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Dubai recommendations

We are 2 couples in our 50s visiting Dubai for the 1st time. We don't mind paying if the food (and atmosphere) are great. We have 4 nights---deciding between Bussola, Eau Zone, Segreto, Pai thai, Rhodes Mezzaine, Indego, Cavendish, Pisces, Pier Chic, Al Qasr--help!

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem restaurants

Can someone tell us their favorite restaurants inTel Aviv and Jerusalem? My husband likes a nice comfortable atmosphere and price is not an issue--but good food is. Please advise!

Many thanks,


HOng Kong restaurants---price not a problem

Can someone recommend their favorite HK restaurants for 2 newcomers to HK (+ 1 business traveler), staying at the Intercontinental. We're in our 50's and want a nice relaxing atmosphere with good food and a lovely setting.

We don't want something too too---so I'm not sure if we want to go to Felix or Hutong--I think the food at Felix is a bit too architectural and too weird at hutong.

Would appreciate your advise----price is not an issue--we don't really want a fancy stuffy french either...

Hanoi restaurant advise

We have 3 nights in Hanoi--money is not an issue. We are deciding between:
Green Tangerine
Club Opera
Bobby Chinn's
la Badiane

Some advise please? We are going to Wild Lotus for lunch one day....

Perry St or Blue Hill or Union Square Cafe

We're in NYC for only 2 nights this trip and are trying to branch out from our favorite, union square cafe. Does anyone recommend either Perry Street or Blue Hill , or should we stick w/ USC?

May 05, 2009
eloisepaul in Manhattan

4 nights in Miami--please help

We're staying in Miami Beach for 4 nights at the new Canyon Ranch. We're in our 50s and want some good food for dinner (we'll do the spa thing for lunch). Our priority is good food, although my husband also appreciates a calm and lovely atmosphere. We're thinking of:
Michael's in the design district
Joe's Stone Crab
The restaurant at the Setai
The BLue Door at the Delano
Azul (too stuffy?)

We don't want a steak house and my husband doesn't love Italian. Any help prioritizing top 4?