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What is Montreal's Best Greek Restaurant?

Is there a more invisible SAQ than that one? I shop at that Loblaws often and the SAQ is as invisible as the Chapters (remember?) that was part of the original complex. I've played with my kids by the interior entrance to the SAQ/ Chapters store (long ramps are fun for kids) for 10 years and the traffic seems very low. Nothing scientific but "Loblaws doesn't want to renew the lease" surely is about the SAQ probably putting a choke hold on them for a rent reduction on a slow store. Battle of the Titans!

2925 Rue Rachel Est, Montreal, QC H1W, CA

Australian Pie/Tourtiere Australienne

Absolutely, there are some successful restaurants on Parc, but it's hardly a street that you'd run to for a bite to eat. The St Viateur to Bernard stretch works the best, I guess but even that's a shambles.
It will never be St Denis and all kinds of businesses have a tough go on Parc. It's got bad urban Feng Shui I think. It doesn't "work", as a street. Maybe it's just to wide and busy, instead of not so wide and busy. And lots of crappy buildings too. Parc's failure has always been a curiosity to me since many of us have a real attatchment to it.

Australian Pie/Tourtiere Australienne

Tried a free sample yesterday, some kind of curry sweet potato. Very good.
Parc ave is a restaurant dead zone though.

Ribs in Montreal

Had an office party 2 or 3 years ago at Olde Orchard downtown. I ordered the ribs. They were straight out of a box with the fake charcoal lines on them. Painful.

Hot dogs?

Hot dog joint or hot dog?
I know so-called foodies hate fast food, but they should hate hot dogs too. I'll take a Harvey's hot dog please.

Best Souvlaki in Montreal???

Lafayette is horrible. Went for takeout souvlaki and stood around forever and finally got like yesterdays food. Cold garbage. Sorry.

Restaurant Openings - 2010

Man, someone must be eating at Bofinger contrary to board evidence.

Matzo ( matza ) meal, kosher or jewish grocer, in Montreal

There's Bentzy's at Hutchison and St Viateur as well. Don't know if they have what you want but it's popular and Kosher.

Bofinger DDO - Normal?

The Park Ave branch has 2 pulled pork sandwich combos for 9.99 mon-wed. All you can eat ribs Thursday's for 14.99. Nice price but could be desperation too.
Yesterday a friend dropped by and raved about the beef ribs. Also noted Park Ave. with the outside deck should pick up with hotter weather.

Best Souvlaki in Montreal???

Villa du Souvlaki was my go to place when I lived in NDG over 25 years ago. I love the round potato fries too, that are harder to come by now. But fresh chicken? I know, I know, chicken souvlaki has been around for years but souvlaki really is pork. I know, I know, it's really lamb. WTH is souvlaki pita anyway? Anything goes, I've never had a chicken souvlaki but I'm sure it's great. I've had so many grisly bits of pork over the years I'm willing to give it a try.

St. Viateur Bagels locations - Is the original the only one to visit?

Go to Fairmount Bagel one block South, the line's as long or longer than Viateur but the Sesame and Poppy bagels are better. Slightly more expensive but worth the dime.

Bofinger DDO - Normal?

The "new" Park Avenue branch is a dead zone. It certainly will close at some point, they have so few customers it's obviously not financially viable. Is the whole chain going down?

Pick's vs Buns: Burgers

I walked by Pick's Friday at 12:30 (lunch time) and it was closed. I know the service is erratic but is this normal? Or should it be in the closed restaurant section?

Restaurant Closings - 2010

Just walked past the place about 20 minutes ago and the guys looked like they were packing it up for the night. They are obviously in over drive to open up, wouldn't be surprised if it was a matter of days.
BTW, WTH is an Australian pie, and what makes it special?

