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What is your current "List"? (i.e. places you want to try)

Backhouse is really great. Including the cocktails.

Rock Lobster - comical

Had a Rock Lobster lobster roll from UberEats today. Very, very average. In fact I might even go so far to say that a lobster sub from Subway is the better bet.

With the $10 special from Rodney's, and the outdoor stand from Fresh Off the Boat at Union Station, there are so many better lobster roll options right now. I haven't tried the one from The Battered Fish but I'ma gonna.

One local's guide to Niagara-on-the-Lake and surrounding area (long!)

That pork belly dish is amazing. The cocktails are fantastic, too.

Kouign Aman ---- somebody must be baking them in Toronto

The newly-opened Maman in First Canadian Place does a pretty good one.

NEWLY Opened 2015 restaurants and food stores in Toronto, from July 1 -

Maman now open in First Canadian Place:

Really great Kouign Aman and Macchiato yesterday. Haven't tried them for actual lunch yet. Nice little spot.

FOUND Clam Strips in Toronto

True, but I popped in and it's listed at the Toronto location... subject to seasonal availability.

FOUND Clam Strips in Toronto under the "Seafood" section.

224 Queen St. West.

Casual and traditional Italian Restaurant recommendations please near College & Bathurst?

Honestly, their carbonara is pretty much the best I've ever had.

Wild leeks are up!

One jar o' soup in the freezer, one in the belly. Three ziploc bags of pesto.

Might do some more next weekend - if I'm willing to sacrifice most of a whole day.... cleaning those things is a royal pain.

Wild leeks are up!

Got some this weekend. Annual soup-making binge. My fingers still reek; nothing gets it out. Used the remaining pulp to make a pesto with hemp hearts, parmesan, garlic, EVOO. Nothing wasted!

" Concession Road " now open! - Any one tried it yet?!

Went again (with my son) last night. Th word is definitely out; the place was packed. Went in because they had a ramp soup with chicken dumplings on the menu. Very fresh & tasty.

I think that they weren't expecting it to get quite so busy quite so quickly; clearly they are training up some new servers. New-resto hiccups; I'm sure it will get cleared up. I will say that it was very, very hot in the main room with all those people breathing.... something else for them to figure out. But everything is still pointing in the right direction.

" Concession Road " now open! - Any one tried it yet?!

True, it can be hell getting a spot at that part of St. Clair. Oftentimes a quick u-turn at the light will net you a spot directly across the street, otherwise Arlington is a good bet. There are also a couple of Green P options very nearby (and they are dirt-cheap).

" Concession Road " now open! - Any one tried it yet?!

When I asked for bread they gave a basked of char-grilled naan from Pukka. Very yummy. I can't remember if they charged me for it. No way was I letting the scallop sauce and the olive oil from the sashimi go to waste.

" Concession Road " now open! - Any one tried it yet?!

Went yesterday with my son (who for a 6-year-old is pretty open minded about food and blows away most adults that I know, present virtual company excluded of course). It's right next to the neigbourhood karate studio - we went after class. There had apparently been other parents in for a snack while their kids had their classes.

Shared three apps: Scallops with apple/fennel puree and vanilla oil; shrimp "bonbons" which are basically spring rolls tied with chives to look like candies with citrus salad and red pepper coulis; fluke and ocean trout sashimi with peppercorns, olive oil and a ridiculously delicious broccoli remoulade (really a slaw). Then finished with fries... wow. Such fries. When I asked for bread they brought over some naan from Pukka, grilled & oiled. So good... nice and smoky/charred.

Anyway, everything was really delicious (although I found the scallop dish a bit sweet and could have used a bit of acid). The sashimi dish was great... and really, those fries are amazing. Going to be back for mains for sure. A very, very welcome addition to the neighbourhood (and they're open for lunch on weekends, too).

2015 Restaurant OPENINGS in Toronto, to June 30...

Belmonte Raw has opened in the Exchange Tower.

Healthy Food Downtown

Belmonte Raw just opened in the Exchange Tower yesterday.

Best Italian romantic dinner- this weekend!

Although not fancy, I will just put it out there that Marinella makes the best carbonara I've ever had. And their "marinella" sauce that they put on their apps.... I could eat it by the bowl.

Wilbur vs Milagro vs El Caballito

Free taco at midnight at El Caballito, too!

Also, the Molote de Tinga is to die for. Because fried makes things better. :)

2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

This was on the door.

2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

Catch on St. Clair is done. Damn. Phone message says they sold and are redoing the concept. I loved going there with my kid.

Los Colibris

I've found their lunch to be underwhelming but have been meaning to try dinner. If I'm around at that time, though, El Caballito calls to me.

Morimoto in Toronto

I've been watching this building go up for many months. Right across the street from my office.... yay!

Lactantia® My Country Cultured Unsalted Butter STICKS - WHAT is going on???

I know, right?

I bought a new-fangled bee hive

Very, very impressive.

Wish I had it in me to do this.

Feb 23, 2015
Wino In Training in Cookware

dishes that wow, Toronto 2015...

Lobster & white shrimp mac & cheese at Little Fin.

Is Carman's steakhouse really back?

Agreed.... very expensive. That had better include sides.

best pastas in Toronto, 2014

Eggy, in a silky way.

Seriously, it's amazing.

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

Yikes - based on the 5 or 6 experiences I've had so far, I've had nothing like what you've had. It may sound like a cop-out but it certainly sounds like a "bad day" thing.

That said, the service issue you had is a different story.

BTW - my commute from SW is 5 minutes at best. So less time for bad things to happen.

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

I am really, really surprised by your experience. We've done takeout a number of times and have always had the exact opposite experience. Amazing fries, crisp yet soft on the inside, with shatteringly crisp batter on the fish. Maybe you had an "off-day"?

salads, 2015

Honestly, the chopped salad at Rasa is a winner for salad of the year. /hijack