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Kuala Lumpur - Chilli Pan Mee at Restoran Super Kitchen

Have you tried Kin Kin? It's diagonally opposite Super Kitchen and has been around longer. I prefer Kin Kin but it gets packed very early on (12.30-1.30pm is impossible) and doesn't have air conditioning. It's only when we're desperate for a pan mee fix and Kin Kin's full that we cross over to Super Kitchen. The latter is clearly better organised though, with webpage and more extensive menu. Service at Kin Kin can be pretty awful as well.

Kuala Lumpur - Authentic Thai "Som Tum" in Jalan Alor

Thanks for nailing down this Thai place. I once asked the Thai massage therapists at a spa where they go for authentic Thai food in KL and they pointed me to Jln Alor but didn't name a particular restaurant.
Another basic Thai place is Jimmy & Nong's in Ampang but that's basically Thai BBQ and we haven't been for ages as we sometimes get belly trouble afterwards.

Best Peking Duck in Shanghai??

Xindalu has awesome peking duck!

Any good eats near Taipei's Taoyuan airport?

Will be overnighting twice at the Novotel Taoyuan airport, flying in late and leaving in the morning. Is there any good to eat in the airport itself? Or anywhere within say a 10-15min taxi ride radius? Understand that the city itself is an hour away.

Prime @ Le Meridien

Agreed, the sauces at Prime are not up to scratch considering the price points for the steaks. Some of the sauces actually taste bad.
My favourite at Prime is the wagyu rib eye. Have had mixed experiences with the non-wagyu cuts, e.g., US black angus.
They used to have a fabulous & rich choc cake (tastes homemade) but have unfortunately replaced it with a choc lava cake, which is oh so common these days.
My main gripe with Prime is the sky high pricing and service is never friendly.

Asian hound in Paris

Was wondering if L'Ambroisie would throw me out if I only order a main and the choc tarte for dinner...

Apr 01, 2011
KLfoodie in France

Need Bordeaux & Burgundy Recs....please...getting down to the wire...

La tupina in Bordeaux is great, feels like a traditional farm house with rustic food.

Apr 01, 2011
KLfoodie in France

Asian hound in Paris

Another question on etiquette.. Would it be rude to have just 2 courses as an a la carte meal at a 2 or 3 star establishment? Much as I love to eat, am increasingly finding it tough to get through 3 courses plus amuse bouche, etc. Wondering which is worse, simply not finishing my food or ordering fewer courses? Would a bistro be more flexible with light eaters? Have lunches planned at Rostang and G savoy, hence, hoping to contrast them with more rustique options for dinner, would regalade or L'ardoise fit the bill? Not sure how much i can manage for dinner, perhaps I should be less ambitious and stick to salad, sigh!

Apr 01, 2011
KLfoodie in France

Bakeries, Patisseries, etc open bright and early.

The Kayser in 1er, Rue Danielle Casanova has a bright and cheerful cafe but the quality of the croissants was very poor (made me wonder if they were leftovers from a day ago!) Prior to that, had only been going to the branch in st germain which is miles better. Was quite horrified at the difference in quality.

Mar 30, 2011
KLfoodie in France

Laut - World's First Michelin-starred Malay restaurant

Whilst I am more than happy to chow on well-executed fusion cuisine (e.g., Cilantro in KL, Ame in SF), green curry sayur lodeh is plain ridiculous! Have successfully avoided Malaysian restaurants outside of Malaysia for many years now.

Laut - World's First Michelin-starred Malay restaurant

Laut's Michelin star story was featured in key Malaysian newspapers so i checked out the restaurant's website and was horrified to see that Laut is Thai-Malaysian-Singaporean! Thai and Malaysian/SIngaporean cuisine lumped together just reminds me the kind of restaurants found in touristy areas around the world. Wonder why there aren't more French-Italian restaurants around? :-)
Totally agree with sg_foodie and M_Gomez; Michelin outside of Europe is a bit of a joke.

Xiao Loong Pau in KL beats DTF, Shanghai, China

Hutong was incredibly crowded all through Dec09 (queuing time 30-40mins for the hokkien mee) so, I haven't been yet. However, have heard complaints that the hokkien mee there is short on ingredients and a more comfy alternative is at Renunion restaurant, Bangsar Village 2 where you can reserve a table, and have it either for lunch or dinner. Admittedly, the main Petaling St outlet would have more 'character' but it's only open for dinner. Moreover, Reunion's version (considering it's a far more fancy outfit than a street stall) has surprisingly good wok hei to match.
Would be great to have a Chowmeet in KL but judging by all your reviews (and FourSeasons), I worry that you guys have already tasted much of the best food that KL (HK, Spore and Japan, etc) have to offer and I don't know what I can surprise your well-traveled palates with. Perhaps we could start a list of the best eats in KL and hopefully, narrow it down for a Chowmeet?

