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eggs, lentils, no frittata—go

That sounds wonderful! I am sitting here with some gorgeous leftover lentils from last night, eggs, spinach, and a piece of naan...and now I have inspiration...THANK YOU

Nov 08, 2009
sarah j in Home Cooking

How can I make Panko?

I may be wrong but nothing I've found is as good as panko. I live in a fairly - um, blue collar town of only 4,000 people and we have it in our very small asian foods section - so there's hope for you! :)

Mar 20, 2009
sarah j in Home Cooking

Can I defrost my turkey in brining liquid?

I'm sure this is bad form, but here is some posted info from Cook's Illustrated on combining the steps. it only refers to small pieces, but sounds like the science works! Glad to hear it worked out!

Brining Meat While Defrosting

If you freeze small cuts of meat, submerging it in a bucket of cold water on the counter speeds up the defrosting process. For recipes where the first step is a brine, we wondered if we could combine two steps into one by defrosting the meat directly in the brine. We partially thawed frozen chicken parts in fresh water, then completed the last half hour of thawing in the brine solution called for in the pan-roasted chicken recipe we were following. When cooked, the chicken was as well-seasoned and juicy as chicken that had been fully defrosted before brining.

Further testing showed that the same method can be used for any recipe that calls for brining small- to medium-sized pieces of meat. Simply cut the defrosting time by the amount of brining time the recipe calls for. For example, if your pork chops need to thaw for an hour and your recipe calls for a 45-minute brine, thaw the chops in fresh water for 15 minutes, then brine for 45 minutes.

Feb 07, 2009
sarah j in Home Cooking