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Chiles Rellenos

Thanks for the recipe & deseeding/frying tips! I'm Chicana but I have only attempted the chile relleno (my *favorite* Mexican food) a couple of times, due to the many steps!

After stuffing 3 peppers &, I got inspired to deconstruct this further, and made a sort of chile pancake (egg foo young?). Put the egg stuff in the pan, topped with chopped (roasted, peeled) chile, minced onion; flipped to cook the other side, topped with more onion, lots of cheese, and topped with enchilada sauce. Could maybe fold it over like an omelette in future, or put another layer of egg on top, so the cheese in the middle gets nice & melted...but I was running out of ingredients, so I just made a small one.

This method also uses a lot less oil. I have nothing against deep-frying, but it's just less complicated to pan-fry a pancake. And I used yummy ghee (clarified butter) instead. :)

I don't think this is "authentic", but I sometimes add a little cornmeal (maybe 1 tbsp per 2-4 eggs). It gives it a little texture & crunch, if you like that.

Dec 15, 2012
piratejenny23 in Recipes

Return of the Trader Joe's vanilla paste

i haven't tried this stuff yet but i also found it at a more reliable, year-round supply :)

can't wait to try it it ice cream...or rice pudding? mmmm!

Feb 22, 2009
piratejenny23 in Chains

Vegan Fluffy Buttercream Frosting

SOY MILK HINT: I left it out and used a little agave nectar at the end. It made the icing less stiff and improved the flavor. Plus now there's nothing in it that will go bad at room temp. A little maple syrup or honey would be a nice flavor too (maybe cut back about 1/2 cup on the p. sugar).

As a kid, I remember loving the frosting on my friends' birthday cakes (we didn't use much sugar at home) and hearing my mother scoff, "It's just Crisco & powdered sugar."

Someone above asked, "isn't shortening non-vegan?" Vegetable shortenings (including Crisco) by definition are vegan--just vegetable oils, solidified (sometimes artificially). ANIMAL shortening--also known as lard!--is used in many baked goods, especially pie crusts & biscuits. I had never heard butter referred to as shortening...but maybe all solid fats are shortenings...?

Anyway, I just tried this recipe & it's very good. Sure it may sound unappetizing if "fats" sound gross to you, but if you like traditional frostings then this is no different.

I just wanted something "normal" that didn't involve egg whites, whipped cream, or having to boil sugar.

I used organic palm oil, "Tropical Tradtions" brand. It also makes the most fabulous pie crusts & I started using it for pancakes & homefries; finally I don't smoke up my kitchen or have hair that smells like burnt oil!

Feb 03, 2009
piratejenny23 in Recipes