Xiao Loong Pau in KL beats DTF, Shanghai, China

Still need to try Fu Sing dim sum. Have you tried the new branch at Causeway Bay?
Used to like the crab roe XLB at Victoria City at Citic but during last visit to the branch at Sun Hung Kai, the XLB was not as good, not sure if it's due to it being a different outlet.

Xiao Loong Pau in KL beats DTF, Shanghai, China

The Shanghai restaurant at the Mariott hotel in KL serves top grade XLB, very fine skin and tasty soup filling. In my opinion, their XLB beats the much talked about Din Tai Fung in Shanghai and many others in HK/ Spore. It only comes in the usual pork variety though, so, i can't compare it to Jia Jia Tang Pau in Shanghai where they have crab & pork XLB.

Other good dishes at Shanghai, Mariott: cheung fun with crispy duck filling (don't think this is shanghainese but it's really delicious), stir fried flour skin with dried scallop and mushrooms, vegetarian goose, chicken pie with walnut with dry tong yuen (lai sar tong yuen) and malay sponge cake for dessert. They also do lion heads, chilled tofu strips, drunken chicken and good soups, etc.

Was tempted to post in on the China board as a cross country challenge to find the best XLB in the Asia.

Poor experience at Bo Lan

Was quite excited to try Bo Lan having trawled through their gorgeous website and read several glowing press reports about the chefs, attention to ingredients, etc.

In reality, it was one of the worst Thai meals I've had in Bangkok. I found the food to be rather strange and nothing stood out. Had the tasting menu; the prawns were fresh, the green curry beef is supposed to be made with quality meat but was nothing spectacular. Had a far more memorable meal at Chote Chitr the same weekend for a fraction of the price. For a high-end establishment, Basil at Sheraton Sukhumvit offers much better food than Bo Lan. My hotel concierge said I should have tried the fine dining restaurant near Ruen Nuad massage instead (but i was worried that was a tourist trap, dinner comes with a cultural performance).

Although i was a solo dinner, they gave me the bill for 2 tasting menus! and i had to highlight their 'mistake'. I've never encountered such an error in any other restaurant in Bangkok.

Tantanmen/ dandanmian in Hong Kong

Am totally hooked on the version at the noodle bar in the Cathay Lounge in HKIA. I don't even know if this is considered an authentic dandan mian. Have tried asking them for the recipe but they flatly refused. Not been able to find a similar version elsewhere but sometimes make do with a bowl at Crystal Jade Shanghai La Mian.

Delicious Mooncake on Chinese Mid-autumn Festival

Bought some lotus seed paste ones from Grand Hyatt HK but they were disappointing.

Anyone Been to Sushi Kanesaka Recently?

Wonder why i was only offered 20k, 30k and 50k for Sat lunch at Kanesaka? Could it be the weekend rate?
Have to admit, chose Kanesaka because i wasn't sure how a non-Japanese speaking solo diner would fare at Mizutani where as the jovial atmosphere at Kanesaka had everyone chatting and laughing over lunch. All were quite amused that i couldn't converse in Japanese but could rattle off many sushi/fish names which i'd memorised.

Jul 16, 2009
KLfoodie in Japan

Anyone Been to Sushi Kanesaka Recently?

Chatted with Chef Kanesaka in English and he definitely mentioned aging the tuna, by 10 days but i can't remember if it was the tuna cheek or chu toro.

Jul 16, 2009
KLfoodie in Japan

KL: Char siew discovery

Discovered a new char siew place today called Soon Fatt Roasted Duck, located in Jalan Pasar, just down the road from Wentworth hotel. Opted for half fat-half lean (to appease high cholesterol conscience). Char siew was nicely charred (especially the crispy ends), glistening in sticky sauce and was served with extra sauce & cucumber slices. The black pepper roast duck was also superb, crispy skin, juicy meat and not too salty. The normal roast duck was not special though, we ordered some for comparison. Thought it was a good alternative to the famous Alor place and Oversea, where the char siew can be too fatty sometimes. This place is a street side stall, best go early on weekdays (by half twelve). An idea would be to eat this char siew as an appetiser and then, proceed to the fantastic pudu roast pork (siew yook) place in the same neighbourhood.

Anyone Been to Sushi Kanesaka Recently?

