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food worth eating near U of M medical Center, baltimore md

I'd walk up to Trinacria (10 minute walk from the hospital), an Italian deli with plenty of fantastic lunch options. You could also go to Lexington Market and grab a crab cake or oysters at Faidleys. Or do both, they're two blocks from one another and I wouldn't consider walking to either sketchy in the middle of the day.

good, quick lunch near Baltimore Waterfront Marriott?

I'd walk up to Attman's on Lombard Street, amazing deli with homemade corned beef, etc.

Maybe a 10 minute walk from Harbor East.

New to Adams Morgan/Kalorama

Later this month I'll be moving to DC and living in the Adams Morgan/Kalorama area. Would love to hear about the must-hit restaurants within easy walking distance that will hopefully become regular favorites.

Would specifically love to find a great spot for sushi, Thai, Indian, and Greek/Mediterranean.

Lunch in West End DC

Sorry about the neighborhood confusion, saw it labeled West End on a map and figured I'd go with it.

Thanks for the suggestions so far, definitely have some great sounding options for the coming weeks. Have no problem with lengthier walks so places of a borderline distance are just fine.

Lunch in West End DC

I'm just starting a new job in the West End area of DC and was hoping I could get some guidance on the best lunch places in the area?

As would be expected on CH, I'm much less interested in the "power lunch" spots than hidden gems where I can get some of the best the city has to offer.

Am ok with food of any ethnicity and am always willing to try something at least once.

Thanks for helping someone new to the neighborhood.

Bushel of crabs near Towson

2nd Conrads, always high quality and competitive on pricing.

Is Baltimore Boring restaurantwise?

Not sure if this is just coincidence or not but I started to notice a drop off in posts about the time the site was redesigned.

Does seem odd as there seem to be a lot of dynamic things happening in the food scene right now in Baltimore. I've still got a pretty sizable list of new places to try out (Fork & Wrench, Ouzo Bay, Food Market, etc) and it sounds like there are more on the horizon with Spike's new place, pizzablogger's place, and others.

Also just saw Baltimore Magazine is naming its top 25 crab cakes, that should provide some good material for a few days at least...

Beef brisket in Baltimore

I think they do a really nice job with the brisket at Big Bad Wolf on Harford Road.

Food Lover's Guide...Part II

Thai - Thai Arroy
Italian - Grano
Pizza - Iggies
Indian - The Ambassador
Burgers - The Rec Room
Barbecue - Big Bad Wolf
Deli - Attmans
Greek - Samos
Mediterranean - Babas
Mexican - Mari Luna
Crabs - Ocean Pride
Seafood - Black Olive
Sushi - Matsuri
Pub Food - Ryleighs

Baltimore outdoor lunch

I know I have a higher opinion of the food here than many people on this board, but it sounds like it'll be a perfect afternoon to spend some time on the patio at Little Havana. You could also try to secure one of the few outside tables at Ryleighs.

Baltimore Fun

I'd second Mezze, although not necessarily a "new" place as the OP was hoping for. Love the spinach fritters and lamb chops, they have good drinks, and you're right in the heart of Fells Point for continuing the celebration after dinner.

Open Christmas Day in Baltimore

Cafe Spice will be open this Christmas, noticed a sign on their door this week.

Lunch and/or Dinner in Fells Point

For lunch I'd give Tortilleria Sinaloa another shot, I doubt you'd have a second less-than-stellar meal there.

For dinner I've had good bar-priced food at Riptide by the Bay. Definitely stop at Pitango Gelato (the place you're thinking of) for dessert.

Pitango Gelato
802 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD

Riptide by the Bay
1718 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231

New to Federal Hill & trying to be the hostess with the mostest.....

As a fellow Federal Hill resident a few places and deals off the top of my head I enjoy being able to walk to on a consistent basis:

Ryleighs - $1 oysters during happy hour, shore night on Tuesdays, and solid food all around.
Thai Arroy - BYOB if you eat there, but it's often tough to get a table so I often end up carrying out
Matsuri - dependable sushi, pretty good deals for multiple rolls, really nice staff
Two good upscale places for nicer occassions, Bluegrass and Wine Market, money generally well spent at both.
Outside dining at Tabrizis and Little Havana (food isn't amazing, but it's a great patio for enjoying happy hour)
Brunch at Regi's

Top ten favorite things to eat (and where to get them) in Baltimore

No special order here, just ten things that came to mind:

The Stu Special at Attmans
Lamb gyro at Samos
String Bean Roll from Cafe Zen
The Parisian at Eddies
The 2010 spicy chorizo pizza at Iggies
A full meat/veggie combo platter at Dukem
Pulled pork sandwich from Andy Nelsons
The longhorn burger from Rec Room
Med Ma Muang with chicken and shrimp at Thai Arroy
Lunch buffet at the Ambassador

Good Eats in Baltimore for Convention Weekends

I would walk to Federal Hill, you'll have a number of solid, reasonable options - Ryleighs, Thai Arroy, Matsuri, Corks, etc. all of which will be better than what's offered in the immediate vicinity of the convention center.

