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Spanish tapas recommendations in Downtown SF? Coqueta or other?

Coqueta is not impossible at the bar but I didn't think it was worth the wait. Was it good yes.....but not for the price, wait and crowds. I agree with Robert. Contigo is amazing. Worth the trek. Good luck trying to get anything close to Valencia food...but Contigo is great!

Good eats in Reno? Anyone know places to go for foodies? I know it's Reno!

Ok So I am going on a birthday jaunt and would like to know a great place to go to eat for my friends bday!

May 13, 2010
lizardancing in Southwest

Move from Dolores to Glen Park: bad idea?

nope..actually glen park has chenery park, the gourmet grocery and a great taqueria! Cheese shop used to be there but I don't know if they are there still.