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Wild Olives by Todd English

I has heard he opened Wild Olives Cafe in WPB. Called number but no answer. What's the status?

If open, hows the chow?

Superbowl Gumbo --Andouille near Stamford

Any place in lower FFD county to find Andouille for Superbowl party gumbo in honor of NOLA... or maybe make it easy on myself and just buy a finished gumbo at some market or restaurant?

Jan 31, 2010
britton in Southern New England

Top 10 - Western & Eastern FFD County

Jfood, I've been zapped from this thread and so have others. You may have to exclude Westport since an unmentionable may be lurking there.

But I'll try again, in no particular order. Western Ct. Top 10

Thomas Henkelman
Harvest Supper
El Charrito Taco Truck
Nicholas Roberts -- in Norwalk strip mall
Pastra Nostra
Rowayton Seafood

Jan 27, 2010
britton in Southern New England

CIA -- any intelligence?

We're looking to try it out this spring. I've checked the website menus and prices, but would like other's experiences to decided which restaurant. Would American Bounty be the most creative?

Smokey Joe's on Darien/Stamford border closing?

"stamford does not have anything i would trade for"

For a small town, NC has great eats, but Stamford does boast a greater diversity and also such standouts as

and the tuna pizza at g/r/a/n/d

And all you Darien trashers, don't forget the dogs at Costco.

Jan 22, 2010
britton in Southern New England

Where to dine Christmas Eve from Norwalk to Port Chester

Besides Chinese and Japanese, any great spots for a Christmas Eve dinner in lower Fairfield County?

Dec 15, 2009
britton in Southern New England

Morello in Greenwich... not going back anytime soon

As I posted on anolther thread, we like PB had a Very Good experience at Morello's, but not without some minor flaws.

While the service needed some polishing, the fare was delicious and NOT overpriced. Good value .. what a surprise on Greenwich Ave! Worth a shlep.

SOBE water 3-D

found at a&p in Greenwich at the old Food Emporium at Exit 5 off 95. Actually, the nicest A&P i've ever seen. All the groceries in the middle and then around the perimeter little European style shops... artisinal breads, cheeses, etc.

Not your father's A&P

SOBE water 3-D

not at my one in Stamford, nor Shoprite, A^P, Target

SOBE water 3-D

Sobe waters are giving away 3-d glasses for superbowl parties on Sunday. Any idea where you can get them in FFD?