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"Locals' Food" in Raleigh

hi eileen, i`ve lived here 20+yrs, some local spots are still alive, coopers bbq, downtown (wilmington & davie) st off fayetteville st is a ggod lunch spot. the mecca up the street on martin & wilmington st, ( just ask) has alot of local business, and dinner as well.,, cooper is a downtown "Q" joint. a real "Q" shack is on western/hillsborough st extension,called "Old Time BBQ" or something like that,,it is always full, not a "q" fan this time of year, i make my own ribs, etc,,,Hot Dogs are a big thing here, "hot weiners"-the roast grill is the real deal on west st. snoopy`s is ok for college kids-n- locals, all take -out.
DO NOT go toCloo`s in mission valley ,NCSU area, they have bad sanitation ratings, slow service & not really a southern dog, some type of bastardised, chicago dog.
a local NCSU italain place, good pizza is Amedios` on western blvd, down the street,
good bread, (ny jets fan club)meets there.
Char-Grill on hillsborough st hands down best local burger, cole slaw, lemonaide.
Duck-n-dumpling on Moore Square downtown is a really great asian place, dumplings are outta this world, i used to work in nyc,chef david has been a local fixture for years in raleigh. stay away from the farmers mkt rest, they just can`t get outta the tourist trap fare.

Vics italian cafe in city market is good, we love it, salads are on time, pizza rocks.
if you are @ cameron village try the carolina cafe for the "jr league" locals,
good local lebanese food is"neomonde" off hillsborough st. (b-hind waffle house).
and for local bowlin alley -retro lunch(cheap) but good try the "wolf-lane" bowlin alley on hillsborough st NCSU. and if ya really want to get funky, try Finch`s for b-fast or lunch @
person st, a raleigh tradition.,,the rest are chains andmall-rat hang outs,,,
oh i forgot for vietnamese fare, Dalat is great for pha,, nice people i eat there alot.

Feb 05, 2009
blips in Southeast

Fish livers - YUM!

,i worked as a steward/cook on research ships 21 years, i used to get "roe" mullet from the NC Outer Banks, the sandy bottom makes the fish liver & gizzard have a cleaner taste than a muddy/bay bottom. anyway i learned to clean the fish, soak them in salted milk for a bit and pan fry them,simple flour breading ( very lite) salt & pepper. (of course being from savannah i had the tabasco there) we also salted the mullet roe and fried it, but is very rich to one`s system.i liked lemon juice and tabasco on mine, most guys would just put ketchup and or horseradish(cocktail) on them. the "local" name for the liver
& gizzard of the mullet ( often called a jumpin` mullet) is called "pluck", hence howit is removed when cleaning it.,,florida mullet might be good on the gulf coast as it is a sandy bottom and mullet are smoked very often & sold along the coastal fishing villages.

Feb 05, 2009
blips in Home Cooking

Red Lentil Hummus

i shop @ a lebanese bakery alot, i make a "hummus" w/ chic peas & fava beans(canned for ez, fast prep) using the same traditional method.
roasted garlic is good w/ fresh parsley(flat), the wheat pita is fresh and really makes a great table nosh, along w/ fatoush! & olives, cheese

Feb 05, 2009
blips in Recipes