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Broadway & Winona?

Does anyone know what restaurant (I'm assuming fast food) is going up at this corner?

I believe in the past it's been a Wendy's, Burger King and Brown's Chicken.

I'm very curious!

Aug 28, 2007
carlywood in Chicago Area

Good Panini Near NYU?

I'm looking for a good, hot sandwich (not a Philly cheesesteak or Quiznos)...

Any suggestions?


May 07, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Dinner Near WTC?

Dad's flying out of Newark on Saturday morning, so we're meeting for dinner on Friday evening.

I'm hoping to find something near the WTC for PATH purposes.

I'm really not familiar at all with this part of Manhattan and hope you Hounds can give me a hand.

Some things about us: he's 57, business type guy who'll want a nice wine list, excellent service and a quiet, quiet, QUIET atmosphere.

We (my boyfriend and I) are late 20's types who would rather avoid seafood and overly trendy places.

I'd rather not break his wallet, now that I'm a little older, a little wiser and a little less interested in getting a free meal out his visit. In other words, entrees in the $20-$30 range would be great.

We don't mind eating early if it means avoiding the Friday night crowds.

I'm thinking steak, Italian, New American or even a nice (pub) bar/restaurant.


Apr 08, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Bar Americain - it's the little things that go wrong

Overcooked asparagus and overly salty/spiced potatoes aren't really subjective.

Also, I was a good 1/3 of a way done with my dessert when the waiter came over to inform me that Jack Daniels had been added. I picked up on the taste of something peculiar within the first bite, but I thought maybe I was being too sensitive to the unfamiliar flavor.

BTW, this forum is about giving your opinion and someone reading my post can decide for themselves if Bar Americain is worth going to. Conversely, I have given my two cents on good experiences that I've had at other restaurants, and people again have the option to take that for what it's worth. I'm sorry you seem to be offended by what I thought of the place, DoctortedNYC, but hopefully someone will go based on what you think and enjoy themselves.

Apr 01, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Bar Americain - it's the little things that go wrong

I was not impressed with Bar Americain. I went there for my 28th birthday celebration with four other people. I wrote a big thing about it in my post about asking if Tavern on the Green was really that bad. I changed our reservation and ended up at B.A. instead. This was my first Bobby Flay experience and I was really looking forward to it. I'm a big fan of simple dishes and the menu sounded excellent.

However, I can only give the food a C+ at best. While my New York Strip was cooked perfectly, I was underwhelmed by the homemade steak sauce, the overcooked asparagus and the overly spiced Brooklyn hash. I was doubly disappointed with my dessert, a sticky toffee bread pudding, which the dessert chef added Jack Daniels too. This was not told to me until AFTER I ordered it and started eating it. Supposedly, her thing is to add liquor to one of the desserts each night, and I was the lucky one. I would not have gotten it if I had known.

Sure, service was good and the atmosphere was nice, but it wasn't enough to make up for the food.

And I agree with the person who defended not returning to a restaurant after having a so-so or not so great experience. When a meal costs this much, there is no reason to return to try it again. On top of this, there are way too many other places in New York to check out.

Mar 31, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Healthy takeout on the UES

I like taking out from Recharge Grill which is on 2nd Avenue between 75th and 76th.

It's very simple...when they say chicken, spinach and low fat mozzarella in a pita, that's what it is. Very straightforward.

I like the "air" fries, which are baked. They are soggy, but I like my fries that way.

They have a nice variety of smoothies.

The turkey burgers are good too.

Mar 28, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Brunch Near 23/Ely E Stop?

Since the 7 train isn't running on the weekends from Manhattan, my friend and I are looking for an alternative since we're not sure we want to trek down to Tournesol.

Any suggestions for something right near this stop?


Mar 22, 2007
carlywood in Outer Boroughs

Puerto Rico Cuisine Recs? (Sofrito)

Review of Sofrito: We had a reservation last night for 7:30 and the place was hoppin. I sipped on the Sofrito Mojito, a mix of rum, passion fruit juice, lime and mint. It was very flavorful, but at $10 seemed a little pricey considering the entrees hover around $14-$20. I had the pollo empanada and the boyfriend had the carne empanada. As someone else mentioned, for a fried appetizer there was no grease to be found. A little dry without having it with their sauce, but light and tasty. He had the chuletas (pork chops) with garlic mashed potatoes and I had the pernil with pigeon peas in yellow rice with plaintains. He commented that the bites of meat that had the seasoning on it were great, but the ones that were missed, rather bland. His potatoes had just enough garlic and butter to keep them on the lighter side. The portion of the pernil shocked me. I literally had a pig's shoulder sitting on my plate. The waiter de-boned it for me and I poked my way through some of the fattier portions. While I'm glad I tried something different, I'm not sure if I would necessarily order pernil again. It's rather game-y and I kept trying to draw either a barbeque/smoked flavor or encounter a unique spice, but as tender and moist as the meat was, it didn't have any sort addictive quality. Pigeon peas are very small and don't have much of a distinctive taste, however, they weren't overwhelming the rice, so perhaps I didn't get an accurate try. We skipped dessert, but I would have tried the tres leche cake, since I hear it's wonderful.