I settled for the 30K as well. I was already terribly late for lunch, so, all i asked was whether it would it be diff fish between the various menus and the response was yes but no further info provided.
Thought the 30K was amazing, uni was sweet, toro melted in the mouth (can't remember which toro) and a piece of the best grilled fish I've ever had in my life. But the one thing that i can't stop thinking about was the additional tuna cheek sushi that i had. One of the diners wanted to try something else, after finishing the omakase and we were offered aged tuna cheek, which in its raw state looked very much like kobe beef (pink and beautifully marbled). The tuna is served v lightly grilled, certainly sent me to sushi paradise. Think it was Y2k a piece. It would be really nice to have several of those. Is it possible to specify what you want incorporated into an omakase?
Chef kanesaka is very hospitable and speaks english, even cracks jokes through the meal, making it a very enjoyable and memorable dining experience. Felt like i had lunch at a friend's place even though it was my first visit.

Jul 12, 2009
KLfoodie in Japan

Mangosteen Salad in Sao Nam Kuala Lumpur

Any idea what else is good at Sao Nam aside from the fantastic mangosteen salad? Thought the pho wasn't much to shout about.

Very early breakfast around Shinjuku or Tokyo Stn

On my way to catch the narita express on Tues morning, I passed by a noodle bar and another restaurant in the basement of Shinjuku station (one of the levels underneath odakyu dept store) which had signs saying that they open from 6.30am, could be weekdays only though.

Jul 07, 2009
KLfoodie in Japan

Anyone Been to Sushi Kanesaka Recently?

Was there for Sat lunch at end June and the omakase choices were 20, 30 and 50,000 Yen.

Jul 07, 2009
KLfoodie in Japan

Next weekend in Tokyo: What's in season?

Thanks v much! Will note down all these seasonal seafood and desserts and tick it off as I eat my way through the list. Hope i don't have to take up lost squirrel's kind offer on indigestion tablets :-)
Am guessing that sushi/sashimi at Tsukiji will beat even the best Japanese restaurant in my country, Malaysia.

Jun 22, 2009
KLfoodie in Japan

Any recommendations for a "stand out" meal in KL? Is Restoran Greenview in PJ still a great place to go?

Address for Soo Kee: 14 Medan Imbi. Closed on Mondays.

Any recommendations for a "stand out" meal in KL? Is Restoran Greenview in PJ still a great place to go?

There's another sang har meen place in Imbi called Soo Kee that's very popular with out of town visitors. Also famous for with fried beef horfun noodles. I don't think they do crab though. It's not air conditioned, one notch less fancy than Greenview.
BTW, it could take an hour from Bkt Bintang to Greenview in early evening rush hour traffic.
There's a more fancy chinese seafood restaurant in Imbi called Yu Jia, from the Oriental Group. They have fish tanks etc on display and you can pick what you want. I've had prawn noodle soup and lobster fried noodles there before and it was very good. Also decent dim sum (for KL standards). Snack dishes: Deepfried long beans with chicken floss, salt n pepper silver fish.

Next weekend in Tokyo: What's in season?

Have a weekend of gluttony ahead in Tokyo, am finalizing the list after researching the postings on this board. Wanted to say thanks to everyone on the Tokyo board for all the info, with so many good restaurants in Tokyo, would have been impossible to shortlist otherwise. Also wanted to check, what's in season currently - any particular seafood or fruit or seasonal dishes I should check out? Previous trips to Japan were during Xmas and recall having superb strawberries. Will be staying in Shinjuku.

To-do list:
Sushi: Kanesaka (did a booking on the phone in Eng, hope they understood). Would have liked to try Mizutani but figured my next-to-nothing Japanese vocabulary won't get me very far.
Sukiyaki: Yoshihashi
Teppanyaki: Imahan
Izakaya: Toss up between Toki no ma, Daidaiya and Yuian (does this work for a solo diner?). Is it possible to eat at a few places in one night - do izakayas mind if diners just 'graze'?
Also plan to squeeze in a couple of ramen meals, Tsukiji morning sushi (2 days after Kanesaka, hope it's a long enough gap), Pierre Herme (for ispahan), sake at Buri, wine at Elevage.

Have left out high end tempura and steak this time but had a very memorable meal at Ukai Omotesando (fantastic beef, very fresh ingredients overall and dessert quality actually matched up to the rest of the meal, with top notch service) and Ten-ichi on a previous trip.
Finally, if anyone has the Japanese word for indigestion tablets, that would be most useful.

Arigato gozaimasu.

Jun 20, 2009
KLfoodie in Japan

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) report

Must have missed your comment on Hoi Ann when i was researching food places in HCM. Made the mistake of eating there as it was on the list of rec restaurants by the Park Hyatt concierge. Service was extremely condescending, probably the only place in Vietnam where we encountered such bad treatment. Food was so so contrary to the steep prices. Didn't think the decor was particularly special either.


Those Bkt Bintang crullers are absolutely superb and taste good even if you leave them aside for awhile! My fav are the butterfly ones with sesame seeds. Not easy to buy if you're stuck in the office during their limited opening hours, heard it often sells out early.