like it's much shorter as well, doesn't look like it'll be nice long pieces.

Apr 05, 2015
ShinjiCook in Cookware

Daikon Peeler over Nakiro Knife

Hi everyone, I wanted to get everyone's... opinion on this device.

It's basicly a daikon peeler, where u can shread it after and it's commonly used in sushi shops to place sashimi on top of it.

i'm more interested in using it as a way to provide myself a gluten free, egg free, dairy free option of noodles. Seems to be much better idea to me at least.

I was wondering if anyone ever used it, knows anyone that uses it and if it's much better than the idea of buying a 200-300 Nakiro knife.

*Edit* also I figured it'd save me more time to do this than to learn to use a nakiro knife and shreading it by hand everytime if it yields the same results.

Apr 05, 2015
ShinjiCook in Cookware

Types of Tomato sauce?

Thanks for all your answers.

-gourmanda, to me it seems to take up space cause there's alot of gaps in between the chunks, so I thought a sauce might be better as I use very small, homemade corn tortillas as a gluten free option.

I think i'll try a combination of both by, peeling it, and adding the salsa verde fix-in without it being cooked to keep it a bit more fresh. Thanks for the answers!

Mar 10, 2015
ShinjiCook in Home Cooking

Types of Tomato sauce?

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knows different types of tomato sauces? I'm going to be very complicated here but hopefully someone can give me an idea or recipe.

I'm looking for a tomato sauce to top on top of a taco. Nothing like a spaghetti sauce. It's too thick, and doesn't really have the same freshness as diced tomatoes where it's very refreshing and cool and a little bit of that juicy feeling. The problem for diced tomatoes for me is that, takes up so much space. So I was wondering if anyone knows a way to prepare tomatoes so that, it's a sauce that keeps the tomato's freshness with it. I was thinking of bruchetta but more sauce like.

A suggestion on type of tomato would be acceptable as well to use. I'm currently using "hot house" tomatoes as they're very juicy.

Mar 10, 2015
ShinjiCook in Home Cooking

Need Help identifiying Noodle/Pasta making techique

@ Tokyoite
Yea that's what i'm looking for! I'm gona see if I can apply this to udon. I'm gluten-free, egg free and dairy free so I have to make many things myself so I'm gona give this a shot.

Sep 11, 2014
ShinjiCook in Home Cooking

Need Help identifiying Noodle/Pasta making techique

Hi guys! I need some help! I'm planning to make some gluten-free udon noodles but i'm missing info on how to shape it.

I see videos and what not on people using the thick-cut techique at home. What I want information is a very specific techique I saw before.

I don't remember the name or what noodle/pasta they were making but I remember seeing this:

The chef rolled out the dough into a long cylinder like shape. As he kept going u'll eventually see a TON of long thin strains of the noodle. I wish I could give more info but it was something i've seen only a few times and I want to apply it to making udon.

If anyone knows ANYTHING that might resemble what i'm saying, let me know! A link to an instructional video would be a bonus :)

Sep 10, 2014
ShinjiCook in Home Cooking

Styles of Hot Pot

Hey everyone!

I wanted to make a post of hot pot information.
I know that there are different styles of hot pot based on ethnicity. Such as for a chinese hotpot it only contains broth and u put the ingredients in as u go. Japanese has ingredients inside of it already and u eat what's there, add a little vegi here and there.

If anyone has actual links to these and any other styles of hotpot + any different types within the style (japnese seafood, japanese beef, chinese broths, veitnamese broths .etc .etc) that would be great!

Jul 23, 2014
ShinjiCook in Home Cooking

Gluten Free Deep frying

Thanks everyone, yea I think I used WAY too much baking soda, cause I was hoping the baking soda would make it more fluffy like lol. I'll try using plain water next time and no baking soda to see the results.

May 26, 2014
ShinjiCook in Home Cooking

Gluten Free Deep frying

So this is my first time attempting gluten free deep frying and I have a few questions hopefully someone could answer.

1) Why is it that when u make the batter most of the recipes contain Carbonated water rather than just regular water?

2) My tempuras came out really nice but it has this... weird... silvery taste... and I can't figure out why.

My batter was simple salt, baking soda, corn starch, carbonated water, Rice flour.

I'm wondering if maybe I added too much baking soda? I never ever used baking soda before tbh so I have no idea if it affects the taste of food if there's "too much".

May 24, 2014
ShinjiCook in Home Cooking

Cooking bacon in the oven... why the hype?

When it comes to bacon, to me it has to be done nice and slow, u rush it @ 400, the fat burns the bacon before it's given the chance to slowly seep out leaving that nice bacon flavor at the end.

