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Mint "Limonata"

"Mint Limonata" means a "soft" drink made by lemon juice, sugar, water, mint leves, some orange juice and lemon pieces in Turkey.

Jun 13, 2011
veysal in Recipes

Istanbul - what am I missing?

What you are missing? Originality!!

You can understand what I mean when you try Adana kebap and lahmacun in original form for example in Yuzevler Etiler, Dostlar, Kozyatagi.

Fast food service wherher keeps visuality or not, unavoidably wipes out taste or flavor.

Jun 23, 2010
veysal in Europe

Istanbul restaurant recommendations - been to the Kumkapi district? Other ideas?


"Cibalikapi Balikcisi" serves sea food besides local appetizers ... Kumkaapi seems not a good idea..

Apr 21, 2010
veysal in Europe

Help with areas outside Istanbul Please!


It seems to me, you will make some changes in your plan... may be you you will stay shorter in some places, I mean Kas, and Sirince, than you planned.. Kaş is a small town without its environ. You will of course visit Kalkan, Kekova, Demre, Letoon, Xanthos..-or some other places... You should visit Tire before or after sirince and try Kaplan Restaurant, Best choice in Kas is sea food regardless of restaurant.

In Cappadoccia, besides Ala Turca / Goreme and Somine/ Urgup, easily you will find nice places by asking. Ask for "comlek kebabı" -kebab in earthware pot- in Cappadoccia

Apr 21, 2010
veysal in Europe

Istanbul - Ciya Sofrasi report


Ciya is a place where countryside foods, mostly from south east part of Anatolia, are served at its original form, (not Turkish peasant only.) Most of food cooked there are diminishing from the kitchens of Turkish houses.
For many people Ciya is a place for nostalgia .

Not kebap house, not fish restauranr, not meyhane, not ottoman kitchen, exatcly not a luxury , expensive place.

Possibly, your expectation was different.

Apr 14, 2010
veysal in Europe

Istanbul, what spices to bring


Although you only give as an examle, myrtus , - wild myrtus called "murt" locally- can not find commercial value in Turkey . May be found in a few shops -one in Uskudar , in Kasimpasa -shops which sell Akseki or Cevizli products- i , one in Bakirkoy-only for a short period in winter . White kind -cultivated- ,- not naturally grown- is called "hambelis" locally in Cukurova " and can be found in greengrocers in winter.

Apr 14, 2010
veysal in Europe

Best of Northeastern Turkish cuisine


I think list is mix of lists because there are same food with similar/wrong/different named. Explanations are given in foods about the list

Mısır Ekmeği ( bread made of corn flour)
Pide (shortly Turkish pizza with many kinds including meat, cheese, vegatables, miz) ; (your possible main food in small places)
Lavaş, Tandır bread, Bazlama. (kings of breads with different cooking)

Menemen, (meal: tomato, egg, green peper)

beyaz peynir, tulum peynir, Otlu peynir, kaşar, Kurut and keş, süzme yoğurt Çökelek: kinds of cheese and dried yogurt,

Simit, Pogaca, "Corek", "Kandil simidi", "Ka'kat": kinds of breads/pitas ;very comman.
Kashkak, meal made by wheat, meat, onion act.(winter meal)
Gözleme, :rolled vagetables, cheeseor any ingredient, rolled by insytantly prepared tiny bread leafs,

şakşuka,: eggplant , tomato, greenpeper, garlic :fried and mixed

Patlıcan kebabs, imam bayildi, patlıcan salatası, patlıcan dolma, patlıcan reçeli, : egplant foods. reçel means jam.

hünkâr beğendi, : from istanbul /ottomancuisine ,
Laz böreği, Katmer, Lahmacun,

Perde pilavı, Hamsili pilav,: . Acem pilavi, :Bademli Tavuk, : These are special rice food. Perde pilavi is prepared by covering rice and other ingredients by liver membrane, hamsili pilav is pilav with anchovy, bademli tavuk is chicken stuffed vith pilav vith almonds You can try these in Istanbul possibly,

Mercimek köfte, : lentil, wheat, pepper paste, onion, etc.
Mücver, : kind of fried vagetable egg mixture.
Çılbır, : another egg meal, prepared by adding egg on biling vater and some other ingr.
Ispanaklı yumurta, : spinach with eggs.
Kaygana, : characteristic food of north east. learn by trying.(cheese, egg, butter, etc..)

