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Turkish grape molasses (Uzum pekmezi)

That sounds good in combination with pumpkin. I bet grape molasses would be good over ice cream or yogurt, or even as a sauce with or swirled into a peanut butter pie.

Oct 16, 2011
teneya in Home Cooking

Turkish grape molasses (Uzum pekmezi)

You can also use it as a grilling sauce over chicken, it's great on the bbq. Mix it with some garlic, onion, chiles, and use it as a grilling sauce. It's also good as a sweet and sour drizzle sauce by combining in a saucepan with verjuice (young wine), adding lemon, and some eastern spices, such as cardamom, and ginger.

It would be good as a component for a glaze or sauce on any fowl, or pork, as an addition to gravies, or in baked goods to add depth of flavor and sweetness.

Oct 08, 2011
teneya in Home Cooking

Why didn't my sweet potato fries get crispy??!!

I just used the restaurant cornstarch method outlined by cocktailqueen above, and it worked par boiling, no baking, just cut, soaked in water for about 20 minutes, dredged in cornstarch and minutes, wonderful sweet potato crunchy goodness!

Feb 04, 2009
teneya in Home Cooking