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Berkeley: Stunning organic mini farmers market next to Indus Village

Thank you for mentioning this and introducing me to this wonderful resource.
I am the director of Mandela MarketPlace. We are a non-profit located in Oakland that provides community leadership, economic and entrepreneurial opportunity to low-income residents, youth and minority farmers. We have been operating a small produce distribution operation for the last couple of years, mostly to support our market booths selling fresh, affordable foods to seniors in West and North Oakland. We are now gearing up our produce supply in preparation for the opening of Mandela Foods Cooperative -- one of our incubation projects. Our new produce buyer, whom you met on Saturday, is establishing the produce market you visited in partnership with Indus Foods. All of our veggies are supplied by local, minority farmers who farm completely chemical free, and use sustainable practices that build and enrich the soil. We have a personal relationship with them, and have visited their farms -- so can personally attest to their farming practices. Most of our fruits as well -- with the exception of the bananas. We purchase organic or fair trade from the local distribution center. Our food related work focuses on building our produce distribution to increase economic opportunity for minority and under-resourced farmers; incubation of Mandela Foods Cooperative (yes, it is opening SOON!); and our youth led leadership programs directed by West Oakland Youth Standing Empowered (WYSE) who work on healthy living and creating positive community change -- they are leading a program to help corner store owners improve their offerings of fresh produce.
Please feel free to stop by our office at 1364 7th Street in West Oakland, or call me at 510-433-0993 for more information about our work.
I hope you will continue to enjoy the "fruits and vegetables" of our labor!