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The Ravenous Pig-Winter Park

Pig roast.....HMMMM thats kind of a stretch. Has anyone been to an actual pig roast before?

Correct me if I am wrong, but didnt the RP used to do it completely different? I made reservations many moons ago,but didnt get to make it ,and they offered a suckling pig severed in a more family style environment. I could be wrong, it happens all the time....

No roast pig I could see anywhere.... Just just a plate with one (1) sauce drenched rib covering a large serving spoon size helping of chopped pork ,again drenched in sauce. This all sat on top of a juice(read:grease/sauce) saturated piece of bread.

Flanking these were a nice helping of greens (best part of the meal), black-eyed peas and the thinnest piece of corn bread I have ever layed eyes on. Oh and a yummy cupcake the size of a thimble, but very tastey!

At a pig roast the pig is king not someones interpitation of a good sauce. To say the least I was very dissapointed in the meal. For 15.00 it surely was not worth it. Moreover it was not a pig roast but rather a Prie fixe plate of bbq pork and fixin's.

I have been to regular dinner nights and liked the food very much, as it offers something Orlando is lacking in general. Oh yeah.... real food....LOL

You want a great meal you wont soon forget and wonder why you didnt order more once you get the bill? Then I suggest a trip to the Admiral in Asheville NC.

Jan 25, 2011
yellowbullet in Florida

Driving from Orlando to Asheville....Any thing worth venturing....

off the highway a bit to check out. Will be going up 95 then....well Im not really sure where. Maybe the food suggestions will help plot the route!

TIA :)