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Visiting for one Friday night from Toronto and San Fran - suggestions

Looking for a dinner place with a good BC wine list. Flexible about price (but don't want over the top). Local sourced, or seafood and good BC list would be great! Thanks for any help.

Recomendations for a visiting chowhounder

Folks, thanks for all your wonderful feedback. We just returned from Phoenix, had wonderful weather and some good eats. Cafe Bink had excellent service and presentation. The fries were very nicely done, crsiped with salt and seasoning as opposed to adding these at the end. This results in a different taste and texture, although the potatoes lose a little of the sweetness they otherwise have. I agree with some reviewers that the dishes can be oversalted, but as a lover of salt, it didn't bother me. We were well taken care of and had a very pleasant evening.

Carolina's was a BIG hit. I followed the recs here and had the red machaca burro. I am still dreaming of it, as were the other famly members about the chicken tacos and chicken burro. The waitress insisted I try a "horchada" on the house... You probably all know this, but it is a cinnamon laced drink, which is quite different form any other drink I have had, but goes very well with the hot machata.

We didn't make it to a quite few other places mentioned, but will leave that for next trip. The bar at the sanctuary will figure high, as well as some of the other mexican places.

Otherwise we had a great time, with golf, a hike up Camelback, horseback riding in Cave Creek, the Cardinals game, old Scottsdale and a trip to the Yardhouse. I'm not really a regular beer drinker, but I loved their House Amber ale.

Thanks again for your help and we will surely return to your city for more food and fun.

- BH

Jan 06, 2012
Bernhardt in Phoenix

Recomendations for a visiting chowhounder


My famly and I are visiting from Toronto from Dec 31 to Jan 5 and are looking for some suggestions. we have been to Phoenix before, and have tried places such as the Roaring Fork, a great pizza place in Old Sottsdale and a few others, but we feel we have missed the real southwestern flavour of Phoenix. We have two adults and two teens, who are moderatley adventurous. We are staying at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge in Notth Phoenix. I think we are looking for moderate prices, but certainly have the budget for two blowouts. This is what we are looking for:

1. An authentic Mexican place. This is something that Toronto is not good at, and allthough we have eaten the heavy tex mex type food, we are lookinging for the real thing with all the fresh flavours of Mexico.

2. A representative southwest place. The Roaring Fork was OK, but can we do better?

3. What places sold we go for a quick bite around the hotel? Breakfast or lunch?

4. What place should we not leave your beautiful city without visiting? Any favourite gems?

5. As Canadians, your landscape is very beautiful and novel to us. are there any places with views or ambiance we should visit, not necessarily for the food?

we appreciate your suggestions.

Dec 28, 2011
Bernhardt in Phoenix

Where can have a nice weekday business breakfast (east of yonge, north of eglinton) simlar to Bonjour Brioche?

i have two out of town business associates and we need a nice place for good coffee, pastries and maybe light breakfast dishes for those that want it, in the area above.

One colleague is from Montreal, the other from Scottsdale, and they know their food. I usually breakfast in Leslieville at Bonjour Zricohe and am wondering if there's anything similar further north.

Ahy advice appreciated.

Bonjour Brioche
812 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA


single business traveller staying at marriiott on market. Any suggestions for a great philly rest.... Style and price no issue, great food is. Prefer a place a single diner would be comfortable in (ie not romantic) and not too loud. Tried Alma de Cuba lat time, and found it uncomfortable and flat cuisine wise. Thanks in advance.

May 11, 2011
Bernhardt in Philadelphia


Had lunch there last week and i have to say i had a fabulous plate of pasta with a bolognese sauce. In fact, I was thinking about that plate of pasta all week. Maybe it was just a fluke, but I would go back (for lunch anyway). A little overpriced, but typical for nyc . Nice room with a big crowd. Service lukewarm (and I'm being generous).

Apr 13, 2011
Bernhardt in Manhattan

Strange Pairings that Taste Uncommonly Good

Scented, aromatic foods we're common in ancient Rome, and I also get the impression that early Victorian cuisine had some examples.

Feb 06, 2011
Bernhardt in General Topics

Best place to buy oysters and advice on transport

My wine club is having our 10th year anniversary and we are planning a weekend of wine and food on an island in georgian bay.

