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Foodie Family staying in DuPont Circle...need fave spots!

2nd for Firefly. They have an amazing burger, great beer selection and great food all around. Unique interior design as well.

New Job In Chinatown-Where do I eat?

Cant get much cheaper than Chinatown Express. Its a real hole in the wall, funny smells when you walk in, ducks hanging on hooks. The draw here are the noodles. I usually just do an order of dumplings with a side of rice or one order of fried rice. The fried rice is enormous and amazingly good. You get free hot tea with your meal and the food is served fast. Its my favorite chinese in chinatown. Also I think Ellas does lunch specials and they are very tasty for pizza.

China Town Express
746 6th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Ethnic Food Tour

For Greek, besides Mourayo (more seafood based, fancy) also consider Zorbas in Dupont circle. It is more Greek street vendor food, but it is very very good and has authentic cheap greek white wine.

For Peruvian try El Chalan. Really good and cool interior.

Unfortunately DC kind of sucks for Indian. Yes I know we have Rasika but that is trendy modern indian inspired food, not really authentic. Best Indian ive had in the DC/MD/VA region is House of India in Columbia MD. However in DC proper Indique is very good.

Cuban try Cuba de Ayer in burtonsville MD. Amazing food.

Rasika Restaurant
633 D Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004

El Chalan Restaurant
1924 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006

1732 Connecticut Ave NW Ste 100, Washington, DC 20009

3512 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20008

House of India
9350 Snowden River Pkwy Ste F2, Columbia, MD 21045

If I go to Baltimore, MD what kind of foods are the known for other than crabs and crab cakes? Thanks.

Baltimore has probably one of Americas best bars, Brewers Art. Not to be missed if you are into beer, burgers and fries.

Abacrombie. Any recent experiences

I was there a few weeks ago using a $50 groupon. I felt the food was really good, but not fantastic. The price was very high for Baltimore, total tab was like $130 for 2 appetizers, 2 entrées, two glasses of wine and 2 deserts. Service was great. Overall it was enjoyable, just not $130 enjoyable. I probably won't be back.

Romantic restaurant?

Vento is brand new in Dupont Circle and is VERY romantic and beautiful. It looks like a $200 dinner restaurant but dinner should cost you about $80-100 for two depending on how much wine you order. I think it would leave a great impression for a date.

If you want to ease into it, try stopping at Scion right next door and have some beers. The beer selection there is excellent.

If your date is more of a mixed drink person, I highly recommended Cafe Citron for Mojitos and other rum based drinks. Their happy hour runs until 7pm.

For a view of the city however, I am at a bit of a loss. Tabaq Bistro top floor has a nice view, but that is in the chaotic U Street Area where you will not easily find parking. If you are metroing then that won't be an issue.

I hope by 'city' you meant DC, otherwise this entire post is not useful to you lol.

Tabaq Bistro
1336 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Lunch near spy museum?

I love that area, LOTS of good options.

For some amazing home-made noodles / dumplings you must try Chinatown Express. it is a true hole in the wall, odd smells when you walk in, ducks hanging by hooks. But they make their pasta fresh and dumplings, and wow are they good. Its super super cheap too. I usually get vegetable dumplings and then one order of fried rice with chicken. That is enough for two people usually. The fried rice is amazing as well.

For good pizza, try Ellas. They have great Sangria also.

*edit* (chowhound keeps linking china town express to some restaurant in Baltimore..FAIL!)

If you want something more expensive, try Poste. They have AMAZING truffle frites, good beers and wine and good hamburgers. The bar menu is totally different than the regular menu so be warned.

lunch places near Library of Congress

Sonomas, Good Stuff Eatery

recession deals in las vegas

I am going to vegas last week of March during a Monday-Thursday trip. I planned it this way because the Hotel prices are unbelievably low (3 nights, 4 days at the Wynn plus $75 resort credit + round trip airfare from Washington DC for $470 a person including taxes and fees) and because the Restaurants are unbelievably cheap with their pre Theater/Prix-fixe menus during that time of the week.

This will be quite a foodie adventure at very affordable prices. Vegas is smart to turn the notch WAY down on prices in order to get the tourists back. Obviously worked for me.

Just wanted to thank everyone who contributed to this thread as I am now armed with a great list of cheap menus.

Jan 21, 2010
bboyneko in Las Vegas

Best Restaurants in Little Italy (Baltimore)?

Let me 2nd Sotto Sopra. It will blow you away. It is beautiful, in a beautiful location, the pasta is all home-made and delicious, the wine list is excellent, the service is impeccable etc. Anything else is a distant 2nd in my opinion for a nice italian dinner in Baltimore.

