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Best sushi in Hong Kong?

kiko at the landmark is very good. i also like the yuu at knutsford terrace and senryo in ifc mall (although significantly less fancy)

Oct 27, 2008
ckbear in China & Southeast Asia

Visiting Hong Kong for the 1st time, need recommendations

hutong for the view and the crispy lambchops.

l'atelier du robuchon for light and innovative french.

the square for weekend dim sum.

Feb 27, 2008
ckbear in China & Southeast Asia

Best Dim Sum in HK, Shanghai & Beijing?

i wasn't a big fan of luk yu. for a good "traditional" experience with carts, noise, and clatter, go to maxim's city hall. it's a bit of a wait though, food is b+, experience a-. for excellent dim sum in a stuffier environment, i prefer the square in exchange square. recommend reservations if you go. lei gardens for dim sum in ifc is also a good bet.

Jan 25, 2008
ckbear in China & Southeast Asia

Taipei Taiwan Recs

Beef noodle soup on Yungkang St. followed by shaved ice dessert at Ice Monster:

Teppanyaki at New Hama.

Jan 21, 2008
ckbear in China & Southeast Asia

Where are the best Noodles in Hong Kong?

just tried an awesome yunnan noodle joint in causeway bay. just a little bit behind times square, the sign out front is "chinese traditional noodle" and the phone number is 2915 0668. there's an english menu, the noodles are rice noodles in soup and come with various items (mushrooms, meat, veggies, etc.). a bit different from typical hk noodle joints. beware - very spicy!

Jan 21, 2008
ckbear in China & Southeast Asia

Rainbow Seafood, Lamma Island, HK

its about HK120 for a small/medium sized lobster. we got the garlic ones and they were fantastic. the crab corn soup was also excellent. i think without drinks, expect to pay about HK200-300 per person.

Oct 11, 2007
ckbear in China & Southeast Asia

Pizzeria Mozza - What should I order?

i personally liked the salumi pizza and the one with prosciutto/arugula.

Jun 25, 2007
ckbear in Los Angeles Area

Cheap and tasty dinner in Culver City? Nearer to 10 than 405...

try l'hermitage - pretty reasonably priced. alternatively, alot of people seem to like tender greens, although i haven't yet had the pleasure of trying it.

Jun 25, 2007
ckbear in Los Angeles Area

trader joe's green tea yogurt- YUM! [moved from LA board]

i second this, it is definitely excellent.

Jun 25, 2007
ckbear in Chains

Good Indian Food In Hong Kong?

i am not sure how "upscale" you are looking for, but i had a very enjoyable meal at gunga din's last night on wyndham street. the service is friendly and the food quite good. we ordered chicken tikka, lamb skewers, some veggie thing, rice and aloo paratha. total per person was about $160, we didn't have any drinks.

Jun 25, 2007
ckbear in China & Southeast Asia

Korean food in Hong Kong

i had a fairly good meal at myung ga in the world trade center building in causeway last week. it's on the third floor. aside from your typical barbequed meats, they also offer nang myun, dolsot bibimbap, chiges, etc. i especially liked their panchan offerings - and they refill two of them free of charge.

May 19, 2007
ckbear in China & Southeast Asia

Ice Cream/Frozen Treats in Downtown LA?

pinkberry style froyo underneath the citibank building on 5th street at moose's juices.
tcby inside the la library.

Apr 11, 2007
ckbear in Los Angeles Area

Is Koi worth going to?

go for the celebs, not for the food. if you want that style of designer rolls/cooking, id recommend katsuya anyday (the valley one, not brentwood).

Jan 25, 2007
ckbear in Los Angeles Area

Good but cheap dinner for 15 in LA

blossom vietnamese or pitfire pizza would be my votes

Jan 25, 2007
ckbear in Los Angeles Area


shabu shabu house
water grill isn't what it once was, but still serves a mean crabcake
additional votes for sushi go 55 and daikokuya
yang chow (chinatown)
blossom vietnamese

Jan 25, 2007
ckbear in Los Angeles Area

Mere Mortals' Ultimate LA Restaurants 2006

wow this is tough - there are so many great ones! but i think i have to go with:

sushi go 55
m cafe de chaya

Dec 22, 2006
ckbear in Los Angeles Area

Dinner for 7 Downtown

another vote for roy's. if you're willing to branch out further, there's some great options in little tokyo. i would go for izayoi or sushi gen - moderately priced and yummy.

Dec 22, 2006
ckbear in Los Angeles Area

Ultimate Restaurants 2006

1. Spago
2. Sona
3. La Cachette
4. Lucques
5. Sasabune

Dec 13, 2006
ckbear in Los Angeles Area

Grace or Jar --- help me choose

It's LA. Jeans are considered formal anywhere you go.
That being said, I would put in a vote for JAR. I just think it's alot more fun and relaxed. If you go get the roast pork shank and the pot roast. :)

Nov 10, 2006
ckbear in Los Angeles Area

Providence or Spago?

It all depends on what you want. Spago is hands down my favorite overall restaurant in LA based on food alone. But there service is slow and spotty, and there is something very manufactured about the hugeness of the dining room/not a very intimate setting. If you end up going there, request to sit outside in the courtyard.

