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Ice cream/dessert fun for 4 year olds?

We are going to see high school musical with a couple of four year olds at the Orpheum this Friday. Can anyone recommend a fun place to bring them for ice cream or cupcakes or something like that? Somewhere that we can sit and eat our treats? It doesn't have to be all that close to the Orpheum as we will have a car, but we don't want to drive too far (like the sunset far)

Birthday dinner on the Peninsula

I'm looking for a great place to celebrate my mom's birthday on Sunday-it has to be accesible, as we have a wheelchair (not just legally accessible, but comfortably large). I'd say we are probably looking for California cuisine, French or Chinese, Indian or Japanese. Price isn't an issue, but we'd like a nice atmosphere.

Rec for a dinner party of 30-50 on the Penninsula?

We are looking for a great place anywhere from the Woodside area to around Burlingame-ish. Does anyone know of a place in that footprint that has a private room that could seat between 30 and 50 people? In terms of food, I love both casual (Front Porch type casual, where the food is still quality) and high end. Cuisine can be almost anything, but we are definitely not looking for a Chinese restaurant. Budget is also not an issue. That's about it, thanks.

dinner tonight for 7, kid friendly

Looking for ideas for dinner tonight, either in SF or on the Penninsula, for 7 people 2 whom are kids. Price isn't much of an issue, just that it fits all of the other criteria.

Quick dinner near the Punchline?

Perbacco and Kokkari are around the corner (different corners), but they aren't particularly quick. You could eat at the bar at Aqua or you could go to the Old Ship Saloon on Pacific at Battery-it's half a block away, and it would be quickest of the choices in the area. It's just a warm bar with really really good burgers, but heads up, it's not open on the weekend.. Globe is also right next door to the Old Ship.

How does Perbacco compare to Incanto?

I found Perbacco very underwhelming. The pork shoulder was good and that's it. Same with the angolotti. The testa was FABULOUS, but it was the only thing that was fabulous. I have a friend who works in the kitchen there, and I do know that the dishes are incredibly labor intensive, but only that one (the testa) really knocked my socks off. Incanto, in my opinion, isn't all that great either. I think they do a few dishes really well (Ragu, yummmmm) but overall I think he is too ambitous for his abilities. So, I guess they are even. I know I'll get flamed for that, but that's my two cents.

Need Sonoma rest. for proposal

Sonoma the town...I think:)

Need Sonoma rest. for proposal

My friend is proposing to his girlfriend this weekend...he is staying in Sonoma and needs the perfect restaurant in which to do it...any suggestions?

Need caviar!

check out Look at the American caviars, maybe Paddlefish, i think you can get 2 oz for about 30. A little more than you are looking to spend, but close...Bev Mo carries caviar as well but I think it may only be Sevruga and Osetra-you may want to call them or check their website.

Kobe beef in South Bay, Heard about on KGO...anyone know the name of the place?

That looks to be the place. Thanks so much!

Kobe beef in South Bay, Heard about on KGO...anyone know the name of the place?

Heard on KGO about a place in the south bay (possibly Saratoga, San Jose or Los Gatos) that serves kobe beef a la carte for $100. Does anyone know the name of the restaurant?

Bar Dining Tonight in Levi-FiDi-NB-Loin Area

I don't know if you are interested in going there or not, but I recently saw that Aqua had a bar specific menu that might be worth checking out-they must be trying to encourage bar dining so...maybe Cav would also be worth checking out? (Market between franklin and gough so a bit outside of your footprint) My favorite on the above list is deff. Piperade.

new restaurants in San Carlos, Redwood City

We went to Mandaloon a couple of weeks ago. We started with potato leek soup that was OUT OF THIS WORLD. The flavor was incredibly robust, and it had the perfect amount of lardons in it to give it interesting texture and flavor. After that we split a lamb sausage pizza that was just OK. The tomatoes on it kind of overpowered the other flavors. The chef definetly has the right idea though, and I'm excited to try it again.

Searching for an honest Brunch

I think the food at the Phoenix has gone downhill. It's just not the same. Check out Farmer Brown, it's very good.

Lunch/brunch in SF for 6-8 people. Nice ambiance? Thinking Butterfly? or Yank Sing? Saturday.

What about Farmer Brown? The food is excellent (but southern, if that's OK)and the atmosphere is nice and laid back.


I used to love the food at the Phoenix and eat there quite often. However, their chef left, and while they are trying to maintain the quality of his food, they aren't doing a good job of it. It's gone downhill for sure...O'Reilly's has pretty good food, but the service is abhorrent.

Lunch finds around 2nd/Mission?

You probably wouldn't have made this mistake, but DON'T go to Kate O'Briens...they had really good food for while (change in chef I think) but it has gone sharply downhill again, FYI.

Help! in Dublin, dinner tonight, non chain?

is there anything in Dublin worth eating? Preferably something nicer, Cal cuisine or steak house?

Good Place to eat near Haight Street?? Relatively cheap

I CAN'T STAND this place. it's awful! I have no idea how they have lines, ever. Their breakfast potatoes are particularly foul.

Miette on Food Network...hilarious!

Did anyone catch the "cupcake competition" or whatever it was called on the food network? The owner of Miette was there, and she said they weren't a decorative bakery, so they knew they couldn't compete in that arena, but that they came to compete solely in the tasting competition and expected to win. All I could think of is the reviews on the board about how their cupcakes are pretty but taste awful...needless to say, they came in dead last in the tasting competition, it was pretty funny-Don't they read their own reviews??

rapscallions in reno?

the boss is taking us on a trip to Reno-I suggested the Washoe grill based on reviews. The hotel recommended Rapscallions...anyone know it or have a preference between the two?

Sep 21, 2006
Manimal in California

best "vintage" restaurants on the Peninsula

Along the same lines as The Van's (which isn't great, by the way) is Val's in Daly City. They have a bar with a fireplace in the front-karaoke on fridays-and the menu in the restaraunt is of the salad/soup, entree, dessert all included variety. I think all of the seafood is fried. Another version of the Van's and Vals is the 16 mile house in Millbrae.

Wah Won Ton Soup

Where can I get some fabulous Wah Won Ton (combo won ton) around the tenderloin?

The Front Porch Opens -- (long)

just an FYI, Emmy's takes cards now.

Suggest some places I may never have been- Polk Gulch, TL, Mission...

Have you ever been to swan oyster depot? It's on Polk at California...also, Thai House Express is supposed to be very good (Larkin/Sutter thereabouts) though I have never eaten there.

Andalu...any good?

Went there once a couple of years ago and it was OK. Anyone been recently?

Miette: Myuck!

I recently bought the "pickniker" (sp?) carrot cake, and it was the most adorable thing ever. Unfortunately, it was dry and flavorless. I would rather eat entenmanns to be honest.

Ame or Jardineire?

I have been to Jardinere twice, and both times the best dishes were the caviar and the desserts. I was not impressed with the entrees. They weren't bad, by any means, but they also weren't memorable. I do think, however, that their caviar service is the best I have had-the belinis are INCREDIBLE and the plate presentation is absolutely beautiful-it also includes lemon zest which I really liked. I think the best way to go there is to sit at the bar and have caviar, so Ame seems like it might be a better choice.

offal and game meats in sf

Right now Blue Plate has a yummy sweetbreads dish...served with heirloom tomatoes, watermellon, and mint, with some balsamic sprinkled on the plate-sweetbreads, refreshing, who'da thunk it?

what do ISO and IMO mean?

sorry, really dumb question, and off topic, but it's been bugging me too long-what do ISO and IMO stand for?

Aug 24, 2006
Manimal in Site Talk