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Why must all restaurant entrees have meat in them?

I agree it depends on the type of restaurant, and I tend to think of this as a value thing... if I'm going to a high end place and paying high end prices, I want a high quality protein, meat or fish. I love vegetarian food but I'm not paying $20+ for a bean or tofu entree. I wonder if you're not seeing vegetarian items on menus because it just doesn't sell in some places?

Feb 25, 2011
LPhila in General Topics

Gourmet Caramel in Philadelphia?

+1 for Bequet caramels... the sea salt ones are amazing!

Jan 31, 2011
LPhila in Philadelphia

Restaurant Stemware - Do You Even Care?

I do notice and enjoy when a restaurant uses better stemware, but for me, if it was lacking, it wouldn't be a reason to knock the restaurant or my experience there.

I also never liked the price point cutoff for offering better stemware. To offer it for the $400 bottle but not the $600 bottle seems petty and would put me off as a diner.

Jan 17, 2011
LPhila in Wine

Any special meals you like to cook when you want to impress someone you are interested in?

I always liked to cook scallops for some reason... easy to cook, but seem very fancy, and kind of unexpected.

Jan 12, 2011
LPhila in Home Cooking

lunch near Yards Brewing

Sketch for burgers is another option in addition to the other suggestions. Up on Girard not too far from Yards.

Jan 11, 2011
LPhila in Philadelphia

Healthy New Year's Cooking Inspiration

I just made a delicious chick pea and sausage soup with smoked paprika - very filling and delicious, and pretty healthy without feeling like deprivation. I used 1lb chickpeas, 4 smoked sausages, onion, carrots, smoked parika, water -- into the crockpot, yum!

Jan 03, 2011
LPhila in Home Cooking

Recs for gift certificate for brother and fiance to nice restaurant in Philadelphia?

The owners of Lolita/Bindi/Barbuzzo are selling a gift certificate that can be used at any of the three restaurants right now, which you can buy at Open House on 13th Street. All are great choices, and Barbuzzo especially is outstanding and has been getting tons of great press.

Dec 16, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Please help us decide: Matyson or Melograno?

Though Melograno is probably slightly more affordable, for my money, I would go to Matyson, without a doubt. Matyson's food is great, while, in my opinion, Melograno is more hit or miss. I'm sure there will be others that disagree.

As for noise, I think they're both a little loud, like most byobs, but noise isn't something that tends to bother me so I don't know if I can advise as to that.

I've never felt rushed on a weeknight at Matyson, but I'm sure you could also ask when you made your reservation.

Enjoy your meal, wherever you choose!

Dec 16, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Barside Dining for One Old City/Independence Hall Area

One of my favorite solo spots is Southwark, at 4th and Bainbridge. Great cocktails and a creative and solid menu, and, equally important, quality bartenders. It's not in Old City but it's not far for a walk or a cheap cab ride.

Dec 15, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Phresh Phigs in Philly?

I bought some fresh figs this year at Whole Foods on Callowhill in Philly, but, as barryg suggests, this was in late summer, not sure whether they would be in stock now....

Dec 10, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Noodle Soup

Ting Wong wonton noodle soup. the best wontons!

Nov 16, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Lolita BYO

I love Lolita! If I could offer a recommendation, it's that the meat entrees tend to outshine the fish entrees. I also recommend dessert; their cheesecake is awesome. I've not had the mexican tiramisu but that sounds great too. Enjoy!

Nov 03, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Laban gives Radice 3 bells???

Agreed that the food can't really be changed. I've never been to Radice so if the food is that terrible, probably nothing they could have changed for him would have been truly significant, unless they knew well in advance he was coming. In my experience when he was in the house, the server had to make sure everything was perfect, chef touched every plate to make sure it looked good, was hot, and so forth... more care than one might get ordinarily. It's hard for me to imagine that alone could change, for example, a one bell meal to a three bell meal.

Oct 24, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Laban gives Radice 3 bells???

I've worked at several restaurants in Philadelphia that have his picture hanging in the kitchen, so you are spot on CindyJ. I think his cover is blown at this point...

Oct 24, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

stir-fry ... why the rice?

I do stir-fry without rice all the time... largely for the health reasons most have mentioned, and also because we didn't eat much rice when I was growing up so I'm not very attached to it. I'll take pasta any day if I'm eating refined starches!

My boyfriend on the other hand, must have rice, pretty much every day (Filipino) - but it's the easiest side dish to make, so no complaints from this cook :)

Oct 13, 2010
LPhila in General Topics

Pumpple Cake?

Not well reviewed here:

It's the chocolate cake and frosting part that turns me off when I think about it.

