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Working in Puerto Rico and HUNGRY

I recently have been traveling to Puerto Rico a lot for work. I am sitting in an office in Guaynabo and am looking for some reliable food to take back to my office other than fast food (eg Wendy's Taco Bell/Maker, kfc, etc). Anyone have any good suggestions? English speaking staff a HUGE plus :)

Small Wedding - Manhattan Restaurant

my fiancee and I are looking to have out wedding at a restaurant. We had started down the road to book Fleur de Sel and then were told a week later that they were closing permentantly at the end of February.

The event is going to be a sat nite in August

Here is what we are looking for:

1. Seats 50-60 (for sitdown full dinner self)
2. Rent out the entire restaurant (we are selfish and dont want to share :) )
3. Finely appointed but casual (if that makes sense)
4. Open Bar
5. Good Food (obvious but i guess i should state that)
6. Budget of about $10K (not including tax and tip)
7. All decor included in the price.

Any ideas????

Feb 06, 2009
coinbank2 in Manhattan