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Thai food in Central Jersey

Hi Gabbeh,

Wow, such "heated" disagreements about Thai restaurants in NJ. The idea of authenic Thai food is silly. If you have been to Thailand you would know that the food is, as in most countries, regional.

As far as Fusion is concerned, what kind of fusion are you talking about? To call Origin in Somerville, fusion food is to deny the history of French control of South East Asia and the infuence that period had on Thai food. Thai cuisine is naturally fusion food. Whether it's the curries brought to them by the Indians from the west or the wok from the Chinese to the north, the Thai people love to fuse new ideas into their cooking.

For my money, the Executive Chef at Origin has one of the best food minds in New Jersey, regardless of the cuisine. His attention to detail and flavor is expressed in his personal take on Thai ingredients meshed with French cooking disipline.

Mar 03, 2009
Glasgowman in New Jersey

Finally got to try Lexington Barbeque #1

Let's face it, it's all according to your taste. Lexington BBQ is an institution and as such it holds a place of honor in every red-blooded Tar Heel's heart. It started out as a labor of love, in the Monk family's backyard, then they decided to open up the restaurant and it's been there ever since. The lines out the door attest to what the locals think about it.

I'm from NJ and I love the place and whenever I go to visit my Uncle Bill (his family has been in Lexington for generations), we make the pilgrimage to the Mecca of NC BBQ. However, tastes vary and some may enjoy a sweeter sauce or a greasier meat (there's nothing wrong with grease, it adds to the flavor...ever had a Jimmy Buff's Italian Hot Dog?).

As they say variety is the spice of life. People get to ridged about their likes and dislikes. I wouldn't want to go to Lexington BBQ to the exclusion of every other places, but saying you don't like Lexington BBQ is like saying you don't like manna from heaven. Do yourself a favor and try it again.