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Smoked whitefish - Seattle

Can anyone share a good resource for whole smoked whitefish in the metro area of Seattle?

Nov 06, 2009
danindowntown in Greater Seattle

Good Foodie Spot in Bellingham/Fairhaven???

My attempts to steer the group of family I was travelling with toward one of the recommendations from this board was unfortunately unsuccessful and we ended up eating at the Big Fat Fish Co. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't anything to write home about, especially at those prices. We did order their sesame calamari and I enjoyed that flavor combination. The Kobe Burger was sub-par but the fries were crunchy, salty goodness. We skipped dessert.

For dessert we went to Mallard's Ice Cream, which was AMAZING! I had their Vanilla Black Pepper Ice Cream, wonderfully cream with just the right amount of bite from the pepper and my friends had chocolate and a coconut, chocolate and almond which were both excellent. I highly recommend this place.

Good Foodie Spot in Bellingham/Fairhaven???

Thanks for the tips everyone!

Good Foodie Spot in Bellingham/Fairhaven???

Thanks to you both! Can either of you share any info on Big Fat Fish Co.? A couple people I am going to be up there are making that suggestion.

Good Foodie Spot in Bellingham/Fairhaven???

Anyone in Bellingham that can recommend a good foodie spot or great non-chain spot. I will be up there for the weekend but the only meal I will be having out is dinner on Saturday. If found a few spots:

Flats Tapas Bar

I have done the thing and looked a local food blog, but any pointers from locals in Bellingham or people that have eaten around there would be great!

Three nights in Seattle

If you are considering lunch at Pike Place and want to do a sit-down meal rather than street food I would recommend The Steelhead Diner. Two items I love are their Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich and Fried Beecher's Cheesecurds. Decent wine list and full bar also.

What are your go to spots? SEA

Nice occasion restaurants:
The Met

Friday or Saturday date:
Palace Kitchen

Neighborhood places when you just don't want to cook:
Nordstrom Grill (downtown)
Pho 900
Tamarind Tree

Brunch spots:
House of Hong (quick and plentiful dim sum)
The Saint