An interview on the origins of Montreal style smoked meat [moved from Quebec]

it's very hard to imagine an original source to anything. Just think, all music probably started with a stick against a hollow tree somewhere or in many places at different times. Montreal smoked meat didn't come out of thin air by one person. And, in case you didn't know, Edison didn't invent the lightbulb.
Propriety doesn't exist in anything.

Restaurant Closings - 2010

Djoliba on Park Ave.
Something called Australian Pie set to open in the same location.

desperately searching for cheap delivery to Plateau

Your best bet is to take out from the closest pizza place to where you live. Generally pizza is great when it's fresh, even from Pizza Pizza or that sort of place.

Ben & Jerry's/ Dairy Queen open in the winter?

DQ on Parc is definitely closed. B & J's near Concordia on de Maisonneuve is closed for renovations, normally it's open all winter I think.

American stuff (foodstuffs, equipment, etc.) you can't find in Canada?

There's actually nothing to be said for touting cheap american beer prices when you know the product touted is garbage on every angle.

American stuff (foodstuffs, equipment, etc.) you can't find in Canada?

That stuff drinks like water. They don't even list the alcohol content on the package because it's so low. Don't pay, turn on the tap at your hotel instead. It's free.

American stuff (foodstuffs, equipment, etc.) you can't find in Canada?

Gotta agree with you there. Quality beer in Quebec is available, literally, on every street corner cheaper than anywhere in Canada or the USA.

American stuff (foodstuffs, equipment, etc.) you can't find in Canada?

Besides Lobster at 4.99 a pound in Montreal now you can also get a nice Strip Loin roast for 3.49/lb. Want something a bit fancier Beef tenderloin roasts are going for 8.88/lb here. 300 grams of smoked salmon 7.99.
24 Sleemans or pretty much any beer better than you can buy in the states, 23.36/24.
Stop looking south, bargains are awash up here.
The beat goes on against

American stuff (foodstuffs, equipment, etc.) you can't find in Canada?

Your link only reveals facial products that seem somewhat suspect.
Milk in Montreal is 3.35 a "gallon". Cheaper if you by 2 "gallons".

American stuff (foodstuffs, equipment, etc.) you can't find in Canada?

There is nothing impressive about the topmarkets flyer. Sam Adams is 14.99 for 12. Sleemans is 13.99 for 12 all over Montreal now. In fact, all year round I can buy Sleemans at my corner store for 14.98 for 12. It's the equivalent beer.
Lobster's on sale at 4.99 a pound in Montreal right now. Delusions about cross border shopping should be outlawed.

American stuff (foodstuffs, equipment, etc.) you can't find in Canada?

Just checked the Wegmans Buffalo online flyer for the week and there is nothing special about it. Same crap at the same prices as north of the border.
There are some Canadians who delude themselves that they give stuff away for free south of the 49th . Not true. Same pricing system.

American stuff (foodstuffs, equipment, etc.) you can't find in Canada?

Yeah, it's the usual fantasy that we're shafted in Canada choice and price wise. Quality beer is available on every street corner in Montreal cheaper than in the USA. On the other hand if you're looking for 5 choices of microwavable bacon, then head South for sure.

American stuff (foodstuffs, equipment, etc.) you can't find in Canada?

Cheap beer in the states certainly exists. You can drink water too, and it's free.

Crepes in Mtl?

Anyone remember the Crepe-Bretonne restaurants. It used to be our family restaurant. The big horseshoe shaped table at the Cote-des-Neiges location was so much fun as a kid. Any of those left?

Restaurant Closings - 2009

The new Bofinger on Parc has little apparent business. I walk by all the time. I don't expect it to last long. They advertise sports specials but are closed before the games end! For example it's Monday night Football tonight, half time now, but guaranteed they are closed already. Granted Parc Ave. is a dark zone for restaurants not named Milos.

Pesticide free apple-picking near Montreal

For any Honey Crisp fanatic who missed the small Quebec harvest, PA has terrific American ones at 1.50 a pound. Sweet,crisp and juicy. Enjoy!