Providence is a beautiful restaurant, but I dont feel like the food is at the same level. Service is attentive and good, but it feels a little misplaced in the neighborhood its located in. I'm also biased because I had a subpar meal the last time I was there. :)

Nov 08, 2006
ckbear in Los Angeles Area

Ann Arbor so far

Yes, MK does have a separate Chinese menu - there are definitely things on there that aren't on the regular one, so make sure to ask.

Also forgot to recommend the Common Grill in Chelsea, if you have car.

Ann Arbor so far

My two cents: I spent three years in Ann Arbor, and in my opinion, never really had a fantastic meal there. There are some okay options, but from a college town that calls itself the "Berkeley of the East," there was no comparison (went to Cal for undergrad and that was an awesome eating scene).

Some of the things that I did like:

TK Wu on Liberty, but only if you stick with the right dishes. The beef chow fun and sauteed pea sprouts are quite good.

Middle Kingdom on Main - possibly the "best" chinese in town.

Surprisingly, A2 has decent Korean. I love stone bowl bibimbap, and two of my favorites are Seoul Korner, that place that looks like it used to be a gas station, and Arirang, as mentioned. Seoul Garden is pretty pricy and not worth it - but I tend to like more homey oriented type places.

Not really great. After all, Ann Arbor is pretty landlocked. Sadako is okay for cheap sushi, i really did not like sushi.come. Miki is pretty bad.

Red Hot Lovers makes a decent hot dog, their waffle fries are also quite good.
Le Dog - the soup as everyone has been saying, avoid the hot dogs.
Zingerman's - good, but way overpriced since there's no competition for that type of product in town.
Angelos - decent brunch but the parking is terrible. Northside Grill is a better bet.
Cafe Zola - my favorite brunch spot in town.
The Earle - good for their happy hours, formal dinner is sort of ehhh.
Bella Ciao - italian - probably my favorite restaurant in A2. big fan of the duck with Michigan peaches.
I really didnt like the Chop House/Gratzi/Real Seafood/Palio on main street. all owned by the same corporation, all fell short.
Seva - vegetarian restaurant, do quite a bit with their offerings. goat cheese in an omelette? im there!

Best Bread in Detroit Region

Ive heard they opened an outpost of LA's La Brea Bakery out in Detroit - can anyone confirm? They're known out here for their awesome artisinal breads.

Nov 05, 2006
ckbear in Great Lakes

Ann Arbor Business Dinner

I love bella ciao - imo one of the best restaurants in Ann Arbor. The Earle is only good for their happy hours, otherwise i've usually been fairly underwhelmed by their food. have you considered pacific rim?

i would just make sure to stay away from the chop house/gratzi/real seafood restaurants - those establishments make me cringe.

When guests come in from out of town...

imho, spago is the ultimate la dining spot. just a nice consistent place to take guests, and solid food each time.

sushi is one thing i think la does better than any where else in the country, so i would put a vote in for sushi sasabune (for purists), katsuya brentwood (for rolls and the scene) or hamasaku for a more reserved yet still delicious sushi dinner.

maybe matsuhisa before it closes its doors forever...

sgv for awesome chinese, how about din tai fung for dumplings?

i second the vote for brunch at the getty center. otherwise, hotel bel air is also a nice bet.

for more casual, possibly scene-y, la-type places, i would take them to toast, doughboys, m cafe and clementine.

and of course, finish that off with a trip to pinkberry. :)

Nov 04, 2006
ckbear in Los Angeles Area

Vietnamese Restaurants in/around Hollywood

i LOVE michelia...really surprised it doesn't get more attention. the owners are so nice, and the food is really delicious. i loved the potstickers and the lamb dumplings. for dishes, the salt and pepper filet is fantastic, as is the chicken stir fry (lightly breaded, with peppers and a sweet sauce- forget the name). additionally, the wine list is very reasonably priced.

Nov 04, 2006
ckbear in Los Angeles Area

Nice, quiet restaurant in Westwood

I really liked Tengu, but it might be a bit louder than you want. If you're willing to drive a bit to Century City, you could go to La Cachette. For brunch you could hit up le pain quotidien.

Nov 04, 2006
ckbear in Los Angeles Area


Sasabune is hands down my favorite sushi joint in town. One thing I really appreciate is actually ordering ala carte items. I usually get two of those awesome crab rolls, an order of the iced toro, albacore with sweet sauce and a few other pieces. Turns out to be less than the omakase (about $35) usually and I get exactly what I want and no one ever gives me a hard time about it (unlike Nozawa). The quality of the fish they serve is really great, and I love that the new space is large and one doesn't feel too cramped.

Nov 04, 2006
ckbear in Los Angeles Area

Lunch in downtown LA (Business area)

Water Grill on Grand
Nick and Stef's in the Wells Fargo Center

Farid's - good Persian on St. Vincent's next to Pershing Sq.
Blossom - yummy Vietnamese on Main between 4th and 5th

Little Tokyo:
Curry House
Daikokuya - Ramen house
Shabu Shabu house - be prepared to wait
Fiore - like pinkberry froyo

In the Water Court:

The Standard Hotel
Wolfgang Puck's Express

Nov 03, 2006
ckbear in Los Angeles Area

Nice (but not too expensive) dinner in the OC?

Is Mr. Stox still around? I always liked that place. Also, La Vie en Rose in Brea was pretty solid for French.

Nov 02, 2006
ckbear in Los Angeles Area