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Dry Creek Kitchen or Redd


Sorry folks, unfortunately, I am unable to report back on Redd. I decided to cancel my Redd reservations b/c when I initially made the reservations, I did not take into account the one hour plus drive from Yountville to Healdsburg.

After reading/confirming with the hostess of how Cyrus sets asides two tables for walk-ins, I decided to take try my luck to see if I could land aforementioned table. You can imagine my disappointment when I was met w/ a rather brusque - "All our tables are booked" response from the bartender despite mentioning the fact that we had driven all the way from San Francisco. I know I shouldn't expect any favors but I had hoped they would have been a little more helpful. I was very annoyed and taken aback by their cold demeanor? I think they weren't as hospitable b/c I was dressed in jeans and I am younger in age than their usual patrons. They just didn't seem like they wanted to accomodate us. Well, at least that was the vibe I got from the staff.

Maybe I already had a sour disposition b/c earlier in the day, I never heard back from Schramsburg re the wine tour. I was on the waitlist and hoping someone had cancelled. So this added to my the glass is half-empty train of thought.

Seeing how depressed/annoyed I was that my planned out Sonoma getaway was turning into a nightmare, the dear boyfriend suggested we stop by Farmhouse Inn to see if they have any available openings. I reluctantly went ahead
with his advice.

The service at Farmhouse Inn compared to Cyrus was a 180 degree difference. The maitre d was exceedingly helpful to two lost tourists. I can say that hee really made the rest of my evening. Despite the fact that we were to walk-ins who were trying to see if we could secure a last minute table, he was very polite. He apologized that he could not accomodate us b/c of the holiday weekend. He then went above and beyond his call of duty by asking us if we would like suggestions for a nearby restaurant. He then called Zazu for us to see if they had any available space. Upon finding out Zazu did have seating, he booked it for us and gave us a map and highlighted the directions on how to get there. I was overwhelmed by his generosity. That alone made me want to make a special trip out to Sonoma just to dine at Farmhouse Inn. It also made me realize I would never eat at Cyrus. (BTW, I was in the same jeans and tshirt when asking for directions from Farmhouse Inn.)

Zazu was only ok. But it was a nice place to try out b/c I would have definitely disregarded it if the maitre d hadn't recommended it.

Just thought I'd share my experience. I just get so annoyed when I get treated differently because I'm not older/dressed a certain way. I'm not going to wear a nice dress when I'm touring wineries or when it's 80+ degrees.


Dry Creek Kitchen or Redd

Thank you all for responding. I am leaning towards Redd. I can't wait to report back on the tasting menu.

Have a great Labor day weekend folks!

manresa report... (long) "the egg" was overcooked

Hi Melanie,

Unfortunately, I was not wowed with my meal. The actual food was not memorable. There was no outstanding dish. I do recall the famous egg, an abalone soup, a one-bite round bon bon with liquid filling, the olive/chocolate madeleine and gumdrop in the beginning and the end of the meal, but after that, my memory is hazy. I was told by the server that the number of courses for the tasting menu can vary anywhere from 14 to 18. I believe I was served around 14 courses. For point of reference, my favorite meal thus far is still the tasting menu at Michael Mina.

What did impress me about Manresa though was their degree of professionalism. The table seated next to ours was having an anniversary celebration. During the dessert course, the gentleman had knocked over his wine glass; the wine in turn spilled into the lady's dessert course. Upon noticing this minor catastrophe, the servers immediately came over to clean up the mishap and replace the gentleman's wine and the lady's dessert w/ minimal disruption for the rest of the patrons. Because of the incident, in my mind, Manresa is a classy establishment w/ a very high degree of professionalism.


Overrated disappointments

Two restaurants that did not wow me:

La Folie

I think it was because they were overhyped and I had real high expectations. Hence I left the restaurants disappointed.

Dry Creek Kitchen or Redd

Fellow chowhounds,

Which restaurant do you prefer? I tried to make reservations at Cyrus but they were completely booked.

In addition, I was hoping for recommendations on wineries in the wine country area.

I am interested in visiting at most three wineries. I hope to go to one that serves good sparkling wine and one or two for the scenery. I heard that Schramsberg was good for sparkly and Clos Pegasus has magnificent architecture/art work that should not be missed. So far, I've visited Sterling, Domaine Chandon and have checked out the view at Auberge du Soleil.

Thanks in advance for your help!

manresa report... (long) "the egg" was overcooked

I went to Manresa about 3 weeks ago and the tasting menu was $115.

Pho Hoa Hiep II and i-Cafe on Irving St/Sunset, also bubble tea question

i agree with kc72. i believe the boba place is called world's finest/best food company.

Top 10 Tastes of California

A fellow chowhounder mentioned that Golden Gate Bakery was closed for vacation. Please keep that in mind.

An alternative to Koi Palace for dim sum is Hong Kong Flower Lounge in Burlingame. Koi is notorious for making you wait, even with reservations. If you would like Chinese food for dinner, I'd go to R&G Lounge or Koi Palace.

For Vietnamese influenced cuisine, I'd recommend PPQ in the richmond district of San Francisco. They are infamous for their crab and also make good pho.

If you stop by Boulangerie, do not leave without getting the Cannel├ęs de Bordeaux. It's scrumptious! As is the banana cream tart from Tartine Bakery. It is better than the banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery in New York.

In addition to all the rave reviews listed above for Canteen, I am also adding in my vote and insisting you stop by. The standout breakfast dish for me was the peach french toast.

And lastly, two dinner spots I'd recommend are Michael Mina and Acquerello. Michael Mina purely for the food. There is no ambience b/c it occupies space in the lobby of the St. Francis hotel. Acquerello for the outstanding service, overall dining experience and bang for your buck.