Oct 13, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Three or four days in Philly -- Where should we eat? (high and low)

I'd like to strongly nominate Banana Leaf for your Malaysian restaurant. Also, Rangoon, while serving Burmese rather than Malaysian, is delicious as well. I'd second rocknroll52 with the suggestion of touching on all that Chinatown offers beyond Chinese food.

Sep 24, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

grocery delivery + misc questions

I used to use grocery delivery from both Genaurdi's and Acme when I was without a car. I was pretty pleased with the process, except for missing out on the actual experience of going to the store. Food always arrived in the delivery window they promised and my orders were always correct.

If you keep an eye out for delivery specials and/or order a certain dollar amount of food, you can usually get the delivery without paying the delivery fee.

Sep 20, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Pregnant wife hungry -- HELP!!!

I know this may not be exactly responsive to your request, but if you are in Center City during the day, and keeping soup at home is an option, Ting Wong in Chinatown, on 10th street, has the most amazing wonton soup. They close at 9pm every day and are not open on Tuesday, but they pack the soup for takeout with the noodles/wontons in one container and the broth in another, so it reheats perfectly and is just like fresh! It is also a steal at just over $4 for a big portion with wontons only, or a bit more for the other add ins they have.

Sep 13, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Where Can I Get Crappy Fake Mexican Food?

Mexican Post, for sure! The one at Second and Chestnut will likely also have the ambiance of the places you remember.

Mexican Post
3100 Naamans Rd Ste 14, Wilmington, DE 19810

Aug 04, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Dark 'n' Stormy Recommendations?

Southwark (4th and Bainbridge) makes a delicious one! I haven't been there recently but in the past it was always on the menu...

Jul 27, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Working in Rittenhouse Square for 6 months (with per diem but no car)

I'll chime in on lunch... options are really endless, but here are a few of my favs, all within a few blocks of the square...

Mama's Falafel
Giwa - Korean fast food, I guess I would call it
Mexico on the Square - tacos
Le Bus - sandwiches and gazpacho, and affordable!

Also a second for DiBruno's though I can't get out of there without spending $15.

Jul 09, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Family dinner in Philadelphia.

Second for Zavino, that was my first thought. Banana Leaf in Chinatown also might be a good thought. I don't think I've heard too much about it on these boards, but I always love it there. The cuisine is technically Malaysian, but it serves sushi, some "safe" but very good noodle dishes, and then a variety of more adventurous eats as well. It is casual and noisy, but is good for groups and is byob.

Jul 09, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Thai in Center City?

I'm not sure I know what really good thai food tastes like, and I've always perceived Philly as not being a great town for thai food. That said, I had a delicious meal recently at Pattaya in West Philly on Chestnut street. I think it was after school let out so it was not mobbed with students... I have been dreaming about their papaya salad, especially in this heat!

Jul 07, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Le Viet, 11th and Washington

Thanks for the update, I have been wanting to get in there! My go-to for Vietnamese on that corner is Nam Phong and I haven't been able to tear myself away from it when nearby, but Le Viet definitely looks like it has it beat on the ambiance, and I'm a big fan of byo...

Jun 08, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Gastropub to Watch Flyers Saturday?

Good call! Brauhaus also has been doing either $1 or $2 off liters if you wear your flyers orange on game night. I'm not certain they are carrying that special into the finals but I would check their twitter.

May 27, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Gastropub to Watch Flyers Saturday?

I always like Devils Den on 11th street for sports, although their food is not stellar. Also watched a game at The Wishing Well, new spot on 9th and Catherine and it was a pretty good spot. Their food is definitely "better" bar food but I did find it to be just slightly overpriced. But hey, it's about the game, right?

May 26, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

salt baked squid

I was so interested to find this thread! I just ate here tonight for the first time, and had recalled that I had read that the food went downhill. The food really was unremarkable, bland is the word I would use, absolutely. I looked at the salt baked squid and others but did not order them... I guess SLK might be the way to go for those dishes.

May 12, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Hoof & Fin

I agree that the name is unfortunate... I think it's some kind of reference to surf and turf? ... but I enjoyed a meal there a few weeks ago. They have great outdoor seating in the back, and I thought the food was very good, if not all that earth-shattering. The meats were cooked well, and we had a sweetbread ravioli that was delicious, even if I couldn't really taste the sweetbreads.

I'll definitely go back, especially because it's in my neighborhood. Not sure I'd make a special trip to get there though...

Apr 14, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia

Best Bahn Mi?

I love the place on Christian street between 8th and 9th, a google search tells me it's called Cafe Nhu Y? Delicious and such a great value!

Apr 07, 2010
LPhila in Philadelphia