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Italy Itinerary (Rome, Venice, Florence, Montalcino, and Capri) Phew! Feedback would be appreciated.

In Rome, Frigidarium is my favorite geleteria. Geleteria del Teatro is not far from there in the most adorable spot on the Via Di Coronari (I've stayed in the guest house above the geleteria, which is also wonderful) and has interesting, inventive flavors.

Metamorfosi is amazing. You must must must try their carbonara egg. It is a meal that I'll remember forever.

I had another one of the most memorable meals ever at Il Pagliaccio a few years back. It's pricey as well, given the Michelin stars. What made the meal memorable, however, wasn't the food -- which was good. It was the waiter who kept brushing his arm against my breast as he put the plate down in front of me. We had a 9 course prix fix so there were many plates. The first time he brushed me I thought it was an accident. The second time I was fairly sure it wasn't. I asked my husband to see if he could tell the third time and he couldn't but thought it was hilarious. On the fourth course he sent a fellow waiter to deliver a plate and try his luck with my poor chest but he botched it terribly. By then I was so embarrassed that I was desperate for the meal to be done. I moved every time afterward, but between dessert courses, my husband went to the restroom. I looked up and the waiter was across the restaurant making a kissy face at me!! I actually looked around to see if there was a candid camera on me.

It wasn't until I got back to the states and told a few other people who said that I learned about this funny SNL skit:

In Firenze, we loved Olio & Convivium. Pitti Gola e Cantina near the Pitti Palace was another favorite. We had an insanely good bistecca at Trattoria Casalinga. If I recall they don't take reservations and the lines are long. We ended up going super early, getting there right when they opened. Not a place for ambiance but oh my that steak was good.

Geleteria Carapina was the best gelato we had in Firenze. We also loved Venchi (and they have a spot in Rome now too).

Jul 26, 2015
crystallyn in Italy

Rome New Year's Eve/Day

Bumping up...still need some advice!

Nov 29, 2014
crystallyn in Italy

Rome New Year's Eve/Day

We'll be in Rome for New Year's Eve and while we normally can navigate Rome and its restaurants without much problem, I'm at a loss for what we should do for New Year's Eve and Day. As we all well know, the Italians don't seem to plan far ahead so I can't find too much info on what may be open.

For Capodanno we're thinking we'll just wander up toward the Colosseum (we're staying near Navona)...are there wine bars open along the way or places to get food? Or is there some great place with a view that we should snag (I'm thinking Antico Arco but wondering how tough it would be to get a cab there and back that night)? Is there somewhere with a wonderful view closer to the Colosseo?

At minimum, though, I'm thinking we could manage New Year's Eve without too much problem. The bigger question is New Year's day. We looked into Glass based on Katie's recommend from last year ( but it's just a prix fixe on that day and we weren't feeling that we wanted to drop $600+ euro on dinner. We're going to go there later that week when they have ala carte again. Any ideas of some less pricey options for that day?

Grazie mille!

Nov 10, 2014
crystallyn in Italy

New Strip T's Thread for 2013:Excellence and Innovation Continue

My husband and I have been regulars for the last couple of years, going at least once if not twice a week, usually sitting at the bar. I honestly can't imagine how much money we have spent there--I'm sure it would make me blush.

We always love their lunch, but honestly, lunch for dinner isn't the reason we come to Strip-T's. We became regulars for the eclectic, fantastic food, for the amazing menu that changed nearly every night, for the local flavor and variety, the wonderful service and the fact that you could get incredible food for a reasonable price in this town.

The changeover to sandwiches for dinner has made us very sad, quite frankly. Yes, there are specials. Three of them every night. That's it. That's all the chef has to work with and that's the saddest part of all. What an incredible waste of talent, shrinking away Jared Forman's magic down into making sandwiches every single night. If I were someone of such caliber, it would be like sucking the soul out of me. Overall, throughout the restaurant, the shift is evident. The oomph that Strip-T's used to have is bleeding out.

They got rid of the reservations because they thought it would be odd to have people make reservations for a sandwich place, which I suppose is true. But people don't think of Strip-T's as a sandwich shop at night and the switch is confusing, frustrating and frankly, weird.

At 7PM tonight the restaurant was half empty, which was shocking because normally there would be a crowd hoping for a seat. We've been there on nights where people said they would wait over an hour for something to open up. Tonight there were many seats open. I heard servers explain several times the switch to sandwiches, to the chagrin of the diners listening. And this is the thing, people don't want sandwiches for dinner. They want reservations, they want a vibrant menu, and an array of choices. Tonight there was a steak sandwich on the menu as a special and over and over when I saw it go out of the kitchen, it was sans bread (because people don't want sandwiches for dinner...).

I really hope that this new fangled scenario turns out to be a failed experiment and that they go back to what was working (I am a fan of the adage, don't fix what ain't broke) and merely augment the menu with a few more of the things that people liked from lunch.

If not, we'll probably not be regulars in the long run. We'll stop by from time to time on weekends for lunch, because they do have great sandwiches, but for dinner? Count us out. :(

Sep 19, 2014
crystallyn in Greater Boston Area

Any updated review for Alle Murate in Firenze?

Alle Murate's website seems to have been hacked and Chrome blocked it due to malware so alas, I can't see more about it!

We've run across some great reviews in articles about this place and it sounds intriguing. There don't seem to be any recent reviews on Chowhound (within the last year), so I'm wondering if anyone has some advice on whether or not it's worth checking out (and an idea of average cost). We're looking for an anniversary spot on our trip this fall. The ambiance (as part of a museum with some of the oldest frescoes depicting Dante) sounds stellar. Thoughts?

Sep 03, 2013
crystallyn in Italy

Metamorfosi Prix Fixe Lunch?

No hook up? What a shame! ;p

I think we're going to go for our 10th anniversary this fall. Thanks everyone for the tips in this thread! It looks fantastic!

Aug 08, 2013
crystallyn in Italy

Restaurants that AREN'T doing Restaurant Week?

This sums up a lot about why I wanted a non-RW list for ideas. While the restaurateurs have a lot of reasons to do it, there are a lot of other reasons why a lot of food lovers can't stand it. Hamersley hit the nail on the head.

Restaurants that AREN'T doing Restaurant Week?

Precisely why I need a list like this!

Restaurants that AREN'T doing Restaurant Week?

Some others: Catalyst, Area Four, Ten Tables (I think both locations).

Restaurants that AREN'T doing Restaurant Week?

Yes, yes, I know I could go look at the page and see who doesn't appear, but I'm hoping that some of you may have good tips for spots that aren't running RW. Having a thread with ideas in one spot would be nice! My husband and I generally (although not always) find that service is subpar (servers often run ragged b/c its so busy), food uninspired and the restaurants are jammed to the point of annoying, so we tend to want to avoid it.

So, for example, I know that Clio doesn't do RW (although Uni does). West Bridge and Bondir are other possibles.

Others you all know of?

Clio or Deuxave?

Clio hands down. Deuxave is often spotty and Oringer's food at Clio will never let you down. Plus, Todd Maul at Clio was just voted Boston's best bartender by Boston Magazine and for very very good reason. His 150+ cocktail menu is amazing.

The Extravaganza - Rome

We were at Nonna Betta in October, it was the worst meal I've had in Italy, hands down. Went for lunch, barely a soul in the place and the carbonara was just plain awful. Giggetto next door was a thousand times better although I know it's not always on people's lists, have always enjoyed every meal we've had there.

Nonna Betta
Via del Portico d'Ottavia, 16., Rome, Lazio , IT

Jun 20, 2011
crystallyn in Italy

Tell me which Concord Area restaurants a Camberville Foodie would like?

When I worked in Concord we would go over to Kimball's in Carlisle in the summer for lunch. Yes, an ice cream lunch. It's that good and a small size is nearly a pint of ice cream so it really was a lunch for us!

They make some of the best ice cream in New England. We drive out from Boston on summer weekends because it's worth that trek!

restaurant suggestions-visit boston 1 time a year, anything new and yummy

I think Erbaluce has a private room so if they're full in the main dining room they could make it happen. Hands down they're among the top in Boston right now. The food is exquisite, the wine list extensive and the service is impeccable. The boar is delish and if they have razor clams on the menu and you like shellfish, you can't go wrong.

Cocktails in Rome?

I've seen a gazillion posts on all the great enotecas in Rome but would love to hear suggestions for good cocktails and after dinner drinks, although I imagine that some of the enotecas will fit this bill? Which ones? We're not into the club scene, so would prefer to avoid anywhere where you have to shout over cheesy techno music to hear each other. ;-)

Feb 28, 2010
crystallyn in Italy

Old roman food in ROme.... Apicius

If you have suggestions of other restaurants currently serving ancient recipes, I know I would love to hear them.

Most ancient recipes are uninspiring and many are simply unpalatable for modern tongues. So for someone, like me, who is interested in how a cook can transform those recipes at all, or why they felt inspired to do so in the first place and how they made changes to the recipes, it may be worth checking out, especially since it seems to be the only place that anyone has mentioned that specifically serves dishes based on the Apicius text.

Feb 28, 2010
crystallyn in Italy

Old roman food in ROme.... Apicius

Think we may check Antica Roma out when we're there in the next couple of weeks. I'll report back if so.

Feb 26, 2010
crystallyn in Italy

Rooftops in Rome

We're heading to Rome next week. I know it's not yet that warm there, but would any of these places be open yet? Covered, heaters, maybe?

Feb 26, 2010
crystallyn in Italy

help finding pizzaria in rome

I read this just this morning about Dar Poeta and the response was completely different.

Feb 13, 2010
crystallyn in Italy

Old roman food in ROme.... Apicius

I knew about Apicius, but that's not it (although it does look delish!). It's been many months since I ran across it and now I can't recall its name and doing a search again didn't yield anything. Most restaurants that I've heard of doing primarily Apicius recipes don't last long. The tastes are very strong and are too odd for most people. Very fishy coriander-based types of sauces. :)

Feb 05, 2010
crystallyn in Italy

Old roman food in ROme.... Apicius

I'm writing a historical fiction novel based on Apicius and am going to be in Rome next month so this is a very timely topic for me. Perhaps this is the spot you were thinking of, Maureen? It was one of the few places I could find that claimed to have some ancient recipes on the menu.

Another possibility is this place: which I know nothing about other than my husband saw some review that said it had recipes that were from Apicius. Doesn't seem to have a full menu on their site, however.

I know the cookbook like the back of my hand these days though, so personally I'm looking forward to recognizing which Italian dishes served today harken back to that time...many recipes are unlikely to have changed throughout the years or to have changed very little.

There is a restaurant in Paris that supposedly serves primarily Apicius recipes, alas, why there?!

Am looking forward to seeing what other possibilities may end up being offered up!

Feb 05, 2010
crystallyn in Italy

Restaurants in Amalfi Coast during February

We'll be staying in Sorrento (Bristol Hotel) in mid-March and are hoping that not too much will be closed. I've heard good things about Il Buco for dinner and we're looking forward to that. I'd love to hear a report back from you on how it went. We're mostly using Sorrento as a base for Pompeii, Herculaneum and Oplontis but plan on taking a full day wandering down the coast.

Feb 05, 2010
crystallyn in Italy

Woodward at the Ames

What's the story on prices here (aside from drinks)? The web site doesn't have any. What other places are a good comparison?

Karl's Sausage Kitchen Trip

After seeing this incredible long thread, we're going to make the trek out there this weekend, I think. Well, I'm sure of it. My husband is adamant that we have to go! We have driven by it countless times and sometimes it's open and sometimes it's not...used to be sort of a joke for us when we were heading to the beach in the summer. But the Web site looks like they have some consistent hours, which is comforting. :) And o, my mouth has been watering after reading the wonderful reviews!

Cheese shop in Great Barrington?

We prefer Nejaimes or even better, Locke, Stock & Barrel. We went into Rubiner's over Memorial Day and I don't know if they were just tired of dealing with annoying New Yorkers and assumed we were part of that pack or not, but the owner was quite rude and curt with us. I'd be willing to give them another chance but my husband isn't so convinced, especially with Locke down the street...always pleasant and an incredible wine and gourmet food selection to boot.

Todai Boston

I was just looking at going to the one in the Bay area and started looking at reviews...general consensus is that they are second rate, not high quality fish and are essentially on par with casino buffets. Boston has such great seafood that a buffet can't possible hold a candle to most of the local places around here, I'm thinking.

Cheap Eats in Boston???

I took my parents to Durgin Park awhile back when they were visiting from was I embarassed. The food was terrible, chicken pot pies came to us cold, and overall was just a really bad experience. Not what I consider to be New England's finest...

My Birthday Dinner- narrow the choices

I'd second husband and I have always counted that among our favorites. I would also really give a HUGE thumbs up to Sorrellina. Wow. We had the most amazing meal there before Christmas. Can't wait to go back! Plus it's a favorite of Manny Ramirez, who was dining there that night, so if you are a Sox fan, you never know!