When it's in the oven it's much easier as you don't have to watch over it as much. it's just lacking the pan fry crispiness.

I perfer parchment paper when I do any cooking. Foil leaves a nasty after taste. (If you use foil often u probably won't notice it.) I cook it at 250-275 degrees, ~30 minutes, Convection ( even out the heat a bit).

I actually cook bacon quite often. I buy a ton when it's on sale, freeze it, then cook it when I run out of bacon fat to use.

Mar 07, 2014
ShinjiCook in Home Cooking

When do you tip low (10% or less)

i've left 0 tips many times. I think the one that drove me the most insane was at boston pizza. We had a group of 35 guys, all of us were either in their 20s or 50s. ONE OF US was a foreigner and came here to study. He didn't have a proper ID so they didn't serve him alcohol. Now I know what your all thinking, that's normal. HOWEVER, this guy looked like my FREAKEN GRANDPA. Wrinked face, more scars u can imagine, he had some crazy ass vietnam tattos from his village. he looks like he's in his 60s and he's 40 lol. They didn't even serve him. All of us were shocked like this guy shouldn't need to be carded. They skipped all the other guys that look like they were in their 40s and 50s. Only the younger ones like me were carded. So we were all really pissed that our night got ruined cause of this, so we paid for our drinks that we got before they carded him, cancled all our other drinks, paid in change quater, dimes and nickles and 0 tip. I think that is the worst service i've gotten. They lost 35 drunk people worth of service and tips. The place was empty as well so I think thats a huge blow to them for the night's earnings.

Sep 27, 2013
ShinjiCook in Not About Food

Storing Cheese at Home

Thanks to the guys who gave their replies =) Yes I think it's a bit fuzzy like but the dots are incredibly small and does seem like it's the early stages of molding. it kinda... crumbles off when I touch it.

@ HillJ, is it possible to use parchment paper and than use tin foil over buying that product?

@Calmossimo I do the same. eat as much and as soon as possible although I hate that.

@ Dubchild Thanks for the paper bag tip.

I think i'm gona try all 3 metods and see which one holds the best results. If anyone else has the proper or a tip they wanna give that would be great.

I'm still looking for a tip to remove the little white dots easier. Maybe something like.... A Cloth and lemon juice and it rubs right off or something(totally just making this up).

Mar 26, 2013
ShinjiCook in Cheese

Storing Cheese at Home

Hey everyone,

I tend to buy a lot of Marble Cheese. I like to kinda have a few slices here and there along with some sausage, crackers .etc

But everytime I open the box I store my cheese in, it seems to always have these small white dots around the cheese. It starts happening pretty much right after I open the plastic seal around the cheese. I remember reading something online about it being the fat changing (early stages of molding apparently) and that it's ok to eat if you cut some of it off. It grows ALL over the long block of cheese and it's a pain to cut all the sides...

The way I store my cheese is to cut it up small enough to fit a lunch box container and then putting it in the cheese section of my fridge. seems to be the section that gets the least amount of moisture.

So i'm wondering am I storing my cheese wrong?
what is the proper way to store cheese?
Any tips on how to prevent these white spots from showing up?
Maybe quicker way to remove them off the cheese rather than cutting a chunk of cheese away?

Thanks in advance to everyone!

Mar 25, 2013
ShinjiCook in Cheese

Sunrise Soya Foods - Tofu deserts

First thanks for helping me move this to the correct board. =)
Second Yes I did try the maple one and creme caramel one before, I don't see them now though. In toronto they were being sold for a short time @ fok yeu? I think i'm spelling it right. But they don't have it anymore, they don't even have the peach and mango one. only the berry one. For those who never tried it, it's a must. Defiantly better than eating a piece of cake for desert, Not as heavy...
Third, Thanks everyone for the replies, The problem is that real tofu is usually made with tofu tofu conjugate to help it firm. even soft tofu tends to have that rough texture. Now that someone mentiond that it's 豆花, it makes alot of sense now. The only thing is just adding the Flavor to it. So I have to find a good recipe for it and find the correct time to add the flavor.
Oh and last is Thank you for the Purin link! I totally wanted to make it few weeks ago but I forgot what I wanted to make lol.

Oct 14, 2011
ShinjiCook in Home Cooking

Sunrise Soya Foods - Tofu deserts

I'm having a hard time looking for a recipie for this type of tofu/desert. For the people who never had it, it's a great refreshing desert. Lightly flavored sweet tofu. However I wanna know how to make these on my own, have my own flavors, mix my own combinations that kinda thing. If anyone knows a recipe or one that's similar to it. please do post here =) I appreciate your contribution to this topic =)

Oh and even if there's an answer. I'd still like some more recipes. I'm the type of person who combines many different ones to make my own. Sometimes following 1 recipe word for word doesn't give an amazing result.