Mezes: * Acılı ezme * Acuka * Barbunya * Borani * Cacık * Çerkez tavuğu * Çoban salatası * Deniz Börülcesi * Fasulye pilaki * Gavurdağı salatasi * Hardalotu * Haydari * İçli köfte * Kısır * Muammara * Piyaz * Semizotu salatasi * Şakşuka * Köpoğlu * Taramasalata * Ahtapot, : These are apppetizers served in meyhanes. most in list are salads.

zeytinyağlı dolma, : stuffed vegatable- grape leaf/grreen pepper,/eggplant/tomato/
Fıstıklı kebap , : kebab inc. pistachio
Yayla Corbasi: soup of yogurt and rice

Below are the mostly traditional and regional Turkish sweets:
milky sweets:muhallebi, sütlaç, keşkül, kazandibi tavuk göğsü,

Sweets made by semolina or flour:
Revani, şekerpare, kalburabasma, vezir parmağı, hanım göbeği,kemalpaşa, tulumba,dilber dudağı,höşmerim, irmik tatlısı, Asure, yaz helvası, paluze, zerde,
Sweets made by very tiny sheets of Bülbül yuvası, : Sütlü Nuriye, : kind of baklavas
, acıbadem kurabiyesi, cevizli kurabiye ay çöreği, fıstık sarma, Çatal, Cezerye, tahin helvasi ,Kadayif, Kunefe, Kanafeh

Miroloto ????, Bakla Çorbas :fava bean soup (not comman)
Pastirma, Sucukı, : Dried meat with heavyspices -like garlic-

Shalgum,(şalgam: kind of pickled wheat drink:, coloured by black carrot, )
Sahlep: drink for winter, prepared by milk and orchid seed,
şerbet; fruit juices prepared by boiling.

Jun 10, 2009
veysal in Europe

food in istanbul


May 28, 2009
veysal in Europe

food in istanbul

I reply with a beatiful symbol of bosphorus; juda tree.

köfte is not among my favorites recently I did not try anywhere. . Instead of kötte ı prefer adana kebab. All good adana kebab houses are in Kadiköy region. "Dostlar Kebap" near Kozyatağı or Yusuf Usta in bostancı. Or my favorite "asmaaltı " just under bostancı train station.

Apr 22, 2009
veysal in Europe

food in istanbul

Mostly ciğköfte "chains" offer çiğ köfte without meat. Real reason is the long period between preparation and the consumption times. Of course there is risk to form bacteria within a long period. for this reason, right places to find regular çiğköfte are kabap houses, meat restaurants. (Hamdi in Eminönü, Umut Ocakbaşı(,Büyükparmakkapı Hasnun Galip Sokak No:4 ) ,

Apr 21, 2009
veysal in Europe

food in istanbul

I am living in Istanbul for more than 30 years and from the beginning of my life in Istanbul I am visiting nevizade restaurants.
Evliya Celebi is not urban legend. I give reference. If you cant speak Turkish you can have it translated. Facts does not change by checking.

It İs hard to understand understand why you are insisting that Nevizade isa a "project, with inadequate knowlwdge. Why are you trying to give distorted information about city history . None of those rstaurants belong to greeks. All are turkish. Yoıu are confusing with a century ago.
If you want, you can find tradition in way of dining life instead of buildings.

