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Perfect Pumpkin Pie

I made this pie yesterday and we all loved it! It is a little lighter and fluffier than the traditional which is not a bad thing in my opinion.
I was afraid that the crust was going to be raw tasting in the center (I used a glass pie pan and it looked like it would taste raw when I looked at the bottom) but it did not. The crust was kind of crispy tasting and it was good better than regular crust. Make this pie you won't regret it

Nov 23, 2013
kkd555 in Recipes

Japchae (Korean Stir-Fried Sweet Potato Noodles)

This is one of my favorite dishes that my mother prepares for us. Try it, it is great!

Jan 30, 2012
kkd555 in Recipes

Gnocchi - egg or not?

this is all very interesting to me. I saw a chef make gnocchi on the Today show this morning...she made it look so easy so I got out some cookbooks and found the egg or no egg debate...I love gnocchi but never thought that I would try to make it. I hope tol be trying it this weekend...might have to do some comparisons myself. hope it is good. don't want to be disappointed. will post my findings as soon as I do this.

Feb 05, 2009
kkd555 in Home Cooking