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Looking for a Raw Bar-lower union/upper middlesex

Hello hounds..trying to find a raw bar that sells shrimp/clams/oysters by the piece..Not looking for a restaurant that has them as appys, or specials........


Aug 24, 2009
HelloNewman in Mid-Atlantic

Harold's Deli - Edison -

Not on Harold's watch...No bread,No pickle bar...

Aug 17, 2009
HelloNewman in New Jersey

New Management at Rats

How can a positive impact ever be made when the name is "RATS"...

Aug 06, 2009
HelloNewman in New Jersey

Seeking Alternative FUN Venue for Union NJ HS Reunion

You might want to consider Big Stash in Linden...
Time warp setting, and prices..They have a the bar, juke box and food is good..
Nostaglia rules..
If they don't have a website, is the Star Ledger, fourms-restaurant, for possible reviews or comments..Have fun

Mar 04, 2009
HelloNewman in Mid-Atlantic

Descaling a TASSIMO machine

Thanx all....Jerry

Feb 26, 2009
HelloNewman in Cookware

Descaling a TASSIMO machine

The manual says..descaling agents (non vinegar-based) can be obtained from most retailers...My question is what are the brand names?

Need help with this one....Thanx

Feb 23, 2009
HelloNewman in Cookware

Lunch Ideas for Washington Square

Monte's and Villa Mosconi, both on Macdougal, south of the park, Old world Italian that serve very good pasta and veal..Also Volare on West 4th btwn Macdougal and 6th Ave.

These three have been around for years..


Feb 18, 2009
HelloNewman in Manhattan

Back to Basics: Best Black and White Cookie

My recent favorite is Entemanns B&W...Moist, perfect icing, ..Sold at supermarkets and QuickCheck in Central NJ.... I eat the white first....

Feb 08, 2009
HelloNewman in Mid-Atlantic