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Cochon: Fabulous Food, Fabulous Staff

While we waited, Preston took us back to the butcher shop (they also do bar stool menu) and yes, we bought some head cheese. he was gracious, funny and wonderful. SO, there you go. After a week of gorging ourselves in NOLA our best meal and experience was hands down, COCHON.

Second Place: Bayona/ Coop's (great jambolya!)
Third Place: Cmmander's Palace

Feb 10, 2009
Ateit in New Orleans

2/7 tasting report August

Yeah well. It started badly at the front when we arrived and were informed that the concierge at our hotel had made the reservations for an hour later. As three of us had been standing right there when the concierge said "Eight o'clock" this didn't go over well. Properly if they screwed up or didn't know who screwed up, they should have simply said, "There's been a mix up." Instead we were told they would see if they could "squeeze us in" and did they ever. 40 minutes later after a three club sodas in the bar (again--someone would have gone the extra mile to comp us the fizzy water) we're showed to our table.

We ordered the tasting menu.
The chef has apparently decided that putting truffle oil automatically makes it special. Three in a row. An over cooked egg ravioli, a truffle infused salad, and the amuse was truffle custard. The pork belly was the best part of the meal, the kobe beef was tender and flavorful but the demi glaze made the potato pancake underneath mushy. Dessert was lovely, I particularly liked the salted ice cream. Of course, the whole experience might have been better had we not been "squeezed" in and allowed to experience each dis--by which I mean, the waiters were running to replace out plates and glasses in order to shove us out as soon as possible. And it wasn't because we had forgotten to bath or were wearing costumes. We didn't. We weren't. We sat down at 8:30 and were on the street again by 9:45 after a five course tasting menu.


Will not go back again, Cochon, Baylona, Commander's Palace, Stella's, and Mr. B's all did better food and far far better service.

Feb 08, 2009
Ateit in New Orleans