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Cooking for pancreatic cancer

My thoughts go out to you and your family during this time.

Having lived through this disease with my husband, what I found was that each day was a new adventure in regards to diet. What might work today, might not tomorrow. The key is to eat small amounts throughout the day, which will help manage other symptoms including nausea and at times constipation. "Smoothies" with a variety of fruit, juice and yogurt or ice cream hit the spot, along with purreed soups along with crostini provided flavour and texture. If you find something that your sister likes to eat (my husband liked popcorn) provide it, along with a multi vitamin. Please feel free to contact me at anytime for further information and support.

Seville oranges - where at ?

Jean Talon Market - my fruit guru Tony at Leopoldos has them, and I am sure the many of the others do as well. Truly seasonal - the best ones come in mid February