DC/MD French fries?

I agree 100%, these fries, especially when paired with their amazing burgers, are heaven. In DC Gordon Bierche garlic fries are great, and I hear Poste makes good fries

Bar in Dupont Circle where you can hear each other talk

I second firefly, it is very pretty in there, an oasis.

Authentic So. American Food

I have tried Los Arrieros, it's not that great. Not terrible, just not great. Has good service and fair prices though.

The real find is the little tienda next door called La Fonda Paisa. There you can grab authentic Colombian cheese breads like Almojabana, pan de yuca, and Bonuelos, as well as the best Colombian empanadas you can get this side of Bogota. Go there, grab a seat, order some empanadas with manzana postobon soda or colombiana soda, some cheese breads and eat like a Colombian king.

Your 10 favorite DC Metro restaurants

Fontainne is in old town, its amazingly delicious and a sort of hidden gem. I highly recommend dropping by.

Your 10 favorite DC Metro restaurants

(In alphabetical order)

1. Brabo Tasting Room (best lunch ever)
2. Chinatown Express (best fried rice and noodles ever)
3. Fontainne Caffe & Creperie (best crepes and brunch ever)
4. Levantes
5. Los Tios (best Mexican/salvadorean food ever)
6. Mama Ayesha’s (very affordable, beautiful interior and fun white wines to go with the amazing food)
7. Pizzeria Paradiso
8. Potenza
9. Rasika
10. Zatinya

Best Wine Store for Excellent Buying Advice/Guidance?

biggest and best I have ever been to is Corridor Wine and Spirits in laurel MD. I asked a random employee about Greek wines and he told me a great story while helping me pick out a bottle about how the grapes are grown in the Greek Isles, and his trip to Santorini Wineries in his training as a sommelier. The place is HUGE on the inside, more wine than you could possilby ever want.

Sin Fronteras-Baltimore

I just called..the number is disconnected. Is the place closed now?

Looking for good Cafe Cubano and Mojito

thanks everyone for your replies! It sounds like I need to go to Miami (and eventually cuba, if Obama allows it) to get Cafe Cubano

Jul 09, 2009
bboyneko in Pennsylvania

Looking for good Cafe Cubano and Mojito


I will be visiting Philly for the Bastille day at Eastern State Penitentiary this Saturdy July 11th. I was going to eat at Tierra Colombiana since I am Colombian and haven't had good Colombian food since Miami.

However, I was saddened to find out Tierra Colombiana, despite being a Cuban and Colombian restaurant does not offer Cafe Cubano. (I called them and asked). Does anyone know where I can find some of that thick, syrupy coffee in Philadelphia?

Also I understand Tierra Colombiana makes a great Mojito? Any other recommendations? The best I have ever had (and I have been all over Miami and the Keys) is in Washington DC, at a bar in Dupont Circle called Cafe Citron.

Jul 08, 2009
bboyneko in Pennsylvania

Pepsi w/o HFCS in Baltimore

I got mine at Target in Columbia MD. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It tastes WAY better. If only pepsi would do it permanent, instead of an 8 week run. it leaves no horrible aftertaste. no syrup phlegm, no teeth grittiness. It just goes down smooth and is actually refreshing.

Best Mojito in the DC area?

I have tried Cafe Atlantico, and I don't understand why everyone says it's so good. It's mediocre to me. The best I have ever had in the DC region is at Cafe Citron in Dupont Circle. They are also inexpensive compared to other bars.

Another nice Mojito (but pricier) is at Gazuza on Connecticut avenue in the same area.

Grace Garden - Chinese in Odenton

Thanks everyone for promoting this place and for the detailed recommendations and reviews. I am DEFINITELY going there as soon as possible, I am not terribly far as I live in Northern laurel near route 32.

I will report back after I eat (^_^)

Okinamiyaki in DC?

Thanks so much everyone for the replies! It seems Hibachi and sushi places are very popular but its hard to find this delicious dish. Thanks especially for pointing me to this Baltimore area place...I live in Laurel in between the two cities so Baltimore is fine by me.

Okinamiyaki in DC?

Hi all,

I know there are many sushi and hibachi restauraunts in the area, but I have a hard time finding any online menus. Does anyone know of a restauraunt where I can order Okinamiyaki? I love the dish but have yet to encounter it in the area.

Thanks in advance.

Colombian Restaurants near the White Marsh Area

I have been googling like MAD and can't find ANY information on this place, not even here. Can someone give me a phone number or even a name of this place??