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PC black menu salted caramel ice cream

I couldn't find the salted caramel either and it's not in the regular ice cream section but in its special freezer island/end cap merch area at Maple Leaf Gardens. Also, only got to try the Madagascar bourbon vanilla...very custardy and reminds me of the ice custard I had at Yonge/Eg's Jedd's Frozen Custard. An overall "meeeah" with one shoulder shrug.
I am looking forward to trying the cheesecake pops with salted toffee. Just sitting in the freezer until I burn off the custard calories.

Nov 18, 2012
jazzng in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Indonesian Restaurant

Good news--in case you are still searching! Quince Bistro in the Yonge/Eglinton area hosts one quarterly. There's one coming up on Nov 23rd. very soon! Go and enjoy it!

Nov 17, 2012
jazzng in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The Gabardine - Rod Bowers' new spot (long)

I am so relieved to find a good a restaurant that is within the downtown Yonge St corridor. Dinner decisions become a 1 hour discussion in our circle of whether or not we want to go east or west of Yonge, will it be worth the trek...
Absolutely loved the atmosphere here. We went back in January upon the recommendation of my sister who already went there 2x for dinner that week--for her birthday and then w/ clients. We had the Ploughman's lunch to start--good portions and very tasty (enjoyed the rillettes, sour cherry nice). Mains that became repeat orders in later revisits include the steak and fries, black cod. The dessert is definitely the burnt marshmallow ice cream sandwich. I still hum an "mmmmm" (eyes closed) each time I think of it. The pool of toffee sauce makes it all the more 'mmmmm' (eyes closed again). The neighbourhood resto feel coupled with the friendly staff combined with the food and the cocktails (the garnet, my favourite)....all makes living amongst the otherwise deserted district, a cozy yummy one.

The Gabardine
372 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5H 3W1, CA

Apr 10, 2011
jazzng in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Singapore-style Laksa downtown Toronto?

Has anyone tried the malaysian food stand inside First Markham Place? It's in the food court tucked into the corner. I usually get the laksa or nasi lemak. I can't seem to find good nasi lemak--i know, very basic but I am trying not to use nasi lemak craving to fly all the way to Malaysia.
I too have resorted to making my own laksa paste at home. Lots of ingredients and more work than I am used to when it comes to cooking.

Dec 28, 2010
jazzng in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

What is good in Guelph?

Sorry a bit late on the reply but yes, I will let them know. I even miss the food and my parents cannot do some dishes at home. It needs the heat of the wok to get the right flavours. Other restaurant that I enjoyed on my last visit to Guelph was Einstein's cafe. Simply the best salad ever!

Nov 26, 2010
jazzng in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

What is good in Guelph?

Hi Julie--it is always soooo heartwarming to hear these comments. I will definitely tell my parents that you enjoyed their food. You are right--the owners have changed. I really can't convince my parents to come out of retirement.
There is always one place I always make an effort to go to during my visits to Guelph: With the Grain. Simply the best feeling of baked bread smell and wonderful little pies, cookies, squares. You must go try if you haven't already.

Feb 02, 2009
jazzng in Ontario (inc. Toronto)