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Store that specializes in British goods?

I am looking for Kendal Mint Cakes, either Wilson's or George Romney's. So far, haven't found a shop in Toronto that sells them.:(

Best Espresso in the city...

Places like Zoot's (Dundas West and Gladstone) and The Common (College and Gladstone) give you a shot or two of very strong (Darkcity) espresso then ask you when to stop the water level--good stuff there.

Toronto's Best Slice

telepizza at college and ossington--minimalistic pizza (aka thin crust, good sauce)--impressed me.

I also had an interesting sweet onion kosher pizza on bathurst--name escapes me, it's just south of the chicken nest.

New Yorker looking for a good burger...

You want a medium-rare burger? Try Intersteer on Roncevalles--an old polish pub that's been given a facelift by the owner's son (a chef.) It's a bit intimidating if you don't speak Polish--but the food is worth it.

Terra Burger: Anyone been lately?

No. Worst burger ever made. The place always looks dead--but apparently they have a decent takeout biz.

Baldwin Street hot dogs, where can I find them?

Nortown has them all.

Gourmet Burger Co Review

Bathurst St at Glen Park Avenue, west side. It's in a little shack of a building beside a convenience store and rundown Medical office building. It is closed from mid-November to mid-March, so you'll have to try it in the spring. Don't be put off by the dive--it's some old Chinese guy that's been there for at least 30, perhaps 40 years.

Here's how good it was last November when I ate there: I had to order another burger!

edit: here's an artsy photo of the joint:

Pennylicks in Kensington Mkt

Pennylicks coffee out classes Manic's by many miles.... It's the best espresso I've had in Toronto. I'd stay away from Wanda's and Louie's--other than good people watching spots, both places severely lack in flavourful food/coffee.

Best Espresso in the city...

Ararat Fine Foods (north of Lawrence on Avenue Rd near the new LCBO) had a good espresso, but the best I've had in Toronto is at Pennylicks on Augusta in Kensington Market--it was smooth, and not bitter! What a relief. For a chain, Aroma in the Annex is decent.

(And I've tried many many places in Toronto--Crema, Darkhorse, Zoot's, the Common, Manic, Cherry Bomb, Tinto's, Ideal, Bull Dog, etc.)

Kefir- any favorites?

Liberte has good kefir. I really like their raspberry flavoured ones--I often drink kefir instead of milk. There's an organic brand (sold at wholefoods, sweet potato etc) that's also good, but seems to just come in plain jane flavour.

Thuet - Bite Me - Review

Arva Flourmills! Wow, I had totally forgotten about this place. We used to go there every few months to get a bag for our homemade bread. It simply is the best flour in Ontario.:)

Bite Me indeed! Thuet's bread sucks. Mabel's on Roncevalles sells his baguettes, and I must say, compared to Pain Quotidien, they are dried up pieces of bark. (However, le p q recently decreased the size of their baguette, while increasing the price....:(

Best Fish and Chips in the city?

Deep Blue Fish&Chips @749 Broadview just south of the Danforth is good. Stay away from their Jamaican jerk battered fish though--the blackish/burnt batter overwhelms the fish flavour.

Gourmet Burger Co Review

I've tried the GBC's Aussie burger and it was good, but was it so good that I'd spend another $12 on a combo there? Perhaps not, unless they open their second outlet in the King St West corridor (as suggested by the owner.)

Best burger I've had in Toronto to date? Mike's Munchies on Bathurst at Glencairn. Old school and so damn good.

Best Lentil Soup in TO?

Halleluia has the best soup. But if you like your lentil soup spicier (like me:)) New York Sub on Queen West at Portland has an amazing bowl of soup, for really cheap.

Halleluia Restaurant - So good!

I am totally in love with the lamb kabob and falafel sandwiches--best in Toronto. Haven't tried their mains yet...but am curious to try them.

I chatted with the staff and they are "working on changes" soon--perhaps a facelift for the place, as it always appears so empty...sad, as it's so yummi!