Apr 21, 2009
veysal in Europe

food in istanbul

Nevizade, or Balikcilar Carsisi was there for centuries with meyhanes. nobody can say it is a "project". (for old meyhane regions read Evliya Celebi Travels 1. vol. -YKY Yayinlari)Food served in all meyhanes of Nevizade are almost same and same quality. It is crowded because it is preferred by people. Imet Baba can be irritating place while people are waitinf for you to leave in front of door. According to me, meze varieties of Ismet Baba is relatively poor.
Simit sold in streets is not regular bread. Its dough is same.
Greek or turk. Recipe of food is important. Topic is an Armenian meze originally But you can find it in many "Turkish Meyhanes".

Apr 20, 2009
veysal in Europe

Opinions on 'Korfez'?

ewery one looking for a good rstaurant in Istanbul at first should answer the question: "do you want to eat table or food". Thisi is not my sentence. answers mean: If you prefer table, then it is a case that you are not too much interested with food. and location, ambience, scene is more important . Mostly, regarding the prices, restaurantns in Bosphorus are mostly table serving ones. And their main foods are sea food -fish-.

If this will be your first wisit to Istanbul, why not try characteristic turkish cuisine... Borsa Lokantasi /Lutfi Kirdar (near taksim), can be a good choice., or you can try other places. e.g. Haci Salih, Asitane, But if you want a memoral night of course a place in bosphorus is a good decision.

Apr 16, 2009
veysal in Europe

food in istanbul

My one sentence maycause misunderstanding... in meyhanes ordering only mezes without main dish is usual...

Apr 16, 2009
veysal in Europe

food in istanbul

Mostly agree with threecentsworthy, except Kumkapi suggestion. Instead of Kumkapi try Nevizade/Beyoglu or Samatya or Besiktas Balikcilar carsisi (downtown of Besiktas) . All restaurants serve the same , foods -mezes: acold and hot ppetizer - about same prices- may be a little bit cheaper than kumkapi- . All are meyhanes. ( restautant s that serve alcohol ic drinks are called meyhane, which means drinking place). In meyhanes you can only order meze. Raki is advised with white cheese and melon among Turks.
In istanbul you can find different kind of restaurants also. Meyhane is one kind, another one is called ottoman kitchen or "palace kitchen", meaning kitchen of ottoman palaces.
Most famous one is haci salih in beyoğlu and according to me expensive one, Kanaat in Uskudar is another ottoman kitchen restaurant and it can be good choice . But ewery restaurant you see as "lokanta" are same type. Another type of food are kebaps. Not best but being located in Eminönü, hamdi can be preferred. Or if you want to try local meals go to Ciya in Kadiköy balikcilar carsisi. Not because of foods but also for lits magnificent scene in bosphoros you should visit cengelkoy cinaralti to drink tea. And fish restaurants in Beylerbeyi, not ones just in seaside but in street are cheap . Istanbul is a large city . For this reason all recommended places easy to go and near city center. Street food and place recommended to try;
Midye dolma (Stuffed mussels)- Beyoglu,
Midye tava (fried mussels), Beyoglu,
Simit and tea, ( simit means ring, round in turkish, cooked ordinary bread dough in ring shape ond with some sesame on it) - , any where in seaside, (75 krs nowadays,)
Kumru (kind of tost/sandwich),

Try Istanbul,

Apr 13, 2009
veysal in Europe

Milk Soup

Mar 04, 2009
veysal in Recipes

Restaurants in Goreme (Cappadocia, Kapadokya), Turkey?

I recommend "Anatolia Restaurant" in Göreme. According to meThe only fine restaurant in Goreme . Try meze plate and kebaps -lamb shish-.n

Feb 05, 2009
veysal in Europe

Evelyn's Armenian Hummus

Not descriptive... e.g how much olive oil, how much chick peas... and main taste of hummus is forgotten... sesamme cream... it is not hummus without sesamme cream... and this meal belongs to lebanese, syrian and turkish -south - cuisines and have east mediterranean origin...

Jan 29, 2009
veysal in Recipes