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South FLorida Bakeries - does anyone proof their bread for long periods of time anymore?

Was just wondering if anyone still does this, or is it that all of them use the quick rise yeast?

Deep Dish Pizza in South Florida?

unfortunately,'s sad. but lou malnati's will ship you a pie

Visiting Miami in December - please help me decide........

ahh...ok. I have only been with Vince Tien, never with chef cabrera. I did enjoy the food that vince offered though - being asian, I liked alot of the fusion of asian and southern cuisine.

Visiting Miami in December - please help me decide........

Wait - when did the chef for local leave? Who is chef there now?

Now that it's over,which Miami spice meals did you think we're best?What changes to the program would you recommend?

City Hall was good...more for the selection than anything.
Pubbelly was also good, we also did Mr. Collins, and were very happy with the initial offerings, but the entrees were a bit disappointing. However, they did have the most generous portions of spice offererings that I have seen so far.

Cooper City,West Broward

Sorry - you're right. I'm getting my restaurants mixed up. Mike is supposed to be opening up his own place closer to Sunrise in the next few months, is what I was informed. I'm not sure if Emily left with him. Hopefullly it will be somethhing where the kinks that I had noticed have been ironed out. Also, wie tended to order across the board with their menus, and not really sticking to one or two dishes (although spaetzle continued to be a favorite of the kids, and anything pork belly was good for me) - so maybe it was just a few off nights; additionally, we would have long conversations with Mike and he always paid exceptional attention to us. Anyways, I hope the new place does well.

Cooper City,West Broward

Il Mercato was great - however, I think David left and started his own place. The food, and moreso the service, has been mediocre since that. Have you had a different experience with the new staff?

What we have V What we need in Miami

Having lived all over the place, here is my wishlist --

1. Ramen and gyoza place
2. Decent Chicago style pizza
3. A XLB place like Ding Tai Fung, and a cheap pulled noodle place
4. Decent BBQ - not partial to any style, just some good bbq would be nice though.....
5. Better Middle Eastern choices here I'm hungry....but I do like the choices we have, as opposed to many other "urban" cities; our Latin American choices are phenomenal, and I think we have alot of innovative chefs. Plus, we have some very interesting food coming out of some of the food trucks.

Just my 2 cents.

Chinese Lu Dan / brown egg in Fort Lauderdale area

Or just make it yourself with soy sauce and the 5 spice bag

AYCE Korean BBQ?

Agreed, best in SF is Gabose, but nothing compared to any of the places in K-town in LA

Dim Sum in Sunny Isles

Have been there twice since it opened. Everything is great there, but to report, the manager has mentioned that they will be doing XLB in the future, just not now, since they are also trying to figure out their menu so far. Also excellent is the pulled noodles with scallions as well as the pan-fried vegetable buns (filled with mushroom).

I'm also excited to try them for dinner - was intimated to me that they will make whatever dish we wanted for dinner, included fresh fish catches.

But, we are very excited for this then.
Will be back soon again.

Dim sum in Miami

blech. I'd go with toa toa in ft. lauderdale. most places down here don't make their own buns though, so somewhat at a loss for them.

Needs to find best Chinese food in South FL

well, there are a couple of places. silver pond off of commercial and 441 for decent cantonese, toa toa for good dim sum...they used to do hot pot at peppers, but that place shut down. other than that, you're pretty much at a loss for things.

Real Chinese in Miami

The hotpot is definitely more themed for Chinese. It includes a choice of either spicy or regular broth; the meats are generally lamb, beef, fish (tilapia i think), fish balls, etc. Tofu, greens, noodles are there too. They also have nice stuff like beef tendon, taro, lotus roots for those who like the stuff. I think we paid somewhere around $19-20 a head, but again, it was all you can eat - you just need to tell them what you want more of.

Real Chinese in Miami

sang's is always good for some good cantonese seafood (their razor clams in black bean sauce are always good, as are the eel dishes). toa toa for dim sum, and peppers up in pembroke for schzwan and hot pot (the hotpot is actually why i go there). King's is very good as well...and i no longer like south garden either.

DimSum in Fort Lauderdale Area

tropical is ok for those who aren't so familiar with dim sum. toa toa is, in my opinion, the best dim sum on an overall basis in south florida. sang's up in nmb also does a good job, but actually, i'd rather go to kon chau over tropical, if i'm going down south (their fish congee is awesome). silver noodles and pan fried buns (well, and their dumplings) at toa toa are good. What they really need is to open a joe's or ding tai fung over here....i miss eating good soup dumplings....anyone seen any places that serve them down here after jumbo's went down?


Bulldog BBQ - North Miami

AG - i don't think we're disagreeing here...i was being more euphemistic in my review though....

Bulldog BBQ - North Miami

Agree with AG here. Our experience at Bull BBQ was somewhat unhappy. I had waited for a while and had hoped that this place would deliver. For us, the best part of the meal was the fresh lemonade...the pulled pork my wife had was uninspired, as were the slaw, mac'n'cheese; the chicken sliders seemed ok, but nothing amazing, the shrimp and grits were my big hope - but with the whole hominy or perhaps just riced potatoes - the dish left me feeling completely unsatisfied. I guess i was hoping for ground grits, and I think most people's expectations when they hear "grits" are that.

The meats seemed to lack an overall care of preparation and seemed almost generic and store-bought in quality. The service was excellent, and I hope that Howie can quickly find his BBQ identity, rather than try to put together a collection of mostly mediocre, IMO, dishes.

PS. the desserts did look great, however, I could not order any after the mediocre-meal had taken up all the room in my stomach....

North Miami Rumblings...

any word on whether or not Vito's is anything close to how it used to be? I'm always tempted to go in, but don't want to go in and be disappointed... and I saw that the BBQ restaurant was open for business, however we were going to Sang's for Chinese New year dinner.....anyone been to either?