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Slow cooked beef roast total fail. Salvageable?

If your oven can actually set to ~130f and you throw a lid on the roast (or wrap it up etc.) I think it should be alright. That is assuming that your thermometer is right about the roast already being up to med rare in the center.

Jul 02, 2011
ARisen in Home Cooking

Best burrito in the city...

El Sombrero is tied with Chipotle, to me, for best Burrito in the GTA. El Sombrero is like a delicious homemade tasting burrito vs. Chipotle being a delicious takeout/restaurant tasting burrito.

El Sombrero
35 Brunel Rd, Mississauga, ON L4Z3E8, CA

Apr 20, 2010
ARisen in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

ISO really good General Tao chicken

If you're uptown, try the General Tao at Thai Basil Garden located at Dufferin and Finch. Its the best one I've ever had

Sep 20, 2009
ARisen in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

For Really Bad Deli, Try Centre Street

More people ought to try Pancer's. I had only been to the CSD once, but when i was there, eating my sandwich all i could think was- "people think THIS is better than Pancer's???"

Jun 10, 2009
ARisen in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Chicken balls with sweet & sour sauce... Who's got good ones?

I'm not the biggest fan of Canadian style Chinese food, but i have had Cynthia's chicken balls and can vouch that they are amongst the best i've had.

Even better though, would be Szechuan Gourmet on Steeles just west of Bathurst. I found every other dish of theirs that I've had to be pretty underwhelming, though.

Feb 04, 2009
ARisen in Ontario (inc. Toronto)