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Old Heidleberg (technically in Bethel) - German
Thali's down in Ridgefield for Indian
Kabukis for sushi
Sinapis or Michaelangelos for Pizza
Hannas MiddleEastern - although mainly for the hummus
Panchos Tacos for Mexican
Tapei Tokyo for Chinese
Bangkok for Thai

Feb 14, 2010
Gabelc in Southern New England

Taj in Danbury?

Bombay is under new ownership as of a few weeks ago, I've tried them once via take-out (they don't have a new take-out menu available but they were willing to make a couple of the old Bombay's menu). The new food seems good, definitely spicier (hotter), which is fine by me, I didnt get a chance to review their new menu to see what they had though.

Feb 14, 2010
Gabelc in Southern New England

Taj in Danbury?

It's called the Taj Palace. I think it's still open - seems like there are never any cars there however.

I've eaten there once, and done takeout once or twice - i found their prices a bit high and the food good, but not great, the service average. The tables, especially by the window, are too close together so prepared to play bumper cars with whomever is behind you.

I personally prefer driving down to Thali who I find have better flavors (and I think slightly less expensive), or up to Bombay.

Sep 19, 2009
Gabelc in Southern New England

Best Danbury restaurant? (asian)

For sushi I like Kabuki on Mill Plain Road, it's close to exit 4 from 84, its a sushi / hibachi place and the fish always looks fresh, they have the hibachi side and bento boxes as well. I had the churrassco (Brazilian BBQ) at Serra Dourada once, it was pretty good although the meat never seemed to stop coming and its easy to overload (off Newtown Road Exit 8)

Kabuki Japanese Steak House
39 Lake Avenue Ext, Danbury, CT 06811