Jury Duty in Baltimore

I would walk to Rosina Gourmet, great sandwiches. I'm a huge fan of the pesto chicken salad.

Casual dinner in Baltimore

Ryleighs in Federal Hill. Good specials throughout the week (can't go wrong with $1 oysters at happy hour); it's consistently good food at bar prices.

Crabs to go in Balto area

I'll second Conrads as a great option and add Pappas' if you need a backup plan.

Coffee and breakfast near Intercontinental Harbor Court

I would agree with both of those two options with Patisserie Poupon being a longer trip, especially on foot, but worth it if you're willing.

I'd have to ask, though, what part of the walk from the Intercontinental to Patisserie Poupon you would describe as seedy? It would be a nice walk through the harbor and downtown, not sure what part of that trip you wouldn't recommend.

Baltimore's Best Greek

Samos is great, but as has been said get there early to ensure a quicker table. It's also BYOB.

Three lunches/dinners in Baltimore

For crabs head to Ocean Pride on York Road just North of Towson. They always have quality crabs and their prices are generally better than those at Bo Brooks or Canton Dockside. Other good seafood options as well.

Celebratory wine-centric event in Baltimore?

If you're doing this in the spring or summer I'd suggest an outdoor tasting at a local vineyard. I think Basignani does the best job of ones in the area and Boordy is fun as well. They can set up great outdoor tasting areas and both are beautiful settings.

oysters in Baltimore

Ryleigh's in Federal Hill. They always have a great oyster selection and carry a variety of local and national beers. Depending on when you go (happy hour and certain nights during the week) they have great deals on their oysters.

Recs for BBQ in B-more (aside from Andy Nelson's)

I'd agree that Harborque is ok if you don't feel like traveling far (I also live in the Federal Hill area), but it never overly impresses me.

A new place to check out is O's Breakfast and BBQ in Cross Street Market. I had stopped by to try a burger for lunch back around the holidays and the owner said that starting in the new year they'd have a number of other barbeque options to offer. Sure enough when I stopped by two weeks ago they had a full menu of barbeque options including both beef and pork ribs. I stopped by right as he was closing up and had sold out of ribs, but I had a pulled pork sandwich that was really good, better than anything else nearby. Great smoky flavor to the meat and a tasty sauce with a solid kick to it. A couple who were sitting at one of the small tables had a few ribs on their plates and they looked phenomenal, huge bones loaded with meat.

Decent Mexican Food in Northern Baltimore?

If it's not too inconvenient I'd head to Pikesville and try Mari Luna. There are two, of which I prefer the Mexican Grill, which is further south on Reisterstown Road.

Pazo -- whoa, that was awful

Pazo has taken some serious heat on these boards since it opened, but I had a phenomenal meal there on Sunday night with family. Some of the group ordered off of the RW menu for tapas, but they also had a prix fixe menu for $40 that included their regular plate entrees.

Some of the highlights of the tapas we ordered: The lamb chop was fantastic, cooked medium rare and served with a nice pomegranate sauce, which was tasty but didn't overpower the flavor of the meat. The broccoli a la plancha was arguably the highlight of the meal, amazing flavors and it came out scorching hot right from the oven. The mussels were some of the best I've ever had, you could definitely taste the jamon and they were seasoned very well. The crab and corn bunuelos were also very good, not quite as crispy as I'd hoped but were served with a fantastic sauce that had a really nice kick to it several seconds after it was tasted.

Best Indian near Mt. Washington?

Agreed on Belvedere Towers Cafe, we get takeout from them often. It's good food, especially for the price. The momos are phenomenal and a hit with everyone who has them.

Dining out for affordable Indian usually brings us to Tambers. We really enjoy the vindaloo sauce on anything as well as the aloo gabi and palaak paneer.

Romance - Baltimore

Rather than Pazo I'd consider Mezze in Fells Point. Great Mediterranean small plates, not overly pricey, nice atmosphere, and there's plenty to do within walking distance when you're finished your meal. The spinach fritters and the lamb options are favorites of mine.

Off the hook Baltimore restaurant?

Do price or neighborhood matter?