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I would like to add something about Flight. Last year about this time (Feb 2008) we chose to try Flight for my son's 30th Birthday -- my son came to vist us from Richmond VA. We had never been to Flight but went on the basis of great reviews. Things started out OK, but then...we waited...and waited... and waited... for our entrees. People around us on the balcony started to leave, we were still sitting and, then, we noticed our plates sitting under the lights on the counter at the kitchen down below, while the cookstaff was cleaning up and putting away. Many more minutes passed. I would have and perhaps should have gone downstairs to tell the waitstaff to deliver our food -- the waitress was engaged in conversation with someone at the cash register. Eventually, she woke up, the food was finally delivered, cold - my son and I ate it dutifully, my wife did not - the food was cold and now the kitchen was closed. Who wants to create a bad scene on your son's 30th birthday? When I expressed my displeasure to the waitress, the maitre-d (also the chef) finally came upstairs and asked, what do you want me to do? I thought to myself, well, why are you asking me? Can you come up with something yourself, like, for instance, we are so sorry, your meal is on us? But no... Bottom line - bad service followed up by arrogance, and no caring at all that they had ruined what we had told them was a special occasion. We will never ever be back. Restaurant owners, why do you alienate your customers when you know that one bad experience lasts and lasts in your customer's minds? A badly managed place - you take your chances.

Suggestions for Webster or Rochester, NY?

We lived in Webster 30 years before moving to Asheville NC. The two places we miss most are Remington's on Merchant Rd in Rochester (nice dining, especially good filets, walleye and king crab legs if they still offer them) and Charley Browns on Penfield Rd about 20 mins from Webster but worth the drive - inexpensive, good drinks, and great bolognese sauce on the italian dishes. If we're ever in town again, that's where we would go.

Asheville Recommendations?

I have not been to any of these except Corner K. Corner K only serves wine, no cocktails. My opinion of Corner K is that it is a good place for lunch. I think you should consider Southside Cafe, which also has a coupon. It is where my wife and I go most often when we want a nice dinner. You didn't mention the size of the group. If 8 or less, Southside Cafe, otherwise look elsewhere.

Asheville - scoop on Pack Square restaurants

In case anyone has come here by search engine: Cafe on the Square is closed as of Jan 30 2009 - it was never that busy. Bistro 1896 - it's OK but I must admit we don't go there more than once a year.... drinks aren't that great and the tourists tend to crowd there. Limones (around the corner on Eagle St) is a recommendation. Frazier's = fried food heaven. I've had good food at New French Court Cafe.