Service was good, but the restaurant itself was extremely loud. The boyfriend figured it was because of their low ceilings. Either way, the only reason we were able to carry on any kind of conversation was because we were seated next to one another at a four top. Had we been in the long booth, there would have been a lot of shouting.

For a boistrous group of people, or a date where you're not looking for intimacy, I would recommend Sofrito. They have a nice selection of food and the prices are reasonable.

Mar 21, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Puerto Rico Cuisine Recs? (Sofrito)

I'm going to Sofrito tonight with my boyfriend and I've never really had Puerto Rican food, per se.

Yes, I've had my share of churrasco, fried plaintains and yuca, but I'm more interested in some of the other dishes featured from the region.

Has anyone been to Sofrito? If so, what would you recommend?

Also, I've heard the roast pork with pigeon peas and rice is delicious. However, I have no idea what the flavoring would be for the roast pork and am especially dumbfounded by what a pigeon pea tastes like.

Any insight is greatly appreciated. I'd really like to spread my wings a bit.


Mar 20, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Is Tavern on the Green Really That Bad?

Reporting back on Bar Americain...I was disappointed. While the atmosphere and the service was nice, the food was only OK. We ordered new york strip, the rib eye and mom had a chicken dish. I wasn't into the homemade steak sauce because of the overwhelming horseradish flavor. The aspargus was overcooked and I have no idea why people rave about the Brooklyn hash...nothing special there. Desserts were a little better than the entrees, but I was caught off guard when mine was specially prepared with Jack Daniels. If I had known the toffee bread pudding sundae was going to have JD in it, I would have skipped it. I think for the price, I've had much better. While I'm glad we passed on Tavern on the Green, I was not at all impressed with Bar Americain and would not recommend it to other visitors.

Mar 19, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Best calamari?

This may sound kind of lame b/c they are a chain, but Maggiano's dishes up some great fried calamari.

Mar 14, 2007
carlywood in Chicago Area

Saigon Bakery has the #1 Banh Mi

Does the "go before 3 p.m." rule stand everyday for Saigon?

My friends and I are planning on stopping by after work around 5:30...will we be out of luck for the pork bahn mi by then?

Mar 14, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Breakfast/Diner Near W. 127th

We are taking our kitten to be spayed at 8 a.m. tomorrow and need a place to hang out for an hour or two.

We'll be around 127th between Frederick Douglass and 7th Avenue.

I am totally and utterly clueless about this area, so any suggestion for a decent coffee shop or diner would be of great help.


Mar 09, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Dinner Near The Golden Theater

Mom and I are going to Avenue Q on Saturday for the 8 p.m. show.

I'm not sure if we'll be trying to grab a bite before or after because we're having a late pizza lunch.

I'm looking for either light dinner fare in the area OR somewhere to dine late, also in the area. By late, I mean after 10 and by area I mean within walking distance.

Any cuisine, price moderate (around $20 or less for entrees).


Mar 05, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Oatmeal Shake

I used to LOVE the oatmeal shake at Irazu in Chicago. It is a Costa Rican restaurant.

Are there any restaurants serving them up in NYC?


Mar 02, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Who's got the best hamburger in the Chicagoland area?

My recommendation is Moody's. Go when the the beer garden is open!

Mar 02, 2007
carlywood in Chicago Area

Best Scones: Two Little Red Hens

Sometimes I get on these crazy scone benders and I just HAVE TO HAVE ONE.

Two Little Red Hens in the UES has delicious scones in a variety of flavors for the reasonable price of $2.25.

If you become obsessed like me, check them out.

Mar 01, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Is Tavern on the Green Really That Bad?

OK, I have cancelled our reservation for Tavern on The Green and per my mom's request, chose Bobby Flay's restaurant, Bar American.

At least I've read some more positive things on this site about his place...

Thank you all for your honest opinions. I think in the end, it's more about good food and good company.

Feb 27, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Is Tavern on the Green Really That Bad?

Also, for those who think I should cancel, if you wouldn't mind, have any suggestions for the same price range?

It will be a Sunday evening and we don't mind going early. I'd prefer something that will take a reservation for 4.

As far as suggestions go: seafood is probably the only thing we're not terribly interested in. Also, this is supposed to be a semi-upscale celebration without attitude...(if that's possible) and something that you consider unique to New York. Coming from Chicago, we're not looking for places such as Japonais, Sushi Samba or McCormick and Schmick...if you get what I'm saying...

