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Birmingham Better DIning w/children

"Your kids sound more well behaved than I, especially with a bottle of wine in me,"

Perhaps if you were threatened with not being able to play your Nintendo DS the next day, you'd shape up!

Thanks for that - what was the problem with the ZaZa pizza?

Aug 26, 2009
AnnaFlannery in Central South

Birmingham Better DIning w/children

Thanks so much for not jumping on me about considering the possibility of taking kids out to places like this on occasion. Yeah, I was thinking early (definitely) and outdoors when possible. I was wondering about Satterfield's in particular, since they do have the patio and I live nearby.

What about Little Savannah?

Brunch at Veranda was another possibility to try, but I admit I'm not a big fan of most brunch menu items I run into. Too heavy.

That said, the restaurants next on my list are ZaZa's downtown and Dyron's Low Country - really interested in both of them!

Aug 26, 2009
AnnaFlannery in Central South

Birmingham Better DIning w/children

Hi all:

I've lived in Birmingham for a year now, have dined a bit here and there, have been reading this board for much of the time I've been here and really appreciate the heads'-ups and pointers. I wouldn't have known about the wonderful Mr. Chen's were it not for you folks, for example.

Here's my question:

I'm a single parent (husband passed away early this year) w/two boys 8 and almost 5. They are well-behaved in restaurants and used to being hauled around to strange places by their mother. They've endured a 3-hour lunch in Rome pretty well, a nicer after-show dinner in Manhattan sleepily, prawns at a pensione in Siciliy with fascination. They didn't eat the latter, but neither did they use them as weapons, so that was a success.

We do everything - BBQ, deli, taquiera...whatever we can find.

I'd *really* like to venture into some of the "fine dining" establishments here in Birmingham. I don't really have much of a chance to go without them, so what I was looking for was insight into how welcome we would be at places like Bottega, Veranda, Highlands Grill, Hot and Hot, Satterfields with them. I've been to Bottega myself, and feel comfortable taking to the Cafe, but any sense of how out of or in-place we would be or feel at these places and others in town for, say, an early dinner. Would we be welcomed? Shunned? Told to go away? Endured?

As I said, they are well behaved and do not require menus to color. Well, most of the time, they don't.

Thanks for being patient with this odd question!

Aug 25, 2009
AnnaFlannery in Central South

Birmingham — New Jewish Deli

Went there last night (Friday the 30th) around 6:30. Fairly full place, prompt service. The food was very good - but we ate very light (were going to the movies afterwards) and our turkey sandwich and chicken salad sandwich came to $17. - no extras, water to drink. If we'd bumped the sandwiches up to getting combos and gotten any drink but water, we'd be pushing 30 bucks for two for sandwiches....

But they *were* good!