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Cassoulet in Lower Westchester?

Just learned that my favorite French place in Brooklyn (Quercy, on Court St), closed and, having been missing their Cassoulet dearly, I'm wondering where to get one around here. Any ideas?

Best place to celebrate a 40th Birthday? [in or near Lower Westchester]

Birthday girl is gluten free and kosher. Small group, less than 10 pple.

Best Spicy Food in lower Westchester?

Am looking for a good place to take my husband for his birthday; he loves Spicy Food, will eat just about any type (Thai, Cajun, etc.). Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Best spicy food in lower westchester?

Need someplace that serves fish along with meat.....and gets as spicy as possible....

Anyone know a good place for a knife skills class? Lower westchester pref.

Thanks all! We can't make the class at Chef Central this week so I'll check out W.S....

Chef Central
45 S Central Ave, Hartsdale, NY

Anyone know a good place for a knife skills class? Lower westchester pref.

Looking to do something new with my husband...

Best place for fish in lower westchester?

Hoping to bring a large group - know of any place a little bigger than E.F.G?

Healthy Eating

Sorry - lower Westchester, albeit willing to travel w/i approx. 1/2 hour radius....

Healthy Eating

My husband just got diagnosed with coronary disease - any tips on healthy places to go? But not boring....he's a foodie who has to give up salt, it isn't fun....

Best place for fish in lower westchester?

FISH in Port Chester seems to have closed....

Bread Making Class

Looking for a bread making class on the weekend, for adults, preferably in lower westchester.....any recommendations?

Good sandwich place?

Looking for a place to go in Lower Westchester with good, easy sandwiches for lunch. It seems like all we can find around here is diners and chain restaurants (someone recommended Cheesecake Factory, UGH.....) Just want a reliable, fresh turkey or roast beef sandwich with some fresh veggies...

125 Westchester Ave, White Plains, NY

Great BBQ in Lower Westchester?

Any recommendations for Father's Day? My husband loves Blue Smoke but I'd rather find someplace local for him to drool over....

Best whitefish & lox in Westchester?

Anyone know where to find it?