Oct 12, 2011
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Freezing Bacon?

I know this topic is SUPER old but I was looking for alternative ways other then mine.

I usually use Wax paper as it doesn't change the taste like foil does, and it doesn't stick to any surfaces even when something is frozen on it. Works perfect with thin bacon as well.

Downside is wax paper is kinda expensive imo... so I do save the paper and reuse at lease 3-4 times before I use new ones.

May 10, 2011
ShinjiCook in Home Cooking

New burger joint opening at Jones and Gerrard

hey guys, The place opened today so I thought i'd give it a try and let everyone know about it :)

Atmosphere was great, the cashier was very nice. The menu has a pretty wide selection of burgers. From 100% beef to lamb and chicken burgers; completely organic.

I had the Lamb burger with blue cheese, lettuce, roasted peppers. Great burger, however there was alot of cheese in it, totally overpowered the taste of the roasted peppers. The fries reminded me of the amazing trailer fries you get downtown city hall. The portion is pretty big as well, a burger the size of your fist with 2 fist full of fries as well and a drink. Cost me 11.25 tax included (this was the burger of the day combo).

I give this restaurant a 4/5, great atomosphere, great service, unique flavors however I didn't like the fact that there were only bar stools and wall tables. I still highly recommend the place, I'm planning to go back next week and get the poutine as well. They have a wide selection of poutine.

Great Burger Kitchen
1056 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1Z8, CA

Muar Otah

Hey guys i'm looking for a place in toronto that sells Otak-Otak uncooked.

It's supposed to be more a south asian dish. There's a company that makes it called Otah Boy as well.

Any clues on this would be great, Thanks.

"Cheap and Cheerful" Steakhouse in TO?

2nd this

"Cheap and Cheerful" Steakhouse in TO?

I just hate tulip, I'm sorry for all the tulip lovers but I hate the place. The steak taste like they bought it from Broadview or something lol. U can say i'm closed mind or maybe say i've only been once. i've been there several times. The only thing i liked there was mash potatos and roast beef. Thats it, Everything else on the menu tasted terrible. Low quailty.

I saw the Tbone thing, i'm very curious about it, might give it a shot in a few weeks.

Best All You Can Eat Japanese in Toronto GTA

I disagree with yan's kitchen. Place has the most BLAND tasting fish ever. Feels like they bleached it or something. Most AYCE are bland tasting but this is the worse in my case. Also the wait is long, the service is not the best. They were pretty rude and dumb most of the time. I've been there multiple times due to friends that like it... and EVERYTIME i've been there, at lease 1 table skipped out on the bill. lol. u have over 8 worker, 4-5 guys at the bar, how can u not notice a table of 8 walk out? lol.

Best All You Can Eat Japanese in Toronto GTA

I agree, I've been to like MOST of the AYCE sushi. It was great when u were a kid u know 20$?! ALL U CAN THAT EXPENSIVE STUFF?! AWESOME!! but now when u get older u got the money, the stuff taste disgusting. U gotta go to a place that serves authentic Sushi!! there's nothing more delicious then a really slimy feeling piece of salmon rather then the bland, Chinese prepared sashimi. lol.

Best All You Can Eat Japanese in Toronto GTA

Yes they do. but it's typical stuff like the pizzas and some udon .etc .etc the place is not bad, menu is pretty big too.

Where would you go in TO for a traditional ice cream sundae?

dutch dreams as well

Best butter chicken in the Toronto area

I totally agree with justlogic here, dhaba is by far one of the best indian places you can go to. Lunch is the most worth it. 11$ for buffet lunch. Dinner is a bit expensive considering ur getting a dish for 14$ that's just curry... lol. Also dhaba is recommended by food network tv due to the renovations they had from that tv show that renovates restaurants? Anyways it's a GREAT place great atmosphere, the chef is amazing. I had a great conversation with him about the unqiue flavors he added on some dishs.

I'm not very picky when I comes to anything curry cause i just love curry. as much as I love congee.

*edit* sorry yea I also want to mention I've been to a ton of indian places in toronto. dhaba is still my top favorite.

ISO: curry ketchup

uh I read something in another article about a resturant having curry ketchup. i'm pretty sure if u ask them about their supplier they would be happy to let u know about it. Resturant is called Q&B hope that helps ya.

How to Buy, Freeze, and Prepare Meat

@ belgand: There's another way to defrost it, doesn't take like 8-12 hours (unless it's freezing cold winter). takes maybe 4 hours. Use a metal container with a lid, if no lid use tin foil. Some reason it defrosts like normal without killing too much of the juice.

Feb 07, 2009
ShinjiCook in Features