I want to take up a couple of dozen oysters, planning right now on buying them at Diana's. Any other suggestions in Bayview/Eg or east end?

For oyster experts, how should I transport them (we are flying up in a small plane, so I can't take too much ice, and will need to but them the day before)?

Is there a bigger and better patio bar than The Madison?

second the Docks. it's exactly what you're looking for: lots of beer, mediocre food and company. hope for nice weather.

for a little variety, in the summer there's also party cruises on the harbour. don't ask me about tthe details, i'm a little old for them.

Looking for good dinner near LAX (not impossible I hope!)

I'm on a in and out business trip and want to eat dinner next Monday night somewhere near LAX (am staying in one of the hotels on Century). Any suggestions for eiher:

-good bistro

I'm on an expense account, so price no object (within reason).

Jun 11, 2010
Bernhardt in Los Angeles Area

Local strawberries - am I the only one disappointed this year?

maybe i'm just getting old, but they never seem as good as they were 35 years ago when i picked them in southern ontario. but then we picked them when they were at their absolute peak, vine ripened. In my opinion, the best ones are almost too fragile to put in a carton, and therfore, you're nevner going to taste the best unless you pick them at their peak right off the plant.

Advice on how to celebrate my 50th in Barcelona

PBSF, I agree, tough customer! Thank you for taking the time to make your suggestions.


Jun 07, 2010
Bernhardt in Spain/Portugal

Begur/Costa Brava Suggestions

Hi, my family and I will be on the Costa Brava near Begur for 2 weeks. Any must visit places? Lunch places especially appreciated. We are a family of 4 with two teenagers, and are interested in all kinds of cuisine. PLaces with a view, as the area seems lovely.

Needless to say, El Bulli is booked (apparently I was about 100,000th in line when I applied for a reservation in January).

Thanks in advance,


May 30, 2010
Bernhardt in Spain/Portugal

Advice on how to celebrate my 50th in Barcelona

Alas, I will be achieving the half century milestone in late July, when I will find myself and family (two young teenagers) in Barcelona. (We're from Canada). We considered going up to Paris for the big night, but I am sure Barcelona can offer something pretty spectacular.

My kids are not terribley adventurous, and my wife likes fish but not crustcaeans, outside of shrimp. I myself have and will eat anything. We're looking for a restaurant which will provide an upbeat, Barelona ambience, understandin we are a family with two teens, which concentrates on great food and competent service, and which will feel like a special occasion. We'll be in central Barcelona. Of course, a bottle of champagne will be in order and price is not too much of an object. We'd prefer something that does not require formal attire or little black dresses.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and I will be sure to report on our night.


May 30, 2010
Bernhardt in Spain/Portugal

good chicken stock concentrate

when i havent't got time to make chicken stock from scratch, i used to use the PC chicken stock concentrate and found it excellent. They don't make it any more - do any of you have a favourite brand of non-MSG containing concentrate?


Strange Pairings that Taste Uncommonly Good

-peanut butter, mayo and alfalfa sprout sandwich

- french fries, with vanilla ice cream as dipping sauce

- this isn't that weird, but I always have peanut butter on pancakes

Nov 15, 2009
Bernhardt in General Topics

Non-drinkers—what do you order?

Straight tomato juice, with our without lime/lemon actually complements many foods, making it a wine substitute. Grape juice is good too, and if you don't like the sweetness, add one third water.

Nov 15, 2009
Bernhardt in General Topics

Dowtown/White House area - looking for business dinner reco

Hi, I'm entertaining 3 business colleagues (4 total) on a Monday night - looking for something with a well selected wine list, good service, $100 per person all in.

Example of a good meal - oysters or interesting apps to start, perfect roast chicken or well prepared lamb, good $75 boltle of wine. Any suggestions from DCers?

Thanks in advance.

Best T.O. Takeaway Sandwich?

Marvellous Edibles on Laird Dr south of Eg has some great sandwiches. Try:
asiago and tomato
tandoori chicken and apple

Marvellous Edibles
120 Laird Dr, Toronto, ON M4G3V3, CA

Grilltime - Laird Drive

Try their roast Mennnonite Chicken - i had it for about 10 guests last month and several of them commented it was the best chicken they had ever tasted. Just make sure Grilltime roasts it for you for pickup - reheating their existing stock dries it out.