Feb 26, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Is Tavern on the Green Really That Bad?

I moved here from Chicago back in June.

My mom is coming into town, and as a treat to me for my birthday, and to experience it for herself, she chose Tavern on the Green. I'll be turning the ripe old age of 28. She's 57 and we'll be accompanied by my younger brother (23) and my boyfriend (27). None of us are country mice by any means, but we're also not big city spenders.

I don't know much about it, other than it's considered some kind of New York City institution.

I've read things that have ranged from "excellent" to "the worst dining experience of my life". That may be true of most places in terms of people having a range of opinions, but I'd like your Chowhound-opinion.

Of course I realize there are probably hundreds of other places that serve up better food and just out and out haters of the place that feel it's a tourist trap.

What I want to know is: are most people's feelings towards it strong enough to recommend I cancel our reservation and choose something else?


Feb 26, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

NY Pizza for Chicago Visitors

My mom and brother are coming into town in March for a long weekend.

I'd like to take them out for "authentic" New York City pizza, but don't want to be hassled with long lines/waits (Lombardi's, Grimaldi's).

I'm hoping you can mention places that are a bit more off the beaten path where they can still enjoy a good slice.

I'd prefer to stay in Manhattan (they are staying in the UES, but we're willing to take the subway) and I'd like something with a little more ambiance than your favorite take-out/delivery place.


Feb 22, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Affordable Italian restaurants in e 80s?

Grotta Del Mare (307 E. 77th btw 2nd and 3rd) was great. Very affordable and we were seated right away on a Saturday night around 8. Portions are just right.

Feb 15, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan


I'd like to attempt making this delicious dessert that I tried the other night at a Greek restaurant in Astoria Queens.

The recipe seems simple enough, but I'd like to make it healthier by using skim milk, light butter, egg whites and possibily SOME sugar substitute.

Obviously, this will change the taste of the recipe, and I'm wondering 1) will it greatly alter the consistency of the custard and 2) do you think the authenticity of the taste would be greatly compromised by all of these changes?

TIA for your help.

Feb 14, 2007
carlywood in Home Cooking

Frozen Fish at Trader Joes

I like the salmon and the orange roughy.

Feb 14, 2007
carlywood in Chains

Visiting from NYC

I'll be walking distance from the Rosslyn Metro stop.

"Good" Bento Box

I love Japanese food, but I'm not a huge fan of sushi.

I've noticed that most restaurants that serve Japanese food seem to gear their appeal towards sushi lovers.

But I'm looking for a restaurant that serves homestyle cooking.

What I mean is that the teriyaki tastes like it was made from scatch, and not the goopy stuff from the bottle. I like my tempura light, aka not coated heavily in either batter or fried with too much oil.

I also noticed most restaurants have their bento boxes for lunch and not dinner.

I'd like my bento to include rice, soup, maybe salad, a small roll of sushi and shumai or gyoza.

Price is not really an issue, but anything ringing in at less than $20 sounds good to me.

If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them!


Feb 02, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Bears-friendly Place to Watch Super Bowl?

There was a small list of bars in a recent Time Out Magazine for this same thing. I know The Gael Pub was mentioned.

Maybe it's archived on their website?

Jan 30, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Healthy Bar Food?

Hi, I'm looking for a place I can go with my co-worker for light beer and healthy bar food (we are both on diets). I don't know if that's an oxymoron, but I figured this city has it all, so why not ask.

Is there any such place in or near The Village?


Jan 28, 2007
carlywood in Manhattan

Visiting from NYC

My boyfriend and I are coming into D.C. for a weekend in February.

I'm looking for interesting, ecclectic restaurants that serve up good food for less than $20 an entree. Favorite cuisines: Japanese, Mexican, and Indian. A great burger joint would be nice too.

We're not big drinkers or dessert eaters, just want to know of places the locals truly love.
NOT interested in tourist traps.

Lunch and dinner suggestions are best.

Also, we're staying in Arlington, VA and this is our first visit, so we're literally clueless about the area and how to get around. But I'm willing to do the travel research if you can give me the name of the place.


Philadelphia For One Day

My boyfriend and I are coming into Philly for one day from NYC this Saturday.

We'll be dropped off by the bus at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

We're looking for reasonbly priced places to go for lunch and dinner within walking distance of this area. We're willing to walk a mile or mile and a half at most. I'd say we don't want to spend more than $20 or $25 for lunch or $50 for dinner (total). He doesn't drink and I'd maybe have one. We're not huge appetizer or dessert people either.

Sorry if this is too general of a question, but neither of us has ever been here.


Oct 26, 2006
carlywood in Pennsylvania