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My wife and I will be in Paris over Christmas and NYE, and we want to eat a lot of oysters. I've heard mention on this board that you can buy oysters at fish markets or certain restaurants, and they will prepare them for you to take to go. Is this right? Are these usually ordered days in advance, or on the spot?

We will be staying in the 14th, and would love to try a number of oyster / seafood platters. Can you recommend the best markets that will be open? And the best eateries for a sit-down experience of oysters?

In fact, any oyster-related advice is appreciated!

Thank you everyone for your help.

Nov 10, 2010
gonefission in France

Authentic "Homey" Restaurants in Paris (And Favorite Dishes)

Reservations necessary for either?

Oct 27, 2010
gonefission in France

Reservations December 22 - January 2

Having read so many of your wonderful reviews, I'm not hear to just blindly ask for "where should we eat in Paris?".

Instead, my spouse and I would like to eat at some of the following restaurants, between December 22 and January 2, and want to know when we should make reservations, or if it is already too late for some of them. Thanks. Also, if you have any general advice about the period (especially December 24, 25, 26), please feel free to share as well. I assume most things will be closed for Christmas.

Le Cirq (lunch)
Regalade St. Honore
Ze Kitchen Gallerie
L'Ami Jean
L'Ami Louis

Oct 22, 2010
gonefission in France