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Shrimp Shack on SR20 near Anacortes - Updates?

Has anyone been to the Shrimp Shack on SR 20 between Anacortes and Deception Pass lately? Is it still there, and still any good? I saw a rec from early 2013 but not necessarily a report from anyone who'd eaten there recently. Their website says something about "new ownership," and it looks a bit expanded since I was there last (Fall 2012, I think - I LOVED it then).

Apr 06, 2014
paselkin in Pacific Northwest

Tamales in Tacoma?

I do love Vuelve a la Vida, but was wondering more about other options.

Dec 29, 2012
paselkin in Greater Seattle

Tamales in Tacoma?

Is there anywhere around Tacoma that sells chowhound-worthy tamales? Some of the carnicerias on S 72nd and thereabouts look like the kind of place one *might* find a tamale cart on Sunday mornings, but I've never really looked into that possibility. I know Tacoma Boys sells tamales, but are they any good? I'm looking to pick some up for a brunch at home - not to go to a restaurant. And I'm willing to drive a little for good tamales.

Dec 28, 2012
paselkin in Greater Seattle

Sunday lunch, not so brunch-y?

My wife, kids, and I are going to be in the Portland area on a Sunday around mid-day for my wife's birthday. We're not necessarily looking for something fancy, but we'd like good food and relaxed atmosphere, but are subject to a bunch of constraints:

Time (i.e. kids) require us to eat on the earlier side rather than do dinner. It's unfortunate, but it's the lowest-stress way to have a meal out with our kids (1 and 3 yrs).

We don't want to feel too out-of-place with the kids. They're well-behaved and adventurous eaters, and have been to some fine restaurants, but we don't want to push it. Then again, this is a grown-up birthday and we don't want a "kid's place." Bistro-type places are what we're thinking. Quick service is a plus.

I think we'd prefer something more "lunch" than "brunch" (eggs and french toast aren't so exciting), but that's more a preference.

Bonus points if it's diet-friendly and/or has good seafood and/or tapas (too bad Toro Bravo doesn't do lunch).

We're coming down from the Puget Sound area: extra bonus points for stuff we can't find up here.

I'm willing to bet from other posts that people are going to suggest dim sum: while we're all fans of dim sum, I think we're not in the mood this time. We'll probably do that for my birthday ;)

So far, I was thinking: Country Cat, Andina, Navarre, Olympic Provisions, Pok Pok. Basically, those are places that are open around the time we'll be there. Country Cat, Olympic Provisions, and Pok Pok have been mentioned on the kid-friendly threads. Which ones are likely to satisfy more of the criteria above? Is there anything we're overlooking?

Pok Pok
3226 SE Division St, Portland, OR

Andina Restaurant
1314 NW Glisan, Portland, OR 97209

Toro Bravo
120 NE Russell St Ste A, Portland, OR 97212

Olympic Provisions
107 SE Washington St, Portland, OR 97214

Nov 03, 2011
paselkin in Metro Portland

Gooseneck barnacles? (SEA)

I know this is an old, but it seems to have been active recently, so I thought I'd reply here, both as a reply to the original (in case you're still looking after 2 years...) and to the most recent poster who offered to supply the goosenecks.

You might try checking with Coastal Rovers (, a group of foragers, marine geeks and foodies. I know they are on Twitter, too. They might be able to hook up those looking for goosenecks (like the original poster) and those who can find them (like the latest poster).

Sep 18, 2011
paselkin in Greater Seattle

Jugos / Licuados / Aguas Frescas near Tacoma

Yes, their gazpacho is like a finely-chopped fruit salad. I've never been to Morelia, so I can't vouch for its authenticity, but it sure is good!

Jun 23, 2011
paselkin in Greater Seattle

Jugos / Licuados / Aguas Frescas near Tacoma

@alitria: Good call! We tried La Casa de Sharon, which is on S Tacoma Way across from Pal Do World. I think that's the place you were describing. It's the real deal - all fresh fruit, made right there, and a good variety of flavors. The folks who work there were very nice. They have interesting mixes of fruits/veg ("El Vampiro" with beets!), and good pico de gallo a number of ways (we had "Gazpacho:" cucumber, jicama, mango, honey, lime, chile, and cheese... very nice). They even have paletas in all my favorite flavors - walnut, tamarindo, chile mango, rice. It is all kinds of awesome. We will be back.

