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Perigee: Worth the Hassle?

Spectacular restaurant killed by location. Sure the timing is bad, but restaurants with ample opportunities for walk in business fair much better. Sad. Only restaurant in the city that was a real "destination" in my opinion.

Warden & Steeles For Dinner???

Also going to say here that my mother rarely made pho at home (thick soups yes, pho, no) and I don't recall ever having pho at any Viet homes in my 30 plus years. Plenty of viet food not available at restaurants (authentic spring rolls --you know what I mean--, watercress salad, etc.) but pho was not a homemade regularity. My mother used to own a cafe in Saigon, so any place that reminds me of her is A-OK with me.

Warden & Steeles For Dinner???

going to totally disagree here. every one here raves about Hanoi 3 seasons, which is local to me, but I make the drive to pho viet for 1) the food 2) atmosphere, and 3) owners. The food is superior to the so called "best" of Toronto, the restaurant is clean, and I always have 2-3 wedges of lime per bowl of pho. Perhaps they don't want to waste the valuable goods on people they don't know will use it (i.e. the way Chinese owned "Viet" places think lemon slices are the equivalent of lime when served with pho... wtf). Any who... I used to frequent Spadina joints like Quan Anh Dao since the 80s - and the owners were from the same village as my family - but Pho Viet is clean, friendly and good quality VIET food.

PC Products Total about $125.00

Something I just tried last week, and now quite like, is their savory PC Cottage Cheese (Mediterranean, I believe). It tastes like Greek salad kind of, and comes in individual serving sizes.

Feb 27, 2009
curiouslurker in Chains

New Leslieville Restaurant

I finally tried this place after reading so much about it. It was mostly pretty good, though I have to admit it, I stayed with the basics. I had their house special pho, which had a lovely broth. We also tried the seasoned pork with vermicelli, and for appetizers, the spring rolls and the sauteed season clams (sorry, I don't have the menu in front of me so I can't remember what they are actually called). Everything was delicious, except, I'm afraid, the spring rolls. The spring rolls were decidedly sub par, almost doughy, if that's possible. My mother is Vietnamese, so I am always in search of an authentic Vietnamese spring roll in a restaurant, but have yet to find it in Toronto. Oh well. I loved the pho though, and will definitely be back to sample the rest of the menu.

New Addition to Parkdale - Manhattan

I did brunch at School today and it was delish. Reasonably priced and so much easier on my tummy than standard ,greasy diner grub.

Cuban Sandwiches?

I agree. Delux has a good version --nothing like you'd find in Miami or anything but great for Toronto.

Pub for First Date?

Well, I ended up at the Beaconsfield. Great atmosphere, although every once in a while the music got ridiculously loud then would drop down to a normal level again. Yummy fries. Only downside would have to be that our server had a bit of a "hipper-than-thou" attitude, I think, because I came straight after work in my corporate duds. Could be wrong, but she didn't seem to condescend to the kids in the skinny jeans. I would definitely give it another shot though (the Beaconsfield, I mean)! The guy... not so much.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Pub for First Date?

That's interesting. I was considering Bedford Academy. I haven't been there in about 10 years. I used to love it way back when it first opened, but I don't work in Yorkville anymore. Good to know.

Warden & Steeles For Dinner???

I have to agree 110% with this! Pho Viet is great. I've been going there since it opened a few years ago and it the only authentic Vietnamese in Markham that I can think of (there are plenty of Chinese-run Vietnamese places). The food is tasty (I'm Viet too), it's clean and the owners and servers are super friendly. I once went almost a whole year without going in and they still greeted me by name when I walked through the door. They even make special accomodations for nut allergies.

Pub for First Date?

Thanks for all the suggestions. I actually considered quite a few of them before posting here, so you're reaffirming my first thoughts. The date is on Wednesday, so I'm still open to more suggestions if anyone has any!

For the record, I'm having a good giggle here. I'm not planning on ditching "her" at Hemingways or killing any "ladyboners"... I'm the "her" and since I asked "him" out, I'm picking the place. Still loved all the suggestions though.

Soup Stands

I like Soup Nutsy. It's in one of the office towers in the financial district, but they have a pretty good selection. TD Centre I think.

Pub for First Date?

Hi there, this is my first post here. I searched the board for the answer to my question, but haven't come up with anything yet.

I'm looking for a cozy pub downtown (T.O.) for a first date. I'm looking for something with a decent beer selection and good first date atmosphere (i.e., not too loud or crowded, good for conversation). Am I asking too much for a pub? We want to keep it casual.