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La Taqueria

No doubt! It is awesome. I've even traveled across the city and suffered the parking just to get my fix.

La Taqueria

Funny you should ask.. I just posted an inquiry to request favorites from other Chowhounds. My favorite in SF is actually the taco truck near the courthouse on Bryant which I found while serving jury duty. However, it closes outside of regular business hours. El Metate is good but inconsistent.

La Taqueria

Meh.. La Taqueria is decent but certainly not significantly better than most other tacqerias in the area. My litmus test is carnitas and I frankly think they're mediocre.

Crispy Carnitas??

I know this subject has been hit before.. but can anyone recommend their favorite carnitas in SF or down the peninsula? My preference is that they are crispy (fried) and, of course, flavorful.

The best place I've found was actually the taco truck by the court house on Bryant but that is typically closed during the off business hours. El Metate was decent, but it has been hit and miss.