@HWL: Is there a place you know of in B&I, or are you just guessing based on alitria's comment?

La Casa De Sharon
9716 S Tacoma Way Ste C, Lakewood, WA 98499

Jun 19, 2011
paselkin in Greater Seattle

Jugos / Licuados / Aguas Frescas near Tacoma

I recently had a craving for Mexican smoothie-type things, probably brought on by nice weather and nostalgia for my former home in San Diego. Is there anything that fits the bill in the Tacoma / Lakewood area? It seems like there ought to be. I've driven by one place that seemed to be closed permanently (near Yakima and S 72nd, I think; I think the name may have been something like "El Eden"). We tried El Zocalo on S 38th, too - that didn't really do it for me. Slow service, subpar fruit, lots of artificial stuff in the mix (and an odd smoky smell from what I think was an electrical fire behind the cash register). Is there anywhere that really specializes in jugos y licuados? Or that makes their own horchata / jamaica / etc.?

May 29, 2011
paselkin in Greater Seattle

Source of fenugreek leaves - Tacoma area

I think I remember seeing methi or something that looked like it occasionally at (oddly enough) Ranch 99 markets in Southern CA: anyone know if the Ranch 99 near Tukwila has it? ...and are there Indian/Persian/Middle Eastern groceries closer than Seattle?

Sep 12, 2010
paselkin in Greater Seattle

Vegetarian/Vegan Tacoma Area

OK - thanks - I've been there now. It's next door to Gateway to India, so if you don't like the vegetarian options at the one, you can eat at the other! Didn't try the sandwiches, but the cafe americano was mighty fine.

Sep 12, 2010
paselkin in Greater Seattle

Vegetarian/Vegan Tacoma Area

(Note - I'm not vegetarian or vegan, though I do enjoy a vegetarian/vegan meal once in a while, and have eaten at most of these places with friends who are vegetarian or, in the case of Quickie Too, vegan.)

I'll second Quickie Too: delicious vegan "hippie" food, though definitely not quick. Website is (note that the menu does not necessarily apply to the T-town branch, but they don't have their Tacoma menu up... be prepared to get some flak about not knowing the menu if you call ahead, which we have done... or just order the Crazy Jamaican "burger," which they do have, and which is fantastic).

Bombay Bistro is great, too. We also like Gateway to India (, though their vegetarian options trend more to the standard fare. Well executed, though.

Also, vegetarian pho at Nhu Thuy on S 38th (758 S 38th St) is not to be overlooked. Broth is good, packed with just-crunchy-enough vegetables, tofu is nicely done... ask for extra fried onions! Sorry - no website.

I'm not familiar with Cafe Dei, even though it's in my 'hood... how new is it? What's the story?

Nhu Thuy Restaurant
758 S 38th St, Tacoma, WA 98418

Bombay Bistro
4328 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406

Sep 08, 2010
paselkin in Greater Seattle

State of Tacoma's restaurant scene?

I live in and love Tacoma. I feel terrible about the bad reputation my town has, particularly when it comes to food. Sometimes, though, it's deserved. I thought things were changing a few years ago with the opening of a few new restaurants downtown -- Maxwell's, for example -- and on 6th (Asado/Masa), but the recession seems to have hit the restaurants here pretty hard. A lot of the reviews on other sites suggest that many of my favorites are going downhill. Again, Maxwell's is the example: it seems to be getting worse and worse reviews on Yelp, FWIW.

Tacomans, please help me regain my confidence in our dining options. Have there been any notable openings in the last year? What places are improving? (I'm happy that at least my favorite Korean place -- Ho Soon Yi on S. Tacoma Way -- hasn't suffered.)

Dec 15, 2009
paselkin in Greater Seattle

Eating in Tacoma

One of my favorite coffee places is nearby - Cafe Metro on the UW Tacoma campus, near 19th and Jefferson. Definitely walking distance from Murano. Also, Blackwater Cafe (near Fawcett and S 9th) seems good, though I've only been here once and didn't have a coffee.

As far as restaurants go, I'd be interested in hearing other people's suggestions. I have not had good luck downtown anywhere except Matador (Pacific near S 9th).

Feb 04, 2009
paselkin in Pacific Northwest