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Best Dishes 2014

That chopped salad is amazing. Like a kicked-up taboule.

best pastas in Toronto, 2014

Carbonara at Marinella is the best I've had.

Wild boar papardelle at Vertical. Actually most of their pastas are amazing. They will do up a great Cacio e Pepe on demand, too.

I was at Rasa the other night and saw the gnudi... must order next time.

Tagliatelle at People's Eatery with butter, crispy veal tongue and hen-of-the-woods. Surprisingly awesome.

2015 - Grocery store finds (Ontario)

OK, that looks amazing.

Does Splendido only have multi-course fixed menus now?

And then there was the bread cart at Guy Savoy. I was there when it first opened. There was a bread pairing with every... single... course...


2014 Restaurants and Food Store OPENINGS - Part II

Yeah, apparently he's front-of-house. My mistake. But to think that he's not giving any input into the food would probably be incorrect.

At any rate - the tourtiere was really good.

2014 Restaurants and Food Store OPENINGS - Part II

Parlor (Mark Cutrara) has opened in the Paese space on King West.


Menu changes daily, smaller menu at lunch. Tourtiere was pretty good. Excited to try dinner for the horse tartare & bone marrow.

FOUND Clam Strips in Toronto

That almost sounds like you are issuing a challenge.


FOUND Clam Strips in Toronto

That's unfortunate about Seawitch. I've been three times and never had issues.

FOUND Clam Strips in Toronto

Oooh - must try! Seawitch is a short walk from me but they have a "fish only - no shellfish" policy. So will need to try this.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Tortuga rum cakes in GTA?

Eat it!

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS


Hot Chocolate, 2014

The Lindt boutique in First Canadian / Exchange Tower. The intense dark is a guaranteed endorphin rush. So good.

Is there any traditional Kishka or Stuffed Derma in the US?

Only problem is, the gravy is smoked meat gravy. Don't get me wrong, it's tasty stuff, but for kishke I would prefer brown. Not everything has to taste like smoked meat.

Hungarian Wine


Schmaltz Appetizing

There was one fish that was not made in-house, the Wolfhead. I was going to pick another one but Anthony insisted that I try it. Fantastic. The sturgeon is delicious too.

Schmaltz Appetizing


In other words - specialty shop (fish counter) with some takeout.

Corkage and Chef's Table / Tasting Menu

When we went, we were given the good old ``chef can cook for you`` line.

Susur was actually in-house that night, too.

Corkage and Chef's Table / Tasting Menu

If the wines are appropriate, Luckee allows BYOW.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

Just saw what looks like a new location for Pizzeria Libretto at University & Pearl, where the Starbucks used to be.

Niagara Falls - I know, I know

Actually Massimo Capra has a resto in the Crowne Plaza - the Rainbow Room. Food is great, and the wine prices are actually really really good (bottle of Tignanello for $135?!? It's $102 at the LCBO!). If you can make it there on a weeknight it's easy to get a window seat...

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

At 291 King West, where "Dazzling" used to be....

Pearl King! Huzzah! Finally, dim sum in the core again!

has anyone eaten at Pai Northern Thai Kitchen?

That review was unnecessarily harsh. I disagree about the pad thai. One dish that was missed in the review was the incredible Khao Soi with drumsticks. Wear a bib - noodles & splashy yellow curry are a dangerous mix!

I've been 3 times, people in my office down the street have been more. (OK, maybe some referral bonuses would be nice, but hey.)

I do agree that the liquor license would be awfully handy.


Yeah, just went to Pai - AGAIN. The Khao Soi is just so so very good.

If only they had their liquor license...

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

I don't know if anyone has mentioned it yet, but Pai has finally opened on Duncan just north of King. Been twice so far. The Khao Soi with chicken drumsticks is amazing - and if you do it takeout they pack it really nicely so the noodles (esp. the crunchy ones) don't get soggy.

Eagerly awaiting their liquor license...

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

This is opening where Obika was at Brookfield Place...


Ontario Wild Leeks (aka Ramps)

Fair enough - especially early - but it does eventually come together. Actually I made it last year with late-season ramps, large bulbs. They held up their rampiness really well.

Ontario Wild Leeks (aka Ramps)


Here's my go-to. I've made it the last couple of years. Still have some left over; delicious.

Canard a la presse in Toronto?

Wow - thanks for the heads up!

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

One of the places from my youth was Peter's Backyard across from Roy Thomson Hall. My parents decided it was time to get some culture for the kids so bought kids' subscriptions to the TSO and that was our go-to place before concerts. Now it's the Kama Indian buffet.