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Looking for Sausages and Cookies in Ridgewood

Rudy's on Seneca is still in business, to the best of my knowledge. I bought some pastries there about a year ago.

Jan 02, 2009
NewYorkDave in Outer Boroughs

Seasonal Organic Restaurants...

Better yet: a moratorium on the word "amazing."

Does Karma Road in New Paltz meet your standard? It's just a casual little joint but the food is good (albeit a little overpriced) and the people are friendly.

Anyone been to the new Thai place in Rhinebeck?

A thread about El Mariachi:

I lived in Hyde Park for many years. I would have been *thrilled* if we'd had Mexican and Thai restaurants back then. You had to go to Poughkeepsie or even further away to get any kind of "ethnic" food. I still remember the excitement we felt when our first Chinese places opened up.

New Paltz Favorites

Just a couple of questions regarding things brought up earlier in this thread.

Casa Mia in Highland: do they have a reasonable selection of vegetarian dishes? How are the prices? I couldn't find a website or a menu online. I've been meaning to visit the place for years, but I don't want to be disappointed by finding nothing I can eat, or prices out of my budget. Most red sauce joints have at least a couple of meatless dishes (e.g., cheese ravioli in pomidoro sauce) and if Casa Mia follows suit, then that's fine with me.

Chinese takeout: is there *anything* decent near NP? The two local places are terrible, IMO.

Thanks from a local.

Mexican place in Hyde Park?

Followup: we had lunch there and it was quite decent. It's basically a small grocery with a handful of tables. I wouldn't consider it a "destination restaurant" by any means, but if you happen to be in HP and have a hankering for Mexican food, it's definitely worth a visit.

Mexican place in Hyde Park?


My Mom lives in the area and she misses the Mexican food of her Southern California youth. I'll notify her.

Purchasing fish collars

I saw the subject line and figured you wanted to walk your fish.

EDIT: Damn, "Curlz" beat me to the punch.

Hudson Valley diners

I've eaten at the Eveready two or three times. The decor puts me off; it's garish, overly-stylized pseudo-Americana. Food is good but overpriced, service is fine. But I'm not an impartial reviewer--in fact, I admit to a bit of a grudge against the place because my old hangout was demolished to make way for it.

I've always liked the Acropolis on Main St. better than the Palace, especially since the Palace's "renovation." It's not that there's anything wrong with the food at the Palace, I just prefer more of a traditional diner atmosphere.

Any opinions on the Village Diner in Red Hook? I wanna eat there sometime, just 'cause it's so old-school.

Mexican place in Hyde Park?

I noticed a sign for a Mexican place in a strip mall on 9G (between Haviland Rd. and the East Park light, on the east side of the street) but didn't have time to stop and investigate. Google reveals nothing. Anybody know the deal?

I don't get over there very often, otherwise I would just go and check it out for myself.

Hudson Valley diners

Let's talk about 'em: the good, the bad and the ugly.

I'll get the ball rolling with capsule reviews of the two diners in New Paltz...

Plaza Diner: this used to be my favorite, but it's gone downhill in recent years.

College Diner: now the best in town by default. In fact, it's quite decent.

Lunch in West Nyack

As I mentioned in another thread just a few minutes ago, Temptations is a nice casual place.

Dinner in Nyack

If I hear the word "amazing" one more time I'm going to flip out. It's become an all-purpose adjective for anything positive or good.

Anyway, I like "Temptations" in Nyack for a nice casual meal.

Looking for good pizza in the Hudson Valley

See, I love the fact that their crust is thin, crispy and NOT doughy; it's such a welcome change from most of the pizza you get around here. And I do like a little garlic in my sauce.

I don't get out to PV much, but I will check out Amore sometime.

Looking for good pizza in the Hudson Valley

Just a followup: I don't get over to Hyde Park often, but I was there last week and stopped in T.O.N. for a couple of their "giant slices." Man, they are deee-licious--as good as what I used to get in Queens, I'd say.

Google reveals that they got a little write-up in the local paper recently:

What happened to the good ol' NYC street pretzel? [moved from Manhattan board]

I guess I'm mistaken about the chestnuts. I guess I wasn't looking hard enough. I do remember that they used to be for sale all over midtown, though, not just at a couple of locations.

On the original topic, here's my recipe for home-made soft pretzels for anyone who wants to try it. I've been very pleased with the results.

Feb 22, 2008
NewYorkDave in General Topics

What happened to the good ol' NYC street pretzel? [moved from Manhattan board]

I think the roasted chestnuts are no more--or at least I haven't seen them in years, anyway. I used to LOVE to walk around during Christmastime and smell that inviting aroma from the pushcarts. I always meant to buy some but never did, and now I regret passing up the chance.

To Steinpilz: yes, indeed, the pretzels did used to have that distinct flavor that comes from baking over a coal fire. But the NYC street pretzels of today just taste like a whole lot of nothing, in my experience.

Don't even get me started on knishes!

Feb 20, 2008
NewYorkDave in General Topics

No longer chow-worthy: Cafe Saigon, Poughkeepsie

I remember really liking Saigon Cafe years ago, but last time I ate there (sometime last year) I was underwhelmed. The food wasn't *bad* per se, it was just kind of... "meh" and the portions were small. I don't know what the problem could be... As far as I know, it's the same people running the place. I really want to like the place because the people are nice and I have a soft spot for little hole-in-the-wall joints. I'll try it again someday.

As for Miss Saigon down the street, I ordered some takeout (a couple of spicy vegetable dishes) from there last night and it was quite good.

Favorite tiny restaurant?

You didn't specify upscale, downscale or whatever, so I'm going to say B&H Dairy on 2nd Ave. by St. Mark's. It doesn't get much tinier than that! It's a friendly (albeit cramped) place with good, hearty comfort food.

Feb 19, 2008
NewYorkDave in Manhattan

What happened to the good ol' NYC street pretzel? [moved from Manhattan board]

In the '70s and '80s, I used to grab a pretzel or two every time I came into the city; I remember them being very good back then. But sometime during the Giuliani era, the quality began to decline and now I can't bear to eat the stale, insipid, doughy hulks that the pushcarts are... umm, pushing.

I'm certainly not the only one who's noticed... For example, there's:

Luckily for me, after some trial and error, I've been able to produce pretzels at home that come close to the taste and texture I remember. But I can't help but wonder: what happened?

Feb 19, 2008
NewYorkDave in General Topics

Good Chinese takeout between NP and Poughkeepsie

I have some business in Poughkeepsie later and I figure that, considering the number of restaurants around there, there must be *something* decent. It's been a while since I've had Chinese and I've been craving it. I'd like to grab a couple of vegetable dishes to take home. Any suggestions? It doesn't have to be awe-inspiring, just *good*. (Man, I miss Fortune Cooky on Raymond Ave.).

Jewish delis in Ffld Cty

Yeah, they're in the back corner of the shopping center, IIRC.

Here's their website:

Jewish delis in Ffld Cty

I've been to Bloom's once and liked it.

Rao's maranara sauce @ $10 - What gives?

As I just reported in this thread:
...I tried Rao's marinara for the first time last night. It's the best marinara in a jar I've ever had. As a matter of fact, I've been thinking about it all day--I can't wait to get home and eat the left-overs. Regarding the price, I do think you're paying mostly for the name, so best to wait till it's on sale and stock up.

Feb 15, 2008
NewYorkDave in General Topics

Thai House in Hyde Park

I'm just reeling from the news that Hyde Park now has a Thai restaurant! As someone who spent twenty long years in that town, I never would have predicted it.

Looking at the address on Google maps, it seems they must've taken over the old "Frederick's" building, which had stood vacant for many years.

I'm still in the Hudson Valley, so I'll have to check it out next time I'm in HP.

Cento versus Rao marinara sauce

I tried Rao's marinara for the first time last night. It's probably the best ready-made marinara I've ever had, although it is expensive ($8 locally). I concur with the advice to wait for a sale and then stock up.

There are many affordable *good* to *very good* marinaras (marinari?) out there, though. In New York state, for instance, there's "Casa Visco", which is quite worthy. I remember "Real Torino" brand as inexpensive but good, although I haven't had it in a while. (Apparently, it's now called simply "Torino").

Really, the key is to check the ingredients: if it contains good ingredients, it's probably good. If it contains crap, it's probably... well, crap ;)

Feb 15, 2008
NewYorkDave in General Topics

Good (or at least decent) Chinese take-out near New Paltz

I'm not crazy about our two local joints. Any suggestions?

How to eat a knish

I like Cel-Ray with my knish.

I think the square knishes have gotten a bad rep because most of the vendors who sell them just don't care, they let them sit out and become dry and nasty. Turnover isn't as high as it used to be when knishes were more popular, so freshness is suspect as well.

If you see Gabila's in the refrigerated section of your local supermarket--usually near the deli counter--bring some home and bake 'em at about 350 degrees till you can hear them "sizzle." If you like, slice 'em open and spread some deli mustard inside. They're good.

There's another brand you might find in the store, "Joshua's". Don't bother with those. They're terrible... Runny mashed potatoes sweetened with sugar. Feh!

Of course, I also appreciate a good, traditional, round baked knish. I'll be visiting Knish Nosh in a few weeks to stock up!

Nov 01, 2007
NewYorkDave in General Topics

Best knish in Manhattan, 2006

Yeah, I did know that--but it does bear mentioning for anyone who doesn't!

A Cel-Ray goes mighty fine with a knish. I'm a vegetarian so I'll pass on the hot dog.

"Shayna Madel"... Love the name! :)

Oct 26, 2007
NewYorkDave in Manhattan

Best knish in Manhattan, 2006

I'll be in Queens soon. I'll stop at Knish Nosh and buy a bunch to take home. Do they re-heat well?

Oct 22, 2007
NewYorkDave in Manhattan

New Paltz Favorites

Don't even joke about that--that's my route home and enough "citiots" seem to know about it already. I've noticed an increase in aggressive jerks in expensive cars, especially on weekends.