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DIM SUM on carts - Markham/Richmond Hill - where to go?

I strongly support the recommendation for Furama House/Lao Lee. It's in a plaza called 'Yorkville North'. I live nearby and go there frequently. But is not merely for the convenience of location. I think their dim sum is delicious, reasonable prices, and the restaurant's got a good atmosphere. Definitely beats anywhere in Spadina Chinatown. It has been my family's favourite for years (despite a few lapses that occurred during change-over of management but it has redeemed itself for sure). Be prepared to wait in line on weekends. Hm, in fact, maybe they only have cart service on weekends, but I am not entirely sure.

Need a Rec for Chinese Hot Pot

What are some good Chinese hot pot places in the GTA? My friend and I used to live in Taiwan and are craving some hot pot that is similar to how we used to eat it there i.e. self-service AYCE with many choices, personal pots. I've read some threads about it on this board, but they are all outdated or inconclusive. Icook, Rolling Pot? Are there others that are better?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Japanese Curry Query

Born and raised in Toronto, I never knew of Japanese Curry. Japanese food had always just meant sushi and udon to me. However, after living (and eating) in Asia for two years I've learnt that it encompasses a whole whole lot more. I particularly got addicted to Japanese curry, especially tonkatsu. It was readily available all over the place, and for cheap. I've been able to find curry at a few (very few) sushi restaurants in Toronto, but none of it has been very good. I once luckily happened upon a place in NYC that exclusively served Japenese curry and it was outstanding, albeit $15 a dish, however, I've never seen such a place here. Wondering if any Asian foodies out there have any suggestions